Anal play, whilst similar to vaginal and penile play, usually requires more specialized lubrication to get the most out of your experience. Fortunately, there is quite a myriad plethora of different anal lubes to choose from! They are typically hearty against water and possess a thick constitution that gives it a long performance time for your session.

Signs of Quality Anal Lube

For those anally prudent about getting the most perfected anal lube for them, an important search indeed, quality lube must be comfortable. The ideal anal lube is comfortable enough to be hardly noticeable around the area aside from its smoothing aspect. This excludes any temperature or sensation stimulation it may provide as a bonus. The best anal lube will also be made from as many natural ingredients as possible for the full hypoallergenic effect.

Product Reviews

LubeLife Anal Lubricant

As an anal lubricant, this formula prides itself on safety thanks to the lack of siloxanes within the silicone base. The silicone is incredibly strong against water and its thickness lends a huge boost to sensual pleasure during anal play. It could easily be used in the shower or tub, wherever strikes you and your partner’s fancy!

In addition to the water resistance, the silicone is safe to use with three common types of condom material: natural rubber-based latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane. This allows a significantly less restrictive limit on which of your favorite condoms works with this lube. The lube is hypoallergenic for more sensitive skin. The thickness of the silicone produces on the skin is quite exhilarating when it sees action during close skin to skin contact.

Soft skin is key to most satisfying sexual adventures and this lubricant makes it so. Pure, carefully-selected ingredients and a robust thickness combine forces for true success. This lube has 4 stars overall from 424 customer reviews.

Lynk Pleasure Anal Lube

Rear ends are often the most delicate and sensitive areas of the body when it comes to skin. This lubricant excels at being long-lasting as well as servicing your skin to peak softness. The lube formula will not dry out on you in the middle of sex. Thanks to its careful design, the lube will continuously smoothen your skin and stay resolutely fluid during most if not all of your play.

Sex toy lovers have much to appreciate here as well. This lube is absolutely zero-percent staining and is friendly to most types of toys used in anal play. It has a powerful discomfort-fighting characteristic that really assists in this end. It is safe for use with most major condom varieties as well. The silicone is easily cleaned up with no messy stick or lingering residue.

R&D into its formulation has allowed this lubricant to have a fully-fledged long lifespan during your session. It should not dry out right when you need the smoothness the most. This lube is overwhelmingly lauded; 976 customer reviews have given it an average rating of 4 and a half stars!

Cyberskin Back Door Anal Lubricant

Gentle numbing is a nicely outstanding feature with this brilliant lube formula. The thick water-based lube is bolstered by a numbing effect that complements the smoothing effect. Superior glide is assured and anal play is rendered even more pleasurable. This is due to the numbing effect negating the unwanted pressure sensation that some anal play can cause.

Natural ingredients really lend a vast amount of strength to this lube’s prominent abilities. It is unscented and lacks any flavor as a result, but comfort is achieved in spades. Friction is all but eradicated with liberal usage of the lube in the parts of your posterior you desire. The lube will not leave stains on any surfaces or your favorite toys which is always a plus in kind!

With its easiness to clean, silky-smooth and numbing effects, and overall gentle touch, how can any anal play fan pass it up? It stands quite well with customer opinion. Of 144 customer reviews, it has an average rating of 4 and a half stars.

LubeLife H20 Anal Lubricant

At perhaps the very forefront of anal play-augmented water-based lube, this formula by LubeLife has a true penchant for friendliness and versatility. It is hypoallergenic thanks to its largely natural ingredient, making skin so soft you will think you or your partner were a cloud. It uses its water base for anal sex quite well. Natural skin lubrication is greatly helped out by its application, and penetration is a much less pressuring affair with the extra glide.

Many common types of toys and toy materials are compatible with this lube, making lubricated anal play even more exciting! It can be used in conjunction with dildos, similar toys, and various common types of condoms, including natural rubber latex.

Natural truly means natural with this lube formula, too. The lube has absolutely no irritating parabens, oils, silicone, or glycerin to speak of. With the emphasis on a natural lube recipe and user-friendly versatility, there is much here to take delight with. 124 customer reviews net this lube an average rating overall of 4 and a half stars, just shy of perfection!

Jo H2O Anal Water-Based Lube

This lube was distinctly made for all aficionados of anal play alike. Its water-based formula makes it much more easily accessible to those who have more commonly irritated or sensitive skin. The formula makes this lube safe to use with all three major types of condom material. It is also compatible with most toys and toy materials, leaving many options on the table for anal play with the lube!

One important aspect of this lube is its complete lack of a numbing agent or desensitizer. The formula is designed to instead focus its effects on stimulating such aspects as touching and other intimate close interaction with your partner during sex. It contains glycerin that is derived from the living plants themselves, adding to the comfort and pleasure factor.

As an added bonus to the lube’s properties, it cleans up almost after itself. Because of it being water-based, water and light soap can gently remove it with ease. This applies to toys just as much as the skin. Factoring in a full 383 customer reviews, this anal lube stands quite well. It has 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Choosing the Best Anal Lube for You

In the quest for the best, you will find many different kinds of lube available. To find the best of the best, start by thinking about your own preferences. Do you prefer lubes that offer desensitizing elements for your anal play, or do you prefer just raw pleasure boosting? Different anal lubes offer slightly different things. Make sure it is easy to clean up after use and contains ingredients that are friendly to your skin. A comfortable bum is a pleasured bum, and your posterior deserves only the best!

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