Butt plugs offer a very fun way to passively stimulate your hindquarters. They can feel amazing on their own, or they can be worn in conjunction with masturbation, foreplay, and sex for a much deeper and more fulfilling finish. They can be a great source of anal stimulation for men and women alike.

What Makes a Quality Butt Plug

The anal plug comes in many shapes, types and forms, despite its relatively simple concept. The ideal butt plug is both easy to insert and comfortable to wear from start to finish. It must be safe to use regularly and should need relatively little hassle to clean before and after use. For masturbation, a good anal plug will offer you a unique pleasurable experience, and offer partners more options for foreplay and general sex.

Product Reviews

Utimi Faux Fox Tail Anal Plug

This anal plug for women really calls to the inner beast. If you like your anal play to have a warm and fuzzy touch, or you and your partner have a particular fantasy or role play in mind, this may be the plug for you.

The plug is made of stainless steel and resistant to rust, so you know it comes with durability in mind. Its faux fox fur tail is silky soft and very ideal for roleplay, vixen cosplay, and more!

Waterproofing means that the metal portion can safely be used even in the bathroom. The head can be cooled or heated if desired and is best paired with your favourite water-based lube for maximised enjoyment and stimulation.

Whether you are a sexual cosplayer, furry, or just love the distinctly soft feel that tail butt plugs can offer, this one is quite lovely indeed and people seem to agree as it has a golden 5 out of 5 stars from 45 reviews!

Yosposs Silicone Inflatable Anal Plug

This flexible and smooth fellow packs a distinctive feature: inflatability. With a light adjusting of the valve, it can expand within the anal cavity for a truly unique and mind blowing sensation of pleasure.

Different adjustments to the valve yield greater and more varied sensations. The different possibilities for girth and pressure makes this plug especially ideal for anal endurance training. It is waterproof and is, therefore, extremely versatile in its cleaning options and is more sturdily built.

The tapered head makes entrance and utilisation easy and comfortable for beginners and practiced users alike. These ergonomics ensure both pleasure and safety for anal plug users in general. As well, the inflatable nature of the narrowed head means it is easier than ever to hit one’s anal erogenous zone at just the right moment.

At a very positive 4 and a half stars from 136 customer reviews, you just can’t go wrong here.

HisionLee Silicone Anal Plug Set

Medical-grade silicone butt plugs offer some distinct advantages over metallic ones for many users. They are vastly softer, usually require slightly less lubricant, and overall can be much less intimidating to first timers. These plugs by Hisiolee come with all of those advantages in 4 different sizes.

These 4 plugs act on suction to deliver a superior stimulating experience. They are easy to clean with soap and water in any sink at home and range in size from 4 by 1 inch, to 6 by 1.5 inches.

Thanks to the set of 4, not only can they be used as an anal training kit but they can also offer a few versatile choices for youself or a partner. The seller also includes an enema and lubricant right out of the box.

A whopping 342 reviews have given this set an average rating of 4 and a half stars. Very nice indeed!

Loverbeby Vibrating Butt Plug Set

Vibration functionality can be a near instant win for some people over regular butt plugs. This silicone-based 3 piece set comes with USB chargeable vibration ability on all 3 of its different-sized plugs!

The largest of them is of an average to slightly above average size with a 5 inch length overall. Thanks to the cork-like action that the bottom of the plug produces, the plug can stay safely in position where you need it no matter what you are currently up to mid-session, allowing uninterrupted anal play at your desire.

Thanks to the carefully designed contours of each plug, the fit is even more comfortable and therefore pleasurable in conjunction with the smoothness of the silicone.

This pack comes additional with a bullet vibrator for a nice complement to the anal stimulation. A remote for hands-free adjustment of the plugs’ 9 different vibrational settings rounds off its nice and versatile design.

106 reviews have netted this 3 piece a whopping 5 out of 5 stars.

Honey Adult Play Vibrating Butt Plug

Whether for anal endurance training or just pure pleasure, this vibrating butt plug has quite an interesting and effective design indeed. Its spiraling pattern on the insertion end allows for levels of pleasure you have to feel to believe. When paired with its long battery life of over an hour for the vibration motor, no session would ever be the same without this plug being put to use for truly outstanding levels of stimulation.

For those wishing to change it out for different sessions, the vibrator and bullet are both detachable from the butt plug itself. This enables simpler cleaning of each individual part of the plug.

Its small size is convenient and its silicone surface is hypoallergenic; such a wonderfully designed butt plug is definitely ideal for long journeys. 4 stars from 171 reviews is a glowing and very positive endorsement to the convenience and versatility this anal plug delivers.

Choosing the Right Plug for You

For anal stimulation, it is best to consider your needs, then determine which kind of butt plug can best meet that. Vibration-capable butt plugs offer very unique and varied sensations that ordinary anal plugs cannot, however regular ones do not require any prior adjustment as vibrators do. For some couples, animal tail plugs may be desired for their boon to foreplay and sexual roleplay. Ultimately the best will fulfill your specific needs whilst being comfortable and safe to use!

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