Remotes have been a versatility boon to vibrators and sex toys in general since their introduction years ago. They free up a lot of close-range calibration and in some cases can free you or your partner’s hands almost entirely for a less interrupted experience. Remotes are also can be a nice quirk for pleasing your partner from afar or other such hijinks.

Identifying a Good One

The highest quality remote control vibrators offer a robust and comfortable but powerful performance combined with a long-range remote control. Both the remote and the vibrator should be ergonomic and comfortable to use. The remote should be able to free up some hand work during intense sessions and add to the play dynamic of the overall vibrator.

Product Reviews

Adorime Wireless Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Not only is this vibrator powerful and highly multifunctional, but it is also wearable, enabling it to securely hug your sensitive spot for as long as you want! With both an onboard button and a wireless remote, it is capable of providing 10 different vibration patterns. All of this is wrapped in a comfortable silicone surface that is entirely waterproofed and buttery smooth. This silicone will feel like silk against your skin as you adjust the vibrations to your desire.

Its power is provided by an advanced battery that requires a short roughly 30 minutes to charge. It is small, lightweight, and an absolute delight to wear on any vibration setting. Between the waterproofing and remote control, this vibrator can be used almost anywhere and is perhaps one of the most mobile available.

The vibrator is also quite quiet during even the highest of modes to make it free of distraction or conspicuousness. It has a granite-solid 4 stars on average from its over 370 reviews. With that kind of consensus, this is a hard toy to pass up.

Treediride Wearable Remote Control Vibrator

Taking portability to the next level by actually being wearable, this vibrator when paired with its remote control is a veritable powerhouse of versatility! The control is able to reach the vibrator from a far-flung 25 meters at the absolute maximum. This enables a number of different tantalizing and risque forms of play anywhere you like.

With 10 frequencies to choose from, each vibrational pattern will bring something new to the table for you with every experience. It is waterproof and can follow you safely into the bathroom for more options and can completely transform what it’s like to shower or bathe. The silicone is medical-grade and friendly to even the most sensitive of skin.

The vibrator is secured via its dildo end to hold it steady while the beaded head goes flush with the clitoris for full-scale double the fun. There is even two motors inside the toy to fully realize this level of pleasure. 1,256 customers have tried and reviewed it. The average consensus is a very lovely 4 and a half stars.

Sexy Slave Remote Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are lovely but when they can be finely controlled with a remote that is just as versatile and powerful as the toy itself, you know you are dealing with quality. The control is able to provide you with a myriad of different pleasurable scenarios with your partner.

There are a grand total of 10 different functions to choose from with this vibrator. Different modes include pulsation, standard vibration, and a highly variable setting to rev things up. You or a partner can adjust it on the fly with its convenient remote to have a magnificently dynamic session and more enjoyable orgasms.

The vibrator is also waterproof and USB rechargeable, giving it an even higher level of user-friendliness. It is durable and waterproof as well, and is made all the better by your favorite lube of choice. 342 customers have given it a whirl and reviewed it. The average consensus is a healthy 4 and a half stars out of 5. Nowhere near shabby at all!

Phanxy Remote-Controlled Vibrator

Wave motions are efficiently utilized in this vibrator design to deliver a superiorly stimulating experience you will not soon forget. The remote control gives it a whole new dynamic for use with its dual motor action and 9 different speeds to choose from. It welcomes male, female and couples’ usage with open arms as it is ergonomically designed to please.

Thanks to the remote, hands-free usage is entirely an option. It is a great boon to couples as well who wish to spice up their foreplay. The silicone greatly bolsters its pleasurability as it is body-safe and nearly as smooth as a kitten’s fur. This vibrator is ideal for anal play and general stimulation of both the rear pelvis and the male G-spot around the prostate.

USB charging and a watertight design form a well-rounded package with this lovely vibrator by Phanxy. It can please most any couple, especially those keen on anal play, and the remote works wonders for extended options and versatility. It has a near-perfect average rating of 4 and a half stars from 313 reviews!

iBall Rabbit Remote Control Vibrator

High tech and as powerful as it is fashionable and versatile, this creation by iBall is a considerable upgrade on the concept of remote-controlled vibrators. It is able to jolt pure pleasure into your nervous system via the clitoris. This outstanding power can all be controlled nearly seamlessly by your smartphone!

It has a special shape with two extending, graceful wings on either side that ergonomically envelope the labia and clitoral hood for a snug fit and great wearability. The phallic head allows for comfortable insertion for doubled pleasure and as an anchor point. The vibrator is truly a pleasurable butterfly of versatility and power.

When connected to your phone, the vibrator is capable of 6 different vibrational patterns and 5 different levels of power. No two sessions will ever be identical and you can rest assured that the vibrator is well-made and durable. From 37 customer reviews, it clocks in an average rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Finding the One with the Right Vibes for You

Finding one is not nearly as imposing as it may seem! To best being your search, look for ones that have remotes with a wide operational range and are convenient to use. If it is user-friendly and flexible with range, it likely delivers quite a punch in the pleasure department too! Also, consider ergonomics and what modes it comes with. Indeed, comfort and diversity are always winning combinations for the best vibrators!

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