Most Useful Sex Cam Toys and Tools for Online Sex Performers

Tools for Online Sex Performers

Sex cams are a unique product of the modern digital age. For sex cam performers, there are fortunately numerous sex toys and tools that can help fulfill the mission of variety and pleasure. By their nature, sex cams offer a really free and open platform for performers to use virtually whatever tools they like; not all toys are created equal, however.

What Makes the Best Toys for Cam Play

For webcam performers, portability and requiring only one or no hands if possible is key to a much easier and more effective performance session. Remote controls, suction cups for riding dildos, and lightweight hand-held designs are frequent hallmarks of good toys. Additionally, the toys should be able to be easy to use and bring something dynamic and versatile to the performance’s overall show.

Product Reviews


Choosing a good machine is vital for your online caming gig. Go for a PC or a laptop with the latest technologies. A gaming PC or laptop is highly recommended.

BCC950 Webcam by Logitech

BCC950 Webcam by Logitech

Logitech BCC950 turns any small room into a professional video conferencing space. Plug the all-in-one camera/speakerphone into a laptop and start your meeting with any video conferencing app.

Echo and noise canceling technology suppresses distracting background noises and annoying echo so voices sound clear and natural. Enjoy room-filling sound or plug in your earbuds for privacy.

Experience desktop video meetings so clear and razor sharp, you’ll feel like you’re face-to-face in the same room. With 1080p HD video at a smooth 30 frames per second, precision autofocus, a premium Carl Zeiss lens, and advanced auto light correction, everyone in the room can be clearly seen in professional high-quality video—even in low light or backlit conditions.

A 78-degree field of view and 180-degree video pan ensure that each member of the small group is seen in your meetings. You have far more freedom to move around the room, interact together, and show presentation materials than you would with the limited field of view of built-in computer webcams.

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The built-in full duplex speakerphone&mndash;and integrated omni-directional microphone with both noise and echo cancellation—allow everyone in the group to hear and be heard clearly up to eight feet away from the ConferenceCam.

Cooxer G-Spot Vibrator

Cooxer G-Spot Vibrator

This lovely and elegantly designed silicone vibrator by Cooxer is quite a nimble hand-held little fellow that is quite ideal for users that need to move around a lot and strike poses. It requires only one hand to guide and apply it to your erogenous zones. The vibration does the rest as you bask in the waves of pleasure.

The vibrator sells in up to 4 different colors depending upon your tastes, and it is also waterproof for easy cleaning after your cam session. More importantly, the water-proof silicone allows you to film even in the bathroom or pool. This addition opens up quite a few new distinct backdrops for your audience.

There are 10 different modes you can set it to on the fly for different intensities. Matching it with different poses can make for a really intense show that viewers will not soon forget! From 41 customer reviews, this well-made vibrator has a healthy average of 4 and a half stars.

Lulu 7+ Personal Wand Massager

Lulu 7+ Personal Wand Massager

This wand is light, its stylish, its cozy to hold and elegant to behold, what more could a cam performer ask for in a toy? It comes in either purple or black and it packs quite a diverse assortment of modes to mix things up every time! There are 5 speeds to choose from to pair with a whopping 20 patterns of vibration right out of the stately LuLu box.

This little wand can easily be guided along your body with one hand and in comfort, and is ready to go almost immediately. It channels up to 5 volts for its USB-rechargeable battery, giving it a long-lasting life without annoyingly long charge time. A great battery like this can prove to be a great boon to, particularly long cam sessions.

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Sturdy and easy to maintain, this wand massager cleans easily in your kitchen or bathroom sink with the classic warm water and soap combo. It is nimble, versatile, and a surefire way to reach your G-spot right when you want it for a spectacular show. It has a near-perfect 4 and a half stars from over 1,000 reviews.

FeelinGirl Clitoral and Nipple Vibrating Egg

FeelinGirl Clitoral and Nipple Vibrating Egg

Both wearable and remote-controlled, this is actually a set of two mutual vibrators. They can be used apart or with the sucking vibrator as a remote control for the small bullet vibrator. The remote control is capable of a range of 10 meters, and the two of them combined to offer a diverse 7 sucking modes and 12 different patterns of vibration.

This dynamic duo of vibrators can help free your hands to strike those most ideal poses and achieve the most arousing positions you can muster with little to no sweat! They are perfectly comfortable and body safe with silicone that is entirely hypoallergenic. Both vibrators are made with care and designed with user-friendliness in mind.

These two vibrators achieve a significant boost to your performance by their nature as great designs. They excel through their remarkable pairing of wearability and remote control capability with raw power and versatile modes. From 122 customer reviews, they have an overall average of 4 and a half stars.

Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-Soft Dildo

Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-Soft Dildo

No matter if you are a seasoned cam veteran or just starting out, if your acts call for heavy dildo usage then this lovely specimen is just the tool for you! It offers a suction cup base that allows you to mount it almost anywhere so you can film at amazing angles. It is as fun to ride as it is pleasurable. The simulated ballsack adds extra stimulating heft as well during thrusts.

The overall attention to realism is a boon in of itself, in fact. The veiny girth and raised ridges provide such substantial pleasure that your viewers will be practically feeling it themselves. It is easy to maintain and comes in a trio of different colors to choose from. Cleaning is a simple affair and the silicone is of a high quality that offers a firm but flexible play.

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6.7 inches is not colossal but just right to achieve the objectives of both pleasuring you and providing your viewers with a substantial show thanks to high-quality design. The suction cup makes it crucially hands-free, and users really seem to adore it. Just over 1,900 ratings have landed this dildo a stellar 4 and a half stars.

Treediride Realistic Telescopic Vibrator

Hands-free remote control calibration and a virtuously powerful thrusting action set this toy out from the rest of the pack for being a sex cam performer’s best friend. The remote control allows for you or a partner to control it from up to 15 meters away. It has 7 different telescopic patterns that can alter the thrust. You can swap between them with the remote without ever having to disrupt filming!

The dildo does not stop there by any means. On top of the various thrusting modes to choose from, there are also 7 varying vibration modes to further divvy it up. No two sessions will ever be the same as you experiment with different combos to keep your audience guessing. The suction-based holder allows for seamlessly comfortable stationary use that is friendly to a number of different positions and angles.

No odor permeates the design that could make filming unpleasant, and the construction materials are wholly body-safe, no matter how sensitive your skin is. From 53 unique customer reviews, it has a perfect 5-star rating that is positively astronomical.

Choosing the Best Cam Toys for You

When looking for toys and tools to help spice up your cam sessions, it is a good idea to seek out ones that are helpful and convenient as well as versatile. Think about how mobile or stationary your acts for filming usually are, as this can strongly determine what kind of toys are best for you. Generally, hands-free and portable toys offer the most agility and freedom when it comes to on-camera action.

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