What Does Sex Feel Like For Men?

What Does Sex Feel Like For Men

As a woman, even if you yourself have never had sex, you have likely found yourself wondering at some point about what sex feels like for men. Indeed, this is a topic that anyone without a penis will likely struggle to ever truly understand; such is a sad reality of life. However, if you’re curious, you can still get a good idea of what sex feels like for men – and we’ve gotten insights from a group of different men to make sure that we can give the most comprehensive and clear idea of what it is that men experience during sex that makes it so great for them.

What Foreplay Feels Like for Men

Before sex, most couples will usually engage in some form of foreplay. The foreplay may be very brief and involve little more than a few quick kisses before getting on with the action, or it could be a far longer and more drawn out process designed and intended to tease both of you to your limit. However, the experiences shared by men and women during foreplay will still naturally differ; so, what does foreplay feel like for men?

The two most common types of male foreplay that you will probably ever give or engage in will be oral sex and giving your partner a handjob. Both of these experiences can trigger powerful sensations in a man, and understanding this might be something that simply triggers your curiosity – or it might be something that you want to understand so that you know how to truly give him the time of his life the next time you get busy under the bedsheets.

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So, what does foreplay feel like for a man? Well, foreplay for men is a big part of getting into the moment, and for many men, good foreplay is part of the entire sex process – not only does pleasing their partner during this time feel great, but its also an important step in getting themselves hard and ready for action as well.

A handjob is generally the less exciting of the two options for men – indeed, for most men, a handjob will be nothing overly special as it is a sensation that they have probably experienced countless times before, and one that they are able to give themselves. Indeed, this can somewhat leave men feeling a little uninspired – but a blowjob is a whole other matter.

During a blowjob, a man will likely experience a whole plethora of different emotions. The unique benefit of a blowjob is the pressure that the partner can place on the penis, giving a truly intimate and powerful experience. When done right, a blowjob feels like a more intimate version of a handjob – warm, wet, and infinitely more enjoyable than anything most men could achieve on their own without having their partner there to help them.

What Does Sex Feel Like for Men?

So, we’ve touched on what foreplay feels like for men – but let’s face it here, what we really want to know is, what does the actual experience of having their penis deep inside their partner’s vagina feel like for a man? For a woman, sex can be a crazy experience and one which triggers a huge number of different feelings and sensations, but the experience for a man is one which is very, very different.

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First of all, the first thing that will strike most men during sex is the warmth and wetness of the vagina. Now, we’ve all probably felt just how warm and wet our own vaginas are, let’s be real here – but for a man, this sensation is so much more intense. Oftentimes, it can be described as feeling like a warm, wet embrace, with his partner’s walls exerting a gentle pressure on his already sensitive penis as he slides in.

However, the feelings that a man will experience during sex will vary based on a number of different factors. For one thing, for most men, going in deeper will often give them the greatest amount of pleasure with their entire length buried deep inside their woman’s vagina, with every inch of their penis being “embraced” and “caressed” by their partners warm, soft walls. Though it varies from woman to woman, most women’s vaginas also have soft ridges and ruffles along their walls; this will vary the final experience that the man experiences. The speed at which he thrusts can also have a big impact on what he will actually experience during sex.

In short, though? Though the classic reference in American Pie might not be one that most people will immediately think of when describing what sex feels like for a man, it’s also not entirely inaccurate either. Sex, for a man, feels like a warm, firm caress against his most sensitive areas – combined with the psychological thoughts of just how incredible sex is.

And then there’s the orgasm. Orgasming is generally a lot easier for men to achieve than it is for women, and the sensation of “coming” can have a number of different implications for a man. Generally, the power of the orgasm is greater if the man is able to hold himself back from coming too soon, and is commonly described simply as an “explosion” of pleasure and relief, which is usually coupled afterward with the intense need for a nap. However, the clarity in the moment following an orgasm is usually one which is unlike any other form of relaxation for a man to experience.

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Final Thoughts

While it would be nice to know exactly what our partners are feeling during sex, the fact of the matter is that unless you have a penis yourself, you will never be able to truly know what it is that your partner is experiencing when you get busy under the covers. However, it’s a fair call that having sex is something that most men absolutely crave – and the aftermath of a great sex session will usually leave them feeling drained, exhausted and immensely calm.

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