Monkey rockers are an absolute staple of the sex machine world. These innovative sliding chairs can quite literally–as the name implies–rock your world! While their layouts and designs sometimes differ, their core functionality is almost always identical. They usually have cushioned rests and are built to be quite sturdy. Rockers can be motorized but are also commonly powered by regular mechanical motion.

What Makes a Rocker the Best

Your ideal rocker is able to pleasure you while at the same time being as comfortable as ergonomically possible. A friendliness in design for different positions is a plus as well, in that regard. Different position possibilities add critical variety to your rides. The ability to swap out dildo attachments also helps with bolstering versatility. Last and most importantly, the rocker should be quality made with safety in mind!

Product Reviews

You2Toys Love Machine

Combining style with comfort and power, how could you possibly go wrong with this robust rocker? It has full adjustability to support the angle you most desire during your ride, opening up a whole new world of thrust intensities. It is easy to pick up and make use of right out of the box, especially with its comfortable design and minimal weight.

Its motor is a fully-powered vibrator which supports 5 different arrangements of both pulsation and intensity. These modes can be swapped at your desire to change up your game and stoke the ultimate orgasm. Versatility is on full display here with this elegant machine indeed!

Included with the rocker machine are a small plethora of exciting attachments. The sex machine is even fully friendly to male users as well in its design. When paired with lubricant and your favorite dildo, you can go to town knowing you that an awesome orgasm is imminent. There is a little bit for every person or couple to love about this machine.

The Tremor Rock and Roll

This powered rocker is a true master of customization and versatility! It comes all in an easy to install package. An added wired remote frees up your attention as you ride your way to climax with a variety of different attachments. There are two different attachments to choose from by default. Both are made from silicone, as well as the underlying comfort pad. The attachments are a breeze to clean and maintain.

Both rocking and rolling motions are fully adjustable on the remote control. They are easily adjustable even during the thick of things. Thanks to this your sessions will always be dynamic and can be tailored at the moment to give you just the exact orgasm you needed.

The body of the rocker is dominated by an ergonomic design philosophy with a prominent A-frame for safe and comfortable positioning. This machine is quite ideal for newbies and experienced riders alike. Thanks to easy installation, you will be able to be tremoring to pleasure in no time. 11 customer reviews have given it an average verdict of 4 stars out of 5.

Cloud 9 Novelties F-Slider Pro

Strength and comfort collide to produce an amazing sex machine by Cloud 9. This rocker is compatible universally with all varieties of your favorite dildo. This customization goes a long way towards a strong versatility. Adding to this is the machine’s ability to adjust its angle to your desired setting. Doing so enhances the thrust and thus the power of your pleasure.

Dildo depth adjustment is also available on this machine. When paired with the right angle, your machine’s thrusts can leave you flooded with pleasure in no time. The entire machine is built to be sturdy. From its rocker frame to its attachments and padded thigh rests, it supports a whopping 300-pound weight limit.

Included with the rocker are a universal dildo attachment, default dildo, lube, and a Vac-u-Lock adapter. These bonuses are just the icing on the cake to round off a wonderful package overall. 8 customer reviews have garnered an average consensus of 3 solid stars.

LoveBotz Saddle Sex Machine

This riding sex machine is a dual-wielding powerhouse, coming in with 2 attachments for maximum pleasure and variety. It is a powered rocker with a basic ergonomic design that is comfortable for most body shapes. There is a remote control for wider control options for adjusting the machine during high-intensity use.

The rumbling interior motor is capable of a very powerful core vibration. This motor is capable of putting out 5 different speeds. When paired with the 5 unique vibrational patterns available, the 25 different possibilities really can make each ride special. The two attachments this saddle includes are a standard dildo and a hump stump.

Both attachments work in unison to produce a superior position for perfect pleasure. The saddle is safe to use with silicone and water-based lube alike. Usage will almost never be limited by one’s lube preference! 4 customer reviews have thus far given this sex machine a very lovely 3 and a half stars out of 5.

Love Glider Sex Machine

This marvelous machine by LoveBots is a physical motion-powered sliding chair that can induce sensation nigh identical to those from actual sex. The rocking motion is quite powerful and thrusts deep. The default dildo attachment is capable of penetrating as far as around 5 inches. Included are durable but comfortable thigh rests that allow you to relax and focus only on the pleasure.

No assembly is required to use this rocker; it ships fully ready to go. This enables it to be highly accessible to first-timers, or those who dislike extensive assembly. It relies on old fashioned movement and harnesses kinetic motion quite well. It is perfect for masturbation as well as couple play as well; take turns or tease your partner as they ride!

The dildo attachment is detachable and replaceable, adding a wonderful element of customization. With movement power, the rocking motion is fully under your control to help you get the ideal orgasm every time. 31 customers have reviewed this love glider and have given it an average rating of 3 very solid stars.

How to Find Your Best Rocker

Because monkey rockers are diverse machines, choosing the right one for you may be a little daunting. Fear not! You need only narrow down your search, starting with considering your preference for mechanical motion or powered motion. Both achieve the same end goal, but each feels a little different than the other at points. Next, look for great mixtures of power, comfort & safety, versatility, and convenience. These four traits will help you find the best rocker for you!

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