Lubricants could be argued to be the very lifeblood of many people’s sexual play. Lubricants by virtue of their nature can massively evolve any session to be more powerful and dynamic. Insertion-based sexual items become easier to use and thrusting becomes more effective. Skin becomes more comfortable and tactile, while chafing and discomfort become far less likely. Overall, lube can come in many forms for a variety of sexual situations.

Signs of Amazing Lube

The kind of lubricant that will absolutely blow your mind must be easy to apply. It helps to also be easily washed off. Lubes must be comfortable to apply on the skin, otherwise, it defeats its purpose. Of critical importance, the lubricant should be safe and body-friendly to as many users and devices as possible for maximum value and versatility.

Product Reviews

Cyberskin Cum Lube

Perfectly compatible with most toys and sex equipment, this lubricant by Cyberskin is quite a helpful friend indeed. It is fully water-based, giving it near perfect neutrality when it comes to skin sensitivity in many possible users. Distinctive to this lube, it is specially designed with high viscosity in mind.

Thickness in the constitution of the lubricant gives it the intended replication of a very particular substance: semen. During sex, it will feel and look almost exactly like it! The formulary of this lubricant is fully skin-safe thanks to its pure, non-toxic ingredients. Few to no man made ingredients were put into its production.

This lube is perfectly at home with condoms and you and your partner’s favorite toys, be they latex or otherwise. There is much to applaud with this lube and it really shows. 186 people have tried it out and the average customer rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Luveb Silicone & Water-Based Lube

As a hybrid of water and silicone-based formulas, this lube by Luveb has quite a few distinctive positive traits. Thanks to the silicone it is able to be used in water and not dilute to nothing and have its effect negated. It is wholly condom safe and easily cleanable. The lube leaves no stains at all and is fully free of odors.

For users with sensitive skin, there is no need to worry about any discomfort. This lube was made with you in mind and is properly hypoallergenic. The hybrid lube comes in two distinct varieties. The smaller container, 60ml ‘Warm and Warm’ produces a heating sensation on the skin upon contact. The larger one, ‘Natural and warm’ does not have the heating agent but provides larger lube capacity.

With hybridity providing a unique resistance to water, this lube is a great choice for watery locations, steamy or not. It is a great pairing with any of your favorite toys or condoms, and can easily make any session much more intense. It has 4 and a half stars in rating from 47 customer reviews.

LubeLife Watermelon Lubricant

Talk about putting the ‘water’ in watermelon lubricant! This water-based lubricant is made from entirely organic ingredients and is hypoallergenic for sensitive users. It has a superior natural feel and will not leave any stains. The strengths of water-based lubricants are really on full strength here. Not only does it feel amazing, it is easy to clean up.

It works with your skin to produce a cloud-like softness that can make any erotic situation all the more pleasing. The lube is ideal for both solo men and women, as well as couples. It has full versatility in its sensual uses, from toys to condoms, to all around general play. To speak nothing of the taste. The watermelon flavor adds a pleasant edge, especially during oral play.

This lube sells in additional flavors as well. Sex and foreplay will never be the same when you include this lube in your sexual endeavors. It has an amazing rating to match too; 684 customers have given it a spin with an overall consensus of 4 and a half stars.

Valm Silicone Personal Lubricant

Looking for a high-quality silicone-based lubricant? The lube in this super-sleek 8.5-ounce body is entirely silicone in the base. It provides the ultimate platform for really heavy-duty sex, toy usage, and foreplay. It is ideal for anal play as much as any other application and is fully compatible with many condom materials.

The silicone is safe to the skin and fully medical-grade. Its silicone base makes it fully waterproof for a wider possible environment of usage. You will feel no irritation when putting it on your skin during a session nor from toys, you apply it to. It provides an amazing glide and makes skin feel far more sensual than normal, especially with close contact with your partner!

The clear lube is easy to clean and free of odors. You will never have to deal with lingering musks or pesky residue. To top it off quite literally, the container has a spill-proof pump for easy dispensing at the moment. A whopping 593 customers have given it a full go, and it has landed an average rating of 4 and a half stars. Now that is stellar.

Cyberskin Back Door Anal Lubricant

Anal play is obviously not exactly like other forms of play; great lubricants are the key and this may be just what you needed. A smoothness like silk is the name of the game with this lubricant formula and it delivers. Your skin will not dry as easily during sex, and the negative sides of friction will be greatly lessened.

Its ingredients allow it lessen pain in the area during more intense sex. It numbs the area to this effect, improving glide and lasting the entire session at times for maximum comfort. It is entirely unscented and without flavor, and benefits from its organically-sourced ingredients. The lube is body-safe and non-irritating.

Adding to the enjoyment, there is little mess to worry about, no matter how intense the session. The water base allows for it to wash off easily without staining. It is compatible with many toys as well for maximum applications. 143 customer ratings have landed it a nice 4 and a half stars on average. This lube is lovely indeed!

Choosing the Ideal Lube for You

While choosing the best lube for you might seem daunting, there is really nothing to it! All you need to do is consider how sensitive your skin is, what you intend to use the lube for, and what kind of ingredient base works best with you. Silicone has some strengths over water-based and vice versa. Some toys work better with lube while others are not always compatible with it. Considering your needs will surely set you on the road to getting the best lube in no time!

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