Flavored lubes are quite a lovely sexual wellness innovation. They completely change the game for oral play, allowing partners to introduce lubricant without the risk of a bitter taste. Flavored lubes also add a nice extra dimension to more adventurous types of oral foreplay, especially cunnilingus. With the sheer diversity of flavors available, these lubes are quite helpful and enjoyable indeed.

What Quality Lube Tastes Like

You will find that the finest quality flavored lubes will be made mostly, if not outright, of purely naturally-sourced ingredients that make them fully edible. This almost entirely negates the need for cleaning after use, which is a tremendous boon to couples. Finally, taste should be authentic and lacking in unpleasant bitterness.

Product Reviews

Svakom Water-Based Edible Personal Lubricant

Passion fruit flavor couldn’t possibly be more appropriate for such a high-quality edible lube as this. It practically blows down barriers to oral erotic play with a vegan formula. The taste of passion fruit paired with a silky smoothness is a huge part of how this lube triumphs. It is compatible with the vast majority of your favorite toys. Condoms of polyisoprene and rubber latex material are also safely compatible!

You can revel in the sweet taste of this lubricant as you orally pleasure your partner. It is extremely long-lasting, potentially spanning your entire session. It achieves all of this without awkward stickiness. It is easy to clean up with its water-based formula as well for maximum convenience. The lube has been specially formulated to not have an overbearing taste or odor beyond its baseline passionfruit flavor.

The lube bottle adds an extra layer of user-friendliness; intense moments can call for lube in containers that are easily dispensed. With all these combined elements, how could anybody turn down passionfruit? It has a gleaming 4 and a half stars from 95 reviews.

Aloe Cadabra Pina Colada Edible Lubricant

This lube is fully organic and loves getting caught in the rain. That is to say, it absolutely excels at moisturizing the skin like gentle rainwater and provides mindblowing stimulation. It is mostly ideal for women but can be comfortably used by almost anyone. The lube can greatly change the enjoyment of sex and make a lot of foreplay and oral stimulation more intricate. Glide and comfort are greatly improved and it literally provides great taste to the user.

At the forefront of this lube’s wonders is its ability to nurture the skin even while improving your skin’s ability to both receive pleasure and stimulate your partner. Its formula is completely devoid of any synthetic ingredients that would render it toxic or agitating to skin. Indeed, the formula is actually fully edible!

One particular strong suit of this lubricant is the stimulation and soothing of the entire vaginal area. Many delicate tissues can be irritated by intense oral sex, and this lube can help change that for the better. It has been met with overwhelming praise, over 2,100 people have reviewed it with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Anjou Personal Lubricant Strawberry-Flavored

Sweet for that special sweetheart in your life, this lube can be just the perfect thing to add that extra dynamic to your sensual adventures. It comes in a massive, hefty amount of goodness that fights the negative effects of friction and provides an epic amount of glide. The smoothness is something to crow about; it will feel as natural as the skin’s own lubricant, and washes off like a breeze after use.

The lube adds a sweet and jazzy touch of strawberry to all your oral sex and oral play scenarios. It is 100% safe for the skin with a natural ingredient formula that is food grade. Absolutely no silicone is involved with this lubricant’s mixture. It will exfoliate and stimulate your skin and never irritate it or leave stains.

Smoothness and strawberries, whoever would have thought they were the perfect combination for well-lubricated sex life? This lube has a well-deserved and solid 4 stars out of 5 from 604 unique reviews. For a great feel and wonderful taste, this lube is for you!

Aloe Cadabra Mango Passion Lube

Silky smoothness has never tasted so good until this lube came along. This wonderful lube recipe is fully capable of being safely used with your favorite toys or condoms. Both latex and polyisoprene condoms are compatible. A vegan formula makes the lube ideal for many different types of oral and non-oral play and much less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Indeed, the lubricant is highly comprised of aloe vera gel to give it a healing effect on the skin.

Thrusting is made easier and more intensely stimulating, while your skin is also made more durable and more receptive to pleasure from physical contact. For fans of mango, the flavoring adds a wholly unique new feel – and taste –- to oral sex. Pain is reduced or outright eliminated from the equation while pleasure is only amplified. It is truly a win-win situation with this lube!

Smoothness is assured with this nearly holy combination of mango flavor, aloe vera, and a delicate but long-lasting water base. It even comes in other flavors if so desired. 235 customers have given this lube a spin. Out of those reviews, the lube has an average and nearly perfect rating of 4 and a half stars.

Doc Johnson Goodhead Oral Delight Gel

Variety and quality, a perfect combination if ever there was one; it gets even better than that, however. This lube comes in either a variety pack of 5 or several individual flavors to choose from. The lube is primed for vastly more effective and pleasant oral play for both you and your partner. The formula is not irritatingly and easily cleans off thanks to the watery base.

Not only does this lube’s various flavors leave a heavenly taste in your mouth while driving your partner to orgasm, but it can also even freshen your breath! Foreplay is similarly well-impacted by the addition of this lube. Smoothness and flavoring introduce both a delightful feel and taste. Each flavor can make sex even more varied compared to each other, while still delivering the same enhanced glide and amazing stimulation.

The formula allows the lube to cool your skin and relax the muscles for enhanced reception to pleasure in the skin. With these 5, 1-ounce size bottles, a delightful array of different flavored sensory experiences await you. 327 customer reviews give this lube set a very promising 4 out of 5 stars.

Finding the Best Flavor for Your Taste

Lubricants are always an important thing to choose when supplying yourself for sexual endeavors. Never settle for second-best! Go for flavored lubricants that can do the most for you and are versatile. It is a good idea to consider what flavors you and your partner prefer most. Of great importance also is whether the possible lube is edible or not. Ultimately, versatility is the strongest thing to look for. Keep these in mind and you will go far!

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