The breasts are often one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Indeed, in select few people, they can in the right circumstances even be the most sensitive. As such, they deserve nothing but the best of sex toys to adequately stimulate them. We are blessed with quite a diverse array of different toys made expressly for this very job!

What the Best Ones Offer

The greatest sex toys that can please the breasts, regardless of the form they take, are able to mix power and comfort together for the best of both worlds. Ideally, they are versatile and durable. The best ones achieve versatility through a clever design choice, the addition of extra modes of operation, or both!

Product Reviews

Foxshow Personal Wand Massager

This fashionable and powerful wand massager by Foxshow packs quite a punch in a small form. Indeed, it is capable of up to 10 different vibrational patterns that each offer something that is a little different from the last. When swapped over at will during heavy use, they are sure to deliver you a mind-melting orgasm!

Ultra-soft silicone is employed in its construction. This wonderful substance is used so often for a reason as it is able to caress even the most sensitive of skin with its body-safe design. The tip of this massager has raised particles that are ideal for rubbing against the areola and nipples. It is waterproof too so it is perfectly at home when being used in your shower or bathtub.

As an added plus, it has a hearty, durable body and its battery is easily rechargeable by USB cable. The battery lasts up to 2 hours when fully charged, for even longer-lasting excitement. 170 customer reviews have been written for this wand so far and they are quite favorable. The average score for this wand is 4 out of 5 stars.

Adorime Tongue Vibrator

While geared mainly towards clitoral stimulation, this tongue-simulating toy is equally adept at pleasuring one’s nipples as desired. It is designed with comfort in mind with its ergonomic body and silky-smooth silicone surface. It is able to gently enclose the area for a snug fit while working the area over with up to 7 different vibrator modes!

Not only does it offer these different modes, it even heats up with your body temperature too. When you flip the heating switch on it can match your temperature in up to 10 minutes to add to the relaxation factor. This little guy is also waterproof, so it is an ideal companion for aquatic adventures in the bathroom for either your tub or shower.

The battery is capable of standard recharge via USB cable for a more convenient and longer-lasting service life than on disposable batteries. With all of these features, what isn’t there to love about this vibrator? It has 4 and a half stars out of 5 on average from its 61 customer reviews.

Adorime Rabbit Vibrator

One of the great strengths of any rabbit vibrator design is that it is nearly always 100% guaranteed to be a wonderful breast vibrator as well and this model demonstrates that. The two top prongs on the end opposite of the dildo head are quite useful. They have an ergonomic design and are able to stimulate one nipple at a time from both directions.

This whole vibrator is capable of 7 different vibration types at all 3 of its ends. The 3 separate motors are as quiet as a whole library allowing for discrete use. You will be able to use it even on the highest settings without any worry of offputting, distracting noise! The vibrator is waterproof so you can easily use it to stimulate your breasts even in the tub. The silicone is entirely safe for the human body as well, no matter how sensitive your skin is.

With all this versatility, power, and ergonomics, your breasts will never know what hit them when you put this multi-function dildo to work. As of this writing it has just over 870 reviews with an average score of 4 and a half stars. Perhaps just one more vibration mode would be enough to make it a perfect 5 but as of present, there is already much to laud here.

Treediride Tongue Vibrator

Not only is this a powerful tongue play-simulating vibrator, it comes fully to bursting with 8 different tongue swinging motions! The tongue shape is fully decked out with custom-designed miniature nubs that regularly line the simulated tongue, Because the vibrator is capable of high speeds, it is quite ideal for breast and nipple stimulation.

What makes this vibrator even more over-powered in its pleasure output is a built-in automatic heating feature. It activates when you turn on the vibrator itself, and gradually synchronizes with your own body temperature. This even more authentically simulates the human tongue if you do not factor in the maximum speed.

It is also important to mention that this vibrator is 100% waterproofed for your steamiest of nipple-stimulating adventures and is able to be magnetically charged via USB. It is able to rapidly recharge thanks to this, meaning greater convenience for you. Is it any wonder at all that its average rating is a perfect 5 stars from 31 current customer reviews?

Utimi Vibrating Nipple Clamps

For those that favor an especially straightforward route for nipple and breast stimulation, look no further than this quality Utimi-made design. Far from just a brute-force method of eliciting pleasure from your breasts, it is designed to finely tease and pleasure your nipples. It combines precision with a hearty versatility that is sure to win many users over in no time.

There are multiple vibration levels to choose from and the clamps themselves are quite simple to apply. They are wired to a remote control that allows for comfortable hand-held adjustment of the intensity. A well-engineered spring ensures maximum comfort and safety when the clamps are worn and in use. Thanks to the remote control, it is made quite easy to fine-tune your sensations on the fly.

The polycarbonate material of the clamps is devoid of any odor and is entirely body-safe for those most sensitive of areas they are designed for. From 120 customer reviews, it currently has a rock-solid average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Choosing the Right One for You

To find the most ideal sex toy to stimulate your bust with, it is a good idea to start by considering what type you might prefer, such as nipple clamps versus vibrators. From there, narrow it down by how comfortable, versatile, and convenient to use it is. These all usually go hand and hand with a powerful vibration motor that is sure to please. With all of that in mind, you should be well-equipped in your search!

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