Water-based lubes stand out from hybrid and silicone-based lubricants for a variety of reasons. Using a water base makes the lube much less clumpy and viscous for example. Such lubes are also generally easier to wash off and less likely to leave undesirable residue on skin, toys, and equipment. Many different subvarieties of water-based lube exist, giving the potential customer many possible choices.

What Makes Great Water-Based Lube

The best water-based lubricants are hypoallergenic and made from at least a few of the best natural ingredients. A minimal or outright lacking amount of synthetic materials can often make the lube more likely to be fully accommodating to sensitive skin. It shouldn’t be a sticky mess or stubborn to clean off. In fact, water-based lubes are frequently the most convenient to clean off of skin and surfaces after particularly wild play.

Product Reviews

Slippery Stuff Gel

True to its name, this fun lubricant formula radically bolsters the gliding action of anything you apply it to during sex or masturbation! Toys and equipment compatible with water-based lubes will typically perform far better with this lube on it. Penetration toys especially will see a massive boost in effect for yourself or with a partner.

The lube is fully soluble in water, making it easy to clean off of equipment and skin with your sink or shower and light soap. It has a long usage duration that should last your entire session, leaves not a mark of itself on stain-prone surfaces, and it is odorless. Because the water base is made from distilled water, it is pure in its formula. This allows Slippery Stuff to not possess any mineral content from the water base that could impact its lubrication performance.

Slippery Stuff is perfect for partners that are inhibited by sensitive or otherwise allergy-prone skin. It can hugely open up doors to greater performance and satisfaction whether you have sensitive skin or not. Overall, from a grand total of 1,150 customer reviews, Slippery Stuff has an average rating of 4 golden stars.

Tracy’s Dog Personal Water-Based Lubricant

This lubricant is truly an epitome of versatility in the lube world. It is fully optimized for both male and female use in almost any sensual or sexual scenario across the board. It is hypoallergenic for the most sensitive skin types amongst us. Not only is it nontoxic to humans, its primarily natural base formula is also non-toxic for the environment as well!

The lube is safe for usage with natural rubber as well as non-synthetic latex, greatly lessening the limitations on lube-dependant play. Furthermore, it is also compatible with many materials used in the manufacture of toys. You will be able to prime your favorite toys with little to no worry.

A natural sensation is not only achieved with this lube, but the lubricant also serves as a full complement to natural lubrication produced by our skin. Not only does it feel great, it also feels natural. The water-based formula makes it easy to wash off after use, and its universality really wins the day. 4 very solid stars have been achieved as the average rating from 289 reviews.

Shibari Personal Lubricant – Water Based

Weighing in at a favorable 8 ounces per container, this lubricant by Shibari is a tried and true mainstay for users of pure water-based lubes. It has prime attention to quality in ingredients. There are no preservatives put into it that can trigger negative reactions and discomfort. It naturally supplements the lubrication already provided by our skin during sex seamlessly.

It is not only comfortable and hypoallergenic alone! Your favorite toys and equipment perform much better when lubed up with this formula as well. It is safe to use with many materials and is easily cleanable. With a little bit of soap and water, no trace of the lube remains when you are done, and no staining is left behind.

Almost like a moisturizer, the lube can soften your skin to feel like silk. Sensual play benefits immensely from that; the boon to it cannot be overstated. Whenever you use this lube, you can be absolutely sure you are using the best in natural ingredients. Customers have lauded it quite heavily. 6,101 customers have rated this lube. Their average consensus currently stands at a glimmering 4 stars.

Passion Lubes Natural Water-Based Lubricants

Somewhere between a jack of all sexual trades and a master, this high-quality water-based lube is very versatile and user-friendly. Pure, wholly natural water is used as its base, and its overall formula is unable to stain surfaces. Speaking of surfaces, this lube is truly compatible with all known materials used in sexual wellness equipment.

The bottle is a very great and convenient design. It is spill-proof for those particularly wild nights. The pump at the top is simple bliss to use and dispense just the amount of lube you want for the task. The lack of glycerin and most other artifical ingredients makes it an easy clean after sex. Several different sizes of bottles are available if so desired.

Attention to quality and user consideration in mind with manufacturing really does a world of good for this lube. It can make skin feel all the more stimulating without any of the negative effects of stains or a hassling mess that is difficult to clean up. People are quite prominent fans. Approximately 3,750 customer reviews have given it an average score of 4 out of 5 stars.

LubeLife Water-Based Personal Lubricants

Preeminent with its wholly natural-sourced ingredients in the formula, this lube by LubeLife is quite a friendly and versatile lube indeed. It is just at home on most kinds of toys as it is on your skin. All common types of condom material are also compatible for safe usage in conjunction with this lube.

A completely natural lubrication feel is in store for your skin with this lube. It feels as smooth as a cloud and washes away with ease when you and your partner are done. Hassle-free sensual and sexual play with lubricant is many a couple’s dream, and this lube delivers. Smoothness paired with easy cleanability and a lack of staining come together to produce a brilliant lubrication fluid.

If any lubes can prove the strong benefits of water-based lubrication, it is this lube for sure. It is made just as naturally as it feels and practically cleans up itself with how easy it handles. Over 2,200 people have used this lube, and its average rating stands at 4 out of 5 stars.

Choosing Your Ideal Water-Based Lube

While the sheer array of options might seem overwhelming, take heart in the knowledge that many great ones exist! Your ideal one from the pack of greatness will be able to strike a balance between your overall performance needs, and ease of cleaning. Consider the ingredients of the lubes, their packaging, and compatibility with different tools of the sensual trade. With those in mind, you are well-equipped to find the best of the best in lubes!

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