Ticklers are fun and endearing tools. Truly, they are a centerpiece of the softer side of general BDSM and roleplaying. These mostly innocent additions to any BDSM scene are great complements to whips and other tools while also standing out well on their own. Ticklers are great for foreplay and building anticipation in more subtle ways. Prudent usage of a tickler can help lead to a more potent orgasm later on, even!

How to Gauge a Tickler’s Quality

The effectiveness and quality of a tickler strongly depends upon the materials used in its tip. Feathers and soft hairs are a common and lovely method of construction. They caress and tease the most sensitive areas of the body, especially when the subject is bound. Another important factor is the handle. It should be comfortable to hold for long durations as it is pleasurable to be tickled by it.

Product Reviews

Ostrich Feather Body Tickler by Rekink

A body tickler that not only does its job well, but clearly loves its job too. This tickler was made to caress your sub’s skin in the most tantalizing and super-soft ways with its exquisite feathers. It has exquisite construction quality and can double as both a spanker and a slapper. If that is not versatility than what is?

Making for a great handle in the process, the slapper end is faux leather while the feather end boasts that distinctive softness that makes it so special. The leather provides a firm grip to hold the tickler steady as you dexterously tease your partner repeatedly!

This tickler is a welcome addition to any light or heavy BDSM play. With entirely discreet packaging, it is sure to appeal to most partners’ tastes! The overall length of the tickler measures at 17 inches for superior reach as a final plus! 40 customer reviews have given it a total average of 4 and a half stars!

Scarlet Kitten Ostrich Feather Tickler

This ostrich feather tickler is a welcoming, fuzzy friend for both newcomers to BDSM, and experienced users alike! It is quite long and light, allowing for nimble teasing and tickle play. It has an added riding crop on the bottom for doubling the fun!

Its wonderfully crafted design is quite ideal when paired with a blindfold for sensory deprivation. The ostrich feather is adept at building anticipation and sexual tension even as it graces your skin with gentle tickles. This tickler is entirely at home in both light bondage and teasing to anything hardcore you can throw at it.

Regardless of varying tastes, there is a little something for everyone in this slender tickler by Scarlet Kitten! It ships with a free whip keychain as a bonus gift. At 4 customer reviews, it currently stands at a whole 5 out of 5 stars!

Sportsheets Feather Tickler

With a curvy slender stem and red elegant feather, this tickler has quite the sexy design indeed! Its ultra-soft feathery plumage is entirely body-safe and free of allergens. This lovely tickler is quite ideal for the classic French Maid roleplay or even more intense BDSM play as desired. This tickler is entirely capable of reaching all parts of the body with a comfortable reach!

It has a minimalist design that is easy for any first-timer to pick up and use right away. It is sensual, stylish, and sexy all in one! Partners will appreciate its easy grip and unforgettable sensations against the skin, especially whilst blindfolded and during bondage play.

Fine materials and quality construction meet comfort and elegance in a wonderful combination! The nimble and lightweight size of this tickler also makes it ideal for couples on the go to far-flung places. Thus far, 2 customer reviews have both given this tickler a solid 5 out of 5 stars!

Demarkt Paddle Brush Tickler

A versatile tickler by Demarkt, this one stands out with quite a unique brush design! The brush makes it more able to focus on smaller, specific areas for maximum teasing intensity and stroking pleasure! In a skilled dom’s hands, they can stroke pleasure deep into their dom’s skin. Anticipation-stiff muscles can shiver as it strokes on by across the body.

The handle is top notch leather for a firm but cozy grip. It is less likely to escape from your hands during a session, especially when used with grace. Thanks to the brush design, the obverse side of the tickler also doubles as a leather paddle!

This two-in-one is a lovely duo of tools for both the experienced and experimenting dom alike! Its softness is a true boon to the skin during play to provide a unique experience each time so why brush this design aside? 7 customers have reviewed this design, and have a very positive average of 4 stars!

Fifty Shades of Grey Feather Tickler

Even for non-fans of the eponymous novel and movie, this tickler that bears its name has quite a bit to offer for everyone! Its sumptuous grey feathers and graceful stem are comfortable and easy to use right out of the box. All BDSM skill levels will find this tickler welcoming for regular use.

The handle is shortened and easily portable for travel or simple storage, with a simple but comfortable grip. With this tickler in hand, your dom will be able to grace your skin with delectable caresses and agonizingly pleasurable teasing. This feathery delight is a wonderful addition to any BDSM or roleplaying toolset without a doubt!

Pleasurable sensations and teasing manipulation coupled with a wonderful design are on full showcase here. They provide pleasure and comfort in a portable, easy to use design you can take with you! The tickler currently has an average rating of 4 and a half stars from 11 customer reviews!

Finding the Right One

Discovering the right tickler that, well, tickles your fancy can be tough. Fortunately, when you narrow it down by preference and attribute, it gets easier! Always pay attention to what materials go into the tickler’s construction and how comfortable they would be. Make sure you are not allergic to anything used within it. Additionally, make sure the handle is thoughtfully designed to ensure an ergonomic grip for yourself or your partner. With all that, you should be good to go!

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