The greatest vibrators for lesbians are not only comfortable and purveyors of powerful pleasure but also offer a wide range of versatility for lesbian couples. Vibrators can massively spice up foreplay and sex alike, and are often a key to even higher orgasms. Lesbians have quite a wide world of vibrators to choose from. Indeed, the options can be quite exciting!

Knowing the Best of the Best

The best lesbian-centric vibrators offer unique and powerful boons to female erotic play, meaning they can ideally pleasure both partners at once. As well, they should be able to be used to pleasure other erogenous zones of the female body, from the breasts to the thighs and more.

Product Reviews

Bombex Double Dildo Vibrator

Double heads mean double the fun! Unique texturing and the full potential of high-quality silicone is unleashed in one singular piece of vibration-capable glory. This double dildo vibrator has 7 different levels of power to choose from. Each level in of itself is sure to send you and your partner alike to Cloud 9 with gusto. Vaginal sex is never quite the same without such a tool as this in your arsenal.

It features a remote control for wireless long-distance adjustment of the intensity for extended options of play from up to 33 feet. It is rechargeable via most any USB cable and is a very easy toy to clean. The silicone exterior is watertight and is wholly compatible with being used in the shower or tub.

One major distinction of this lovely twofer of a dildo vibrator is that one head is modeled after a real human penis, while the other is entirely smooth. Swapping ends will always provide a different experience for you and your partner. It has a solid initial average rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 5 customer reviews. Very promising indeed,

Lulu 11 Personal Wand Massager

Uniqueness in features sets this vibrator apart from many others in its class. What is that feature you ask? Why it is mode and settings memory of all things! With this innovation, whenever you achieve your most favorite orgasmic combination of vibration and speed, you can save it for later.

On top of this marvelous baseline ability, the vibrator motor concealed within the lovely silicone exterior is capable of 5 different speeds and a whopping 20 varying patterns. So many different combinations are achievable. it’s no wonder they added the memory function. The design on top of all of this is very friendly to first-timers and has a very comfortable grip throughout. It cleans easily as well for very simplistic maintenance.

An easy to charge battery tops off a well-rounded vibrator sure to please any woman that owns it. Couples will adore it for their foreplay and individuals will love its personalized touch with that unique setting memorization feature. It has a very warm reception; a small town’s worth of people, a little over 1,000 have given it an average rating of 4 and a half stars.

Adorime Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Vibrator

One of this vibrator’s dubbed names is as a gal pal, and it’s easy to why! It is a silicone marvel that can both your breath away and deliver superior pleasure every time. It is waterproof and as comfortable as the softest linen you have ever felt. You can use it anywhere you like, including the bathroom, and its remote greatly bolsters freedom of use.

There are 9 different fully-fleshed out variations of vibration mode to choose from. With the remote, you and your partner can change it on the fly during sex. Thrusts are vastly more powerful and diverse than an ordinary non-vibrating strap-on. There is no need for cumbersome or fussy straps to secure it in place. One of the vibrating heads acts as an anchoring dildo for your partner.

Waterproofing and USB charging capability combine with the other features for a fully fleshed out vibrator that any lesbian couple is likely to love. At present, it has a very lovely 4 and a half stars out of 5 from just over 220 reviews.

Loverbeby Remote Control Strapless Strap-On Vibrator

Durable ergonomics make this vibrator design something truly special as its dual motors provide the perfect platform for you and your partner to pleasure each other. It can completely revolutionize sex for you with its diverse offering of 9 different vibration patterns. Each can be toggled at will thanks to the remote control included with the vibrator.

Nothing is more dynamic for sex than such a vibrator as this. One partner is able to be pleasured by it as it acts as a strap-on dildo for the other in a great display of versatility. The delicate-feeling but super-strong and silky silicone pleases and is easy to clean. There is much to love here and even more features to explore.

Versatility and ergonomics, how can you go wrong with these two so prominently being utilized in vibrator design? From 71 customer reviews, it currently sits at a cozy and glowing 5 out of 5 stars.

Sweet Vibrations Girl’s 2-in-1 Vibrator

Named the Girl’s Best Friend, it is hard not to see why, with its combination of powerful vibrator and a robust oral sex sim! This versatile dual-purpose platform of a sex toy is powered by USB-charged battery that will service you well and for long periods of time. The oral stimulation module of the vibrator operates on vacuum suction to work your clit. When paired with the primary vibration function, it is quite a powerful toy indeed.

The vibrator and suction end alike share 20 distinct sections to each set you or a partner over the edge. It can spice up foreplay, absolutely dominate your masturbation session, or be used as the final piece de resistance for a mind-blowing climax at the end of sex.

Watertight construction makes it compatible with shower and tub. Thanks to a rechargeable battery, you will never have to suffer the inconvenience of expendable batteries. It comes in three different colors and 902 customers have tried and reviewed it. With an average rating of 4 and a half stars, it proves quite a potent vibrator indeed.

Choosing the Right Vibrator

You and your partner deserve the absolute best of the best! To that end, it is a great idea to begin your search by seeking out vibrators that can please the both of you at the same time. If it can do this in a diverse array of different settings, then all the better! Even if unable to please two partners at once, consider the comfort and ergonomics factor. Is it specially geared towards female or general use?

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