As their name suggests, vibrating panties are vibrators that are not only wearable in underwear but add a kinky, often risque and all-around amazing excitement to your love life. They are the epitome of portable and are quite frequently ergonomically designed. Indeed, they also sometimes but not always specialize in being used for long durations of time for a drawn-out orgasm.

What Makes the Best of the Best

The best vibrating panties are capable of comfortably resting in your underwear or even perch snugly while nude for long durations of time for the most versatility. They are strongly centered around ergonomics and are easily changeable with long battery lives. Ideally, they also feature durable construction so the vibrator can serve you for years without issue.

Product Reviews

Cheven Vibrating Panties

This sleekly ergonomic design by Cheven is positively brimming with a wide array of features. It has a wireless remote control for more options to operate it, a wide array of 12 different vibration modes, and quite a bit of power. Despite this, it manages to keep considerably quiet when in intensive use, with a maximum noise of 40 decibels.

The remote is so precise in control options that you can even pause it on demand during a particularly eventful outing. This can also be used to time and help plateau your orgasm as well! It can be used in a variety of styles as a vibrator and comes with the ability to be magnetically USB charged.

Comfort is solidly achieved thanks to the smooth silicone and the thin body shape that makes it at home in your undergarment without annoying chafing. With the array of features and user-friendly design, it is hard not to see why it has been so warmly received. Thus far it has 4 and a half stars from 149 customer reviews.

Ytoy Wearable Panty Vibrator

Not only is this vibrator comfortable to wear but it has a discreetly low profile as well. It is designed to be snugly tucked away in your favorite spot. It keeps well out of sight no matter where you are. Its vibrational abilities are quite powerful. Indeed, it has a whole of 12 different patterns you can choose from.

It comes with a wireless remote that can reach it from up to 15 feet in distance, allowing you to fine-tune the sensation and intensity on the fly and in a discrete fashion. The remote is quite small like the vibrator itself. The vibrator is made from wholly nontoxic polymer that gently caresses the sensitive spot you enjoy the most.

The vibrator is fully capable of being considerably quiet despite its vast array of settings. A waterproof body makes it even more versatile than that! You can enjoy it in the bathtub or shower just as surely as in the bedroom or even out in public with discretion. 115 customer ratings have given this vibrator 4 and a half stars.

LoveToy Remote Control Panties Vibrator

Distinctly, this vibrator doesn’t just provide you with pleasure that is right on the money; it provides you the entire bank and then some! It is built into a really lacey and stately thong that is stretchable and able to comfortably fit most sizes. These panties are truly robust indeed. There are 3 different speeds and 7 different vibration modes to choose from in conjunction.

Over 21 different overall modes provide, at the very least, 21 different-feeling sessions. Put practically when adjusted as desired during sex, that number exponentially increases. Its versatility does not stop there, however. The vibrator is USB rechargeable, and both vibrator bullet and thong are separable if desired.

An included remote control with a range of up to just over 2 meters adds a great layer of dynamic, and the waterproofing overall keystones this vast array of features. It has a robust 4 and a half stars out of 5 from 57 unique customer reviews.

Adorime Clitoral Panty Massager

Your clit will never know what hit it, and then some with this amazing design by Adorime. This vibrator can not only be securely clipped to your panties via its special buckle. It is comfortable too! It hosts 10 unique different vibration modes of varying power output. All of this is powered by a vibration engine inside it. It generates as much noise as a moth on the best of nights without a doubt.

Proving it has a strong suit for couples, this panty vibrator also comes with its own specially-paired remote control that offers a variety of new further distance play options. It is waterproof for your bathroom and is easy to clean as a result. The silicone is safe for even sensitive skin and is quite a lovely delight to hold, let alone apply to your clitoris.

All of this combined with a nifty ability to recharge the battery via standard USB on demand is quite a superior matching indeed. It strikes a home run with customers in the quality sector; 108 customer reviews lend it an average of 4 and a half stars.

Xinghaoya Panties Vibrator

Not settling for mere conventional functions alone, this panty vibrator is able to self-heat for your pleasure within moments. The smart heating element works together with the robust vibrational settings on offer to provide a fully satisfying experience. This design is ideal for both couples and solo female users, making it quite a welcoming vibrator for many.

The remote control it comes with invites new possibilities for you and your partner in a great show of versatility. It employs a strap system to comfortably secure it in place. You will never have to worry about it falling awkwardly! It is waterproof and able to work you over and over with up to 10 different kinds of vibration in all.

It’s a quiet and water-resistant fellow too, able to serve you wherever you may need it on those friskier days. The heating portion of the vibrator, to round it all off, operates to upwards of 40 degrees Celsius. If that doesn’t turn up your heat, few other things likely will. You can get it in either purple or violet and the average rating is very promising indeed. 191 people have tried it and their reviews tally it up to an average consensus of 4 and a half stars.

Choosing the Right Vibrating Panties

Few things can match such robust clitoral stimulation as that provided by panty vibrators. Never settle for second best! To add some ease to your search, consider if you prefer a standalone device or one that pairs with a default thing that comes with. One person’s versatility may be another’s a mere novelty. Also important to think about is the material and the functions on offer. More frequencies or modes tend to but not always indicate higher overall power.

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