Massage oils, like their lubricant cousins, go a very long way towards enhancing and changing up one’s sexual activity in healthy and exciting ways. They come in vast legions of different smells, sensations, and even flavors. Some are indeed edible while most aim for achieving deep penetration to relax, entice, or exhilarate the individual being lathered.

What Makes an Oil Exquisite

The best erotic oils will have makeup almost entirely or outright entirely of organic and natural ingredients to achieve their effects. The natural world provides us with several great ingredients. A pleasant fragrance is an important element. Also. these exquisite sensual oils must be able to relax and sooth as much as they pleasure. They should be able to provide a unique boost to your sensations that are not present in erotic activity otherwise.

Product Reviews

Maple Holistics Sensual Massage Oil

Packed in a lavish box, a whole world of erotic sensation awaits you with this amazing formula by Maple. A key to its effective strength is the usage of carrier oils that allow the oil to be absorbed into your pores in a manner that is neither too soon nor too slowly. This means it lasts longer and, therefore, can please you longer!

Every component of this oil is 100% naturally sourced, meaning it contains no forms of preservatives or other icky and unnecessary additives. Vitamin E and almond oil go a long way in lending their strengths to the overall formula. It is aromatic as well as it renders your skin as soft and graceful as a spider’s silk. It is hypoallergenic for most sensitive skin types and completely alters tactile sensation for its duration.

This oil will leave no annoying grease or offputting residue after use, meaning there is no cleanup or maintenance. It has proven itself quite well for many couples. Just under 2,400 reviews have given it a weighted average of 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Honeydew Edible Vanilla Erotic Oils

No, we are not talking about the vanilla taste from vanilla ice cream; this therapeutic and erotic oil by Honeydew harnesses the raw power, aroma, and flavor of pure vanilla. It offers the full creamy goodness of vanilla along with all of its sensual abilities. It perfectly soothes the skin and penetrates to the muscles.

With the aid of added jojoba oil and Vitamin E content, this oil is absolutely perfect for not just better feeling skin, but vastly more comfortable foreplay and sex. Most types of stimulation are made more pleasant and impactful thanks to the great work the oils do. This formula is wholly organic and hypoallergenic to sensitive skin.

As if this wasn’t enough, the oil also possesses some slight anti-aging properties, Wrinkles and other signs of stress can be greatly lessened, boosting a vigorous and youthful look! From 345 customer reviews, it has a current average rating of 4 and a half stars.

Fox Envy Massage Oil

Fox Envy is a rather well-known name in the market and for good reason if this oil alone is any indication! It offers a formula made all the better by the mixture of naturally occurring and essential oils that is truly the best of both worlds. It is tailored to be especially relaxing and calming for your skin, no matter how stressed or irritated. With a generous application of this oil, foreplay and sex are made not only easier but more special for you and your partner.

Softer skin is just a few dabs away with this formula. Indeed, it also excels at penetrating through the pores to soothe even the stiffest and stressed muscles. Relaxed muscles mean a lot less stiffness in the wrong places for men and all-around greater comfort for all genders. The oil complements foreplay and arousing massages well and it leaves a lovely vanilla aroma in its wake.

As the icing on the vanilla-scented cake, this oil does not leave grease or any other unwanted residue. It practically cleans up itself as it is entirely absorbed into the skin. People seem to adore this oil as from just over 1,000 reviews, it still has a 4 and a half star average. That is just one stone’s throw shy of perfection.

Honeydew Relaxing Massage Oil

This amazing oil formula was devised with professional-tier quality in mind, yet it is a great choice for users of all experience levels when it comes to a sensual massage. This oil can lavish you or a partner with a total, 100% organic blend of essential oils. Lavender oil is especially in full strength here.

These essential oils combine with the strengths of Vitamin E carrier oils to deliver both soothing relaxation and heightened sensation to every pore the oil reaches. It leaves no stains on your favorite surfaces and immaculately conditions muscles for intimacy. It penetrates deep to the muscles below to soothe even the most irritating of aches.

Whether unwinding from a long day for some fun or preparing for an even rowdier night, this oil is quite likely just the quintessential ingredient you and your partner needed! It holds an average ranking of 4 and a half stars from 814 reviews at present.

Maple Holistics Natural Edible Massage Oil

Edibility makes this sensual massage oil especially outstanding as it can be safely used anywhere on the face as well as the body, enabling tongue play and more! It hunts down stress like a stake to a vampire and soothes dry or irritated skin while it’s at it. The flavoring and formula are entirely natural, with the classic addition of jojoba and carrier oils.

This formula is recommended by aromatherapists, and indeed it does smell as well as it soothes and tastes. It will leave you relaxed, amazing-smelling and delicious-tasting; what more could a lover ask for? Your skin will thank you too as this oil can dull aches and soothe tense muscles for more intimate activity after long days.

As a kind addition, the formula also is able to moisturizer, as previously mentioned. With all these abilities, what’s not to love? Just shy of 700 customer reviews, this oil has a grand average of 4 and a half stars. Impressive indeed.

Deciding on the Best for You

Whether shopping for yourself or a partner, it is a great idea to begin by thinking about if you prefer edible or non-edible oils. Edibility can determine a great deal for versatility, but sometimes it can come at the slight expense of other important attributes like scent. Another important factor worth considering is the vitamin and essential oils content, Having the right principle ingredients can make for truly special foreplay and general erotic massage!

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