Ben wa balls have origins in China and other, more sexually-practiced regions and have been used for teasing, exercise, stimulation, and non-orgasmic pleasure for centuries. While they come in a variety of different stylistic versions, their core function is usually the same: forcing vaginal muscular contractions through weighted balls.

Spotting a Quality Ben Wa Ball Set

You will know quality when you see a comfortable design made with durable and smooth materials that are easy to use. The good ben wa ball also most importantly needs to be safe as much as it is effective since they typically do not have tapered stoppers. Finally, the ben wa set must be easily retrievable immediately when finished and easy to maintain!

Product Reviews

Adorime Ben Wa Kegel Balls

Specially geared towards vaginal fitness as well as for sexual stimulation, this ben wa ball set is quite robust indeed! The set offers 4 different ball weights in its box for your various needs and desires. It is also recommended for post-pregnancy fitness as a plus as well; guided usage can improve everything from bladder control to strengthening your kegel muscles!

The balls are made from entirely body-safe medical silicone. They are entirely waterproof, durable, and quite comfortable from insertion all the way to retrieval after your sessions. These are quite adept for regular kegel exercises as well if so desired.

Insertion produces a constant, passive stimulation of the inner vaginal passage even when not exercising. This ben wa set seems to sell like hotcakes! 216 customer reviews give it an overall rating of 4 and a half stars. This has all the hallmarks of a wonderful wellness-oriented ben wa set!

Nalone Ben Wa Balls Set

Versatility comes out of the gate swinging with these ben wa balls. They have an elegant casing, coloration, and handles but they are more than just for mere show! This ben wa set comes as 4 beads and 2 different weights to pair with. Overall, 6 different combinations are possible from this set.

The set is comfortable and easy to pick up by both beginners and veteran exercisers alike. Kegal muscular exercises will never be the same when you first employ these! They are a combination of stainless steel and silicone for maximum smoothness. Nearly any woman can comfortably and safely use this set if so desired.

They provide an unbelievable sensation, even more so when used for regular workouts. All materials used in this set are of the highest quality. 47 people have used and reviewed these ben wa balls and they appeared quite pleased indeed! The average rating is an amazing 4 and a half stars!

Nasstoys Ben Wa Balls

With these weighted balls by Nasstoy, vaginal stimulation is brought to new levels that masturbation alone rivals but cannot normally surpass. The weighted balls can safely induce vaginal contractions regularly for prolonged periods, causing mind-melting pleasure over time.

The balls can be comfortably worn during normal activity, and exercise can increase the total overall stimulation! Lubrication aids with both insertion and removal, and can assist your muscles and shifting the weight around the vaginal canal to tantalize the soft tissues. A regular workout with these ben wa balls can produce quite desireable wellness boosts relating to pelvic muscle strength and overall muscular sensation!

The secret to these ben wa balls’ effectiveness is in their weight, not the simplistic design. The weight is specially tailored to achieve the most amount of pleasure and muscle inducement as possible. It has been warmly received, with a 3 and a half star average from 41 customer reviews.

Zen Q Ben Wa Balls for Women

Pleasure and wellness both await the users of these ben wa balls! Styrene and silicone prove an effective couple when used to design this set. The balls are entirely body-safe and comfortable to insert or remove at will, especially with your preferred lubricant. These elegant beauties can improve the health and strength of your interior pelvic muscles as well as pack quite a pleasurable punch!

These balls have just the right amount of weight to get your vaginal muscles to clamp down on them as you move, producing a quite potent and ongoing source of pleasure. This stimulation cannot normally cause an orgasm on its own, but during the workout, it does not let up.

The ben wa balls can comfortably fit for nearly all women, and the addition of extra stimulation can produce quite a potent sexual experience indeed! Quality is what you need and there is much on show here with this set by Zen Q. It presently has a perfect 5 out of 5 stars from 32 customer reviews. Clearly it is a winning design to be sure!

Yossposs Ben Wa Balls for Women

Kegel exercise in comfort and style are the penchants of these ben wa balls. They can be worn during a variety of different daily activities. This enables vaginal and pelvic muscular wellness where and when you need it! The balls can be used as markers of your workout progress and the beads are detachable when you need to go and clean them after use!

A brilliantly non-porous design keeps contaminants from dirtying your ben wa balls, and the high-quality material is never likely to break or wear with time. They are easily portable for instant retrieval when you need them. They even have different weights for different skill levels. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have full vibrational functionality that responds to movement, greatly bolstering both pleasure and workout intensity!

Who can say no to exercise and feeling good while you’re doing it? Versatility and interchangeability really help to advance these ben wa balls to the forefront of quality. Customers have proven to be quite satisfied; on average, 74 customer reviews have given these ben wa balls 4 and a half stars!

Choosing the Ben Wa Wall for You

Since ben wa balls are just as much exercise equipment as they often are sex toys, it is important to consider your specific needs when coming into the market for a ben wa set. Some are more geared towards a wellness component, others are balanced, and others focus more on stimulation alone. Consider the model’s comfort in design, durability, and safety as well before buying. With that, you are on your way to much improved vaginal wellness!

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