Bluetooth toys are amazing displays of versatility and user-friendliness. Bluetooth tech has been a massive help in portability and enhancing the range and responsiveness of remotes. With such toys in hand, couples are able to have more options for pleasurable play, teasing, and more. They come in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and functions!

How the Best Toys Use Bluetooth

The best Bluetooth-capable toys are able to boast impressive ranges, lightning-fast response times and often the ability to offer enhanced modes and capabilities. The wireless nature makes things almost entirely handsfree in many instances. Overall, the best are able to host this seamlessly wireless design without sacrifice power, comfort, or features!

Product Reviews

Lovense Nora Bluetooth Control Rabbit Vibrator

Packing power into a light and easily portable little frame, Lovense has done excellently in balancing that raw power with the wonders of versatile portability. It is fully connectable with most smartphone models for near-seamless wireless control of its modes.. The distance of control expands by leaps and bounds, opening up exciting new play options with a partner.

Inside the rabbit vibrator is a robust motor that is not only waterproof but also provides powerful vibrations that can last upwards of 2 hours on a full charge. There are different settings for each function as well! From your phone, you can adjust the vibration strength as well as the speed at which the head moves across the applied area. It packs the full benefits of a rabbit vibrator as well into a simple, smaller and nimble design.

Both the vagina and clitoris will not know what hit it, especially if your partner is adjusting the settings on yours from afar for a particularly raunchy round of teasing. From 56 different customer reviews, it has a great and rock-solid 4 stars out of 5.

Lovense Domi Mini Wand Vibrator

Bluetooth’s marvelous applications in the sex toy world really shine in this brilliant design by Lovense. At the tap of a finger on your paired smartphone, you are able to adjust this wand’s various patterns to get them just to your liking from any distance. It works amazing with a partner as well and the overall lightweight of this design makes it quite ideal for travel.

It has 10 different vibration patterns to choose from. You can experiment with it at your leisure or have a partner change it on the fly from the far end of the house. This can make foreplay and other activities have a very effective element of surprise indeed! With the smartphone app to pair, the total number of vibration patterns expands exponentially. You are able to achieve up to 5000 distinctive patterns thanks to the options on the app.

Compact power really is on display here and not just in the motor or versatility either. The metal body of the toy is highly resilient to wear and tear. It is a hearty traveling companion for both solo and frisky couples. 36 reviews thus far have landed it a nice 3 and a half stars out of 5.

Phanxy Wearable Clitoris Vibrator

Wireless technology has made wearable vibrators an ever-more viable type of portable but powerful sex toy and this design is a true exemplar of its strengths! It comes fully equipped with the ability to please both your clitoris and G-spot in unison for a mind-blowing session. It is able to be worn virtually anywhere and the remote control has a considerable distance. The light nature of it makes it as discrete as it is powerful too, opening further play options.

There are 9 different modes in all to choose from, so no two uses will be exactly alike, especially during a daring commute or otherwise using it while on the go! It is fully ergonomic as well, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The silicone body is 100% waterproof, providing wireless pleasure even while in the bathroom.

So many different scenarios are made possible by this vibrator’s careful design and remote portability. On top of this, its friendliness to sensitive skin and general ease of use makes it a prime candidate for anybody in the market for a quality vibrator. It has a 4 and a half star average from 255 customer reviews.

Mystery Vibe Crescendo Smart Vibrator

Smart indeed, and a smart choice this vibrator is for any wireless sex toy seekers. This beauty can be paired with your favorite smartphone for a finely-tuned experience. It comes as well with a potent combination of 6 whole independent motors that work in unison. These motors are capable of predetermined combos that can be adjusted on the fly.

Quite unique to this design is its ability to be bent into a wide variety of angles from its default rod shape. With all these different configurations, you are fully assured to reach your G-spot and then some! When you combine it with the detailed adjustments you can make via smartphone in real time, you are in for quite a spot of exquisite pleasure.

No two bending configurations are ever exactly alike. Whether solo or with a partner, this wicked-versatile design has turned quite a few heads already. It currently has an average score of 4 out of 5 stars from 26 customer reviews.

Sex Rabbit Wireless Bullet Vibrator

Easily configurable via a tiny hand-held remote control with a considerable range, this hot pink wonder is capable of different speeds of vibration. These can be configured on-demand when fully charged and the dual motor system eagerly complies to deal out pure ecstasy.

The vast majority of the toy is made from high-quality silicone that is body-safe and not only comfortable on sensitive skin but feels as silky as a dream. The remote control enables virtually hands-free operation of the toy itself. When given to a partner, the remote control can easily become a grand instrument of playful teasing and surprises with its impressive range.

Goodness does not stop there with this vibrator! It is also rechargeable via USB connection and is waterproofed for usage in steamy and aquatic environments. Wireless and waterproof? Truly a dynamic duo for versatility indeed. It has a perfect average score thus far of 5 stars from 189 unique customer reviews.

Making the Right Call

Bluetooth and wireless technology can indeed open up many exciting new pathways to pleasure for you and your partner, To give your search a strong start, consider what kind of vibrator play you have in mind. Some Bluetooth and wireless designs are more ideal for some scenarios over others. Along with this, think heavily about the diverse capabilities, ergonomics, and connection range of potential selections!

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