Pocket pussies are a lightweight and portable way to provide yourself with the most direct form of penis stimulation. Designs can vary quite a bit but most have very similar characteristics and dimensions. Some can simulate vaginal sex to realistic degrees whilst others aim for a less authentic but equally pleasurable experience.

What Makes a Good One

The ideal pocket pussy is effective but not too bulky. It usually features some form of ribbing or studded interior for maximized stimulation, and can sometimes even have electronic features such as a female voice for auditory stimulation during masturbation. Lastly, the best pocket pussies are intuitive to use and easy to clean after sessions.

Product Reviews

Utimi Double Sided Stroker

This ergonomic pocket pussy doubles as a great simulator for blowjobs with its mouth opening being just as detailed as its primary vaginal side. All portions of both sides are textured to varying degrees and the stroker houses two built-in cock rings for a hidden surprise intensity shortly after slipping in.

Around the middle portion, the stroker narrows like a corseted waist. This provides a comfortable grip as well as superior interior sensations within the vaginal and oral passage in conjunction with the hidden cock rings.

The vaginal passage has a narrowed opening, causing an almost instantaneous bout of pleasure. Its high-quality surface simulates the smooth feeling of real skin against one’s glans and pelvic area. The pocket pussy is compatible with water-based lubricants and is easily cleaned under any household sink.

126 unique ratings have given this pocket pussy a very nice 4 and a half stars total.

Paloqueth Realistic Masturbator Cup

For those with a penchant for more anatomically-inclined designs, this pussy pocket by Paloqueth is quite ideal. The sleeve is removable for easy cleaning and the middle portion has a nice squeezable grip that can adjust the tightness during use to manually intensify your pleasure. For hands-free use, it also includes a suction cup which is especially ideal for usage in the shower.

Another feature of note is the battery-operated vibrator built-in as well. It serves as a very potent combination with the unique squeezable waist and carefully ribbed, narrow vaginal tunnel. Due to the ribbing and soft textures, the risk of chafing is far less likely to near impossible with this product.

This pocket pussy can be a great tool with which to build one’s stamina thanks to the special nature of the grip, and it is very intuitive to use right out of the box. A hefty 922 ratings have accrued 4 stars for this pocket pussy.

Zemalia Pocket Pussy 2 in 1

Something immediately outstanding about this double-sided pocket pussy is the manner in which its grip was designed. A series of concaving slashings on the casing from the vaginal end to the simulated mouth end allow for an easy and comfortable grip when under high intensity usage.

The two passages are of a significantly accurate anatomical detail, the 3D authenticity serving as a visual aid to the sensations provided by the sleeve inside. The mouth portion even features soft teeth and tactile lips and tongue with most portions of both sides being quite stretchy.

Thanks to the double-sidedness, cleaning is a simple matter of running water clear through in your sink after usage. Both passages provide suction but suction can be further enhanced by covering the end that is opposite of the side you are currently using.

The variety provided by the combo of the mouth passage and the vaginal passage are a commonly praised feature in user reviews. After 633 different ratings, this pocket pussy has a very promising 4 stars.

Utimi Silicone Pocket Pussy

A one-sided pocket pussy, this design by Utimi is easy and comfortable to hold in your hand when in action with it. The skin of the simulated labia and passages is made from TPR and, as such, there is no form of latex odor or any other off-putting smell that could diminish one’s experience. The textured particles inside are in a convex arrangement, dependant upon friction to stimulate the penis.

Its shell is removable when you need to clean it, cutting back on hassle when you have to bring it to the sink. For maximum enjoyment, the designer advises the usage of lubricants and ships with a small sample of Utimi-made water-based lubricant.

The 8-inch length and 3 inch width at the pussy opening ensure a snug fit. Currently, it has a nice 4 stars from a combined 711 ratings on Amazon.

Lonove Vibrating Pocket Pussy

What’s not to love about this pocket pussy? With a full electronic offering of a dual vibrator and female voice options in addition to the mouth and pussy combo, it packs quite a punch.

Before diving into the power-dependent features, the vaginal passage and oral passages are textured with granules and pleats that build up friction as you slide in. The addition of lubricant can aid in entering and also amplify the sensations when in full stroke after stroke.

There are a whopping ten different vibration modes on this, and an ergonomic grip assures your ability to bob the stroker up and down as desired. The voice module can emit female moans as a powerful auditory aid via headphones and the entire powered component can all be charged via simple USB cable with a long operational span ideal for travel. The operational panel is quite intuitive as well.

The sleeve is easily removable for cleaning, as a final benefit for this pocket pussy. From 97 ratings it currently stands at a solid 4 and a half stars.

Finding the Right One For You

With so many options for pocket pussies, choosing the right one for you is pivotal for maximum enjoyment. Whether or not you care for extra electronic additions and handling the need for recharging your pocket pussy after a while or prefer a more traditional manual one are important things to consider. Also of import is the ease of use of the design, ease of cleaning, and any unique features that helps it stand out from similar models.

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