How To Store Your Sex Toys

How To Store Your Sex Toys

Let’s face it: none of us really want to spend that much time thinking about how to store our sex toys. After all, we’ve got our sex toys for one reason, and thinking about storing them isn’t really going to be a top priority—unless, of course, they need to be stored a little more discretely!

Whatever the case might be, you probably don’t think much about storing your sex toys properly. If you’re anything like the majority of sex toy owners, you probably just stick the sex toy away in the cupboard after a session and forget about it until you want to use it again.

So, how should you store your sex toys, and how can you make sure that your sex toy storage won’t result in someone accidentally stumbling across your secret store?

Before you Store Your Sex Toys

Before you even think about storing your sex toys, it is vital that you ensure that you have made sure to clean your sex toys. Your sex toys, after all, are often going inside your body and will be covered in bodily fluids after a particularly heated session. This can obviously mean that your sex toys, if not cleaned properly, will be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Now, this might not seem like much of an issue. If you use your sex toy every few days, for example, you might argue that wiping any gunk off of the toy after a session is adequate—but this isn’t true! Even if you can’t see bacteria, there will almost certainly be huge amounts of bacteria growing on your uncleaned sex toys—and, when these toys are then used next, you will be putting yourself at huge risk of getting some sort of infection!

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This really isn’t worth it. For the time it takes to clean off your favorite sex toys, there really is no reason that you should leave your health to chance; nowadays, there are even specialist sex toy cleaning products out there on the market as well.

Mild detergent or antibacterial wipes are a great way to clean off your sex toys. Of course, if your toy has a motor or a battery, do not wash it with water; doing so is only asking for trouble, even with toys that are marketed as waterproof or water resistant.

Keeping your sex toys clean and dry before storage will help to keep them hygienic and fun to use (and will also prevent damage from occurring to them as well). If nothing else, no one wants to be using a sex toy that is covered in stale, dry, smelly bodily fluids—so do yourself a favor and clean your sex toys before storing them.

Storing Your Sex Toys

If you aren’t worried about someone stumbling upon your stash of sex toys, then you probably won’t need to spend much time thinking about how you are going to store the toys. However, if you are looking to keep your toys a secret for longer, there are a number of different tips that you should follow in order to keep your toys safe for as long as possible!

Of course, it is important to remember that no form of storage, other than a specially built vault for your sex toys, will be 100% safe. Indeed, the sex toys will always be liable for discovery if you allow other people access into the area in which the sex toys themselves are kept—whether you know about this person’s access or not. As such, always be aware of the possibility of someone discovering your toys—and plan your storage in accordance with this risk!

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When storing your shiny, clean sex toys, you may first want to think about how you will protect the sex toys. If you still have the original boxes or packaging, putting the toys in here will help to prevent them from getting into contact with large amounts of airborne bacteria. If you do not have the original boxes, you may want to instead consider wrapping the toys in a tissue or towel to protect them from the air and any nasties that could be lingering on the air!

Once you have wrapped the sex toys, you will next want to think about how you will conceal the sex toys from obvious view. For this, you will first want to think about where you are going to hide the toys; common choices will be underneath your clothes in your drawers, or at some hard to access section underneath your bed. Alternatively, you might want to consider hiding the toys—if they are smaller or more discrete—somewhere that you will keep with you; this might be in your work bag or in the car. While this does increase the chances of other people discovering the toys, other than just your spouse, it will be unlikely if you keep your bag or vehicle with you wherever you go.

There are a large number of different ways in which you can secretly store the sex toys. Old shoeboxes underneath the bed are a relatively uninteresting way to stop people from being too nosey, or you could buy a specially made sex toy storage container that are designed to help you keep your toys away from prying eyes.

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And remember! In an emergency situation, there are plenty of quick hiding spots that you can use to buy yourself more time to hide the sex toy properly—such as behind the bed’s headstand or in your pillowcase (on the underneath!)

Finding the Perfect Hiding Spot

The possibilities for storing your sex toys are almost endless, and will largely depend on your own situation. If you live alone then you might not need to worry about storing them carefully at all. By contrast, if you live with lots of people—especially those who you don’t want to find out about the sex toys most of all—then you will obviously need to take more care to ensure that your storage choice and hiding spot for your sex toys is more carefully planned out.

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