Sex chairs are like the multi-tools of sexual positioning and experimentation. They are comfortable and amazing ways with which to experiment, have fun, and feel amazing. With a partner, difficult positions can become vastly easier to perform and simpler to master! They come in several different configurations and are made of different materials.

What Makes a Chair so Good

The key aspect of a top-notch sex chair is versatility. The design of quality chairs allows for quite a great deal of different possible user configurations to achieve the best positions. They also make little to no sacrifices on comfort; comfort is quite critical for enjoyment. The best are made from sturdy and body-safe materials that are easy to clean and long-lived.

Product Reviews

LoveBotz Banging Bench Sex Stool

This springy, super-flexible love bench comes with a not so inconspicuous central feature: a dildo mount! Thanks to this mount, virtually any kind of dildo can be affixed to the bottom of the chair. This enables even more effective masturbation just as much as it opens up new and easier positions.

The red bar is fully removable if desired to use only the chair alone, opening up more options. This includes the ability for your partner to instead occupy the space during frisky sessions. Springiness really strongly factors into this chair’s strengths here. On top of that, the durability of the build is quite respectable. The elastic straps of the seat ensure a safe perch no matter how wild the action gets.

The banging bench really rocks the epitome of safety combined with versatility and comfort. It includes some degree of customizability which is always lovely too. Experimentation and enjoyment are to be had with this chair. It has a lovely 4 stars from 51 customer reviews.

Toughage Vier Decadence Sex Stool

True to its name, this sex chair is made from a strong combination of metal framing and PVC to deliver a reliably sexy experience for its owners! It comes included with a hand pump for the inflatable cushion. The cushion itself can be positioned under the chair and sports a mounting socket for your favorite dildo.

The chair is springy but with a safe and sturdy frame to hold it, allowing you a pleasurable experience every time. When paired with the cushion, the options and pleasure can simply skyrocket. Many positions are possible with this chair. Users will find much to like about the options made available by this lovely combination of seat and sex pillow

Even apart, both the seat and cushion offer some options of their own for you and your partner. All and all, this pack offers a very wonderful deal for you and your partner with quality construction. 31 customer reviews have garnered an average of 3 and a half stars, making this duo a very solid choice.

Liberator Black Label Esse

This particular chair is especially geared towards BDSM and roleplaying enthusiasts. However, ordinary users can find plenty to love about this stylish chair as well! For BDSM fetishists, the set comes with a variety of cuffs, tethers, and blindfold for plenty of options. The foam that lines the inside of the inclined, ocean wave-like cushions is quite dense and knows just how to support the body.

The design of the Esse especially favors standing or bent over sexual positions during use, thanks to the headrest. The mini-scoop near the center allows one to flatten out the middle concave part of the cushion. With this extra option, it makes certain other positions much easier.

Quite a stylish and versatile platform, it’s no wonder the Esse is so well received. So far, 7 reviews have given this seat an average star rating of 4 and a half. On top of all this, the machine-washable lining is an extra stroke of convenience without a doubt.

Liberator Esse Lounge

Liberator is quite a name for quality, and that is on full display with this exquisite lounge chair. It comes in several color options, but more importantly its curves are just what you needed in your regular sex life! Not only does the ergonomic curvature help with posture and relaxation, during sex they can greatly enhance the effects of different positions.

The center top cushion is swappable at will, providing either the curved or flattened midsection for expanded options. Versatility is always a queen (or king) in the world of sex furnishings and this model delivers. High quality, ultra-dense foam inside is the secret to the full stimulating support this chair provides for you and your partner during lovemaking.

For those who love comfort, versatility, and sex with style, this lounge may be what you are looking for. A common source of user praise was the ease and variety of positions this chair makes possible. 69 overall customer reviews have given this lounge chair a very rock-solid 4 out of 5 stars.

Wetpia Sex Position Enhancer Chair

This spartan-looking yet still oddly stylish sex chair offers quite a great package of different versatile elements. Its springy center and a durable frame provide for a highly enjoyable experience with new and old positions alike. First-timers and experimenters are able to make good use of its design to practice with their favorite positons or discover new ones!

It sports maximum flexibility and offers great support for both the body and back in a great show of ergonomics. The natural-feeling swaying motion during lovemaking is a wonderful organic addition to its already robust array of usage options.

As if that was not enough, to round this chair off it is quite useful for some non-sexual activities too. If so desired, users can also use it for sexual wellness exercise and stretching to make the next session’s performance truly special. 38 customer reviews have given this sex chair an awesome 4 out of 5 stars.

Choosing Your Seat of Pleasure

If you are in the market specifically for sex furniture or you and your partner simply would like to experiment with positioning, sex chairs are for you! To choose the best one to meet your needs, consider your tastes and needs. Aim for a chair that has the versatility to please you and your partner. Never settle for a one-trick pony! Other very important factors to consider include sturdiness, safety, and comfort. With those in mind, new pleasure awaits!

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