There is quite a vast and exciting arsenal of diverse and myriad implements of pleasure available to female users. They come in dozens of forms, sizes, and uses, yet each one always adds a distinctively new and fresh layer to erotic play. Some stimulate the clitoris, while others are designed around direct thrusting action for either vaginal or anal play. What’s more, some are even designed to do all these or more!

What Goes into a Quality Sex Toy

The best women-oriented toys offer a reasonable amount of versatility to the mixture of comfort and effectiveness. Some offer benefits for couples’ play as well, but it is most important for them to best complement the female anatomy. The best toys are easy to use, clean, and the hardest to break or wear down.

Product Reviews

Treediride Clitoris and G-Spot Stimulator

This vibrator system comes with the very special benefit of not only being easily but also wearable! It has a long-range remote control as well that extends several meters. Combining that with its waterproof shell, it can be used literally anywhere you desire, including the bath. The vibrator offers 10 different frequencies that can each set you over the edge a different way each time.

Its dual vibrators are capable of double work as you might be hoping. Both your clitoris and your G-spot can be worked in ways your hands could never mimic alone. With the remote and the wearability, you can swap modes from any of your favorite locations or positions. That kind of raw versatility is always to be appreciated.

A smart addition of patterns on the surface of each head of the vibrator helps them bolster friction during masturbation. Combined with the ergonomic portability and double-duty action the two extensions provide, this toy has more than earned its rating. It has a near-perfect 4 and a half stars from over 1,200 customer reviews.

Luxeluv Vaginal Dildo Vibrator

Classic silicone dildo design meets a robust vibrator and innovative USB battery recharge system here to produce a sex toy for women that is quite special. Indeed, the vibrator is carefully designed to feel as natural as possible without losing any of its effectiveness for you as well as any potential partner. No sensitivity is lost and you are able to hit your sweet spot without any discomfort!

High-grade silicone is used in this toy’s construction that is entirely body-safe and feels every bit as soft as the liquid it was during the creation process. It bends and conforms to just the right shape to caress and work over every part of your vaginal passage.

The toy is a simple affair to clean, thanks to the lack of the surface’s ability to stubbornly retain residues. It is waterproof and friendly to water-based lubes for any occasion or location. You deserve to feel an orgasm without needing a vibrator that can induce numbness. Just over 600 people have tried this toy, and it stands at a beautiful 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

Nearly everyone knows the full power potential the clitoris has for mind-meltingly substantial pleasure. This toy knows how to work it in just the right ways for a superior sexual experience every time. The vibrator is easily rechargeable via USB cable. The silicone surface is tactile and specially designed to stimulate the soft vaginal surfaces.

While its shape may be silly, that is some very genius ergonomic design at work! It is able to produce suction action on the clit. At the same time, it can be worked into your vagina with the lower, slender end. The sheer pleasure of this design at full power cannot be overestimated, especially with lubricant. The silicone is safe even for sensitive skin and is no hassle to clean.

To firmly round this toy off, it has 10 fully-fledged vibration modes to choose from. Your sensitive G-spot and other pleasure points simply will not know what hit ‘em. A whopping 2,624 people have tried and reviewed this toy. The average opinion breakdown is just a half star shy of perfection at 4 and a half stars overall.

Adorime G-Spot Rabbit

Pink and somewhat resembling the ears of its namesake, this toy is designed to be able to ergonomically reach whichever spot you need with ease. Indeed, all 3 protrusions – the two ears and the phallic end –- all have vibration action and can stimulate with equal power. These 3 points all offer 7 different vibration modes to choose from for maximum variety.

Sometimes greatness comes in 3’s and this toy definitely delivers upon this. Not only can it be perched on your partner’s member during sex. It can also be used to pleasure multiple spots at once! The Rabbit is able to reach the G-spot, clitoris, and anus when in the right positions for it!

Ergonomics were carefully considered in this design. The toy is easy to clean and maintain, with a very durable food-grade silicone body. The battery is USB rechargeable for a long and pleasurable life of service! It has a nearly flawless 4 and a half stars from 819 reviews.

Adorime Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

With your clitoris being one of the doorways to a mindblowing orgasm, it deserves the best! This clit-sucking toy by Adorime comes out of the gate swinging, or rather, sucking. Its vacuum action is easily USB rechargeable and features 10 modes of intensity. It is waterproof which makes it bathroom and pool friendly too.

The silicone is gentle and safe for even the most sensitive types of skin, with full FDA approval backing up its quality. There is no odor from the silicone construction and it is a breeze to clean just as much as it is to pick up and use. The waterproofing quality makes it ideal for water play-dependant sessions and can quite diversify your experience.

Durable and powerful, this versatile little toy is hard to match in clitoral stimulation aside from an actual partner performing exquisite oral play. It is a portable dream for clit play fans and truly knows how to handle that most sensitive of regions with the adjustable modes. Just over 1,200 people have reviewed this toy and are quite raving. It has 4 and a half out of 5 stars.

Finding the Toy of Your Dreams

Sometimes choosing a toy is tough. A great way to make your search easier and quicker is to take into consideration what kinds of play you are after. Different toys cover different parts of the body. Vibrators are often the most versatile, while others, such as suction vibrators, are more geared towards specific spots. It is also a good idea to think about what settings are available on different toys. A great variety can greatly increase a toy’s quality!

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