Who doesn’t like natural? Not only are natural lubes healthier and overall safer for long-term use, but homemade ones also go a step further. The DIY nature of homemade lube recipes gives you full awareness of the lube’s consistency and physical makeup. You can ensure that the lube will be exactly tailored to your tolerances and sensitivity.

What Makes a Quality Recipe?

Like any personally-crafted materials, numerous recipes exist to achieve similar or identical effects to what you seek. Before putting a recipe to action, consider if it is the best one for your needs without significant modifications on your part if you do not intend to experiment. The best recipes will be versatile and call for ingredients that are easily procurable. Ideally, they are made from very common household materials. An obvious important factor as well: they should always involve natural ingredients as much as possible for both performance and safety.

Recipe Reviews

DIY Recipe by The Healthy Honeys

Sometimes manufactured lubes, no matter how natural, just don’t do it for you. This recipe from The Healthy Honeys is both versatile and effective for a DIY recipe. It completely precludes any usage of preservatives, quite specifically parabens to be exact. These preservatives can actually wreak havoc on their users over time and completely ruin your recipe’s efficacy. The recipe also forbids petroleum and other synthetic materials.

In their main recipe, they call for a fourth of aloe vera gel, a fourth of flaxseed oil, 5 drops of peppermint oil extract and 12 drops of sensation essential oil. With those together in a durable glass jar or dispensable tube, it is simply a matter of shaking it together.

Healthy Honeys strongly advises that such recipes will not have as long of a duration as commercial-grade lubes. However, with care, your application of the recipe can still be just as effective even if for a shorter period of time! Their recipe is definitely worth strong consideration.

DIY Natural Lube with Cocoa Butter by Make Life Natural

All-natural and delightfully wholesome, this effective lube recipe by MakeLifeNatural.net calls for the usage of a stovetop or double broiler to craft it. It calls for 2 tablespoons and 1 teaspoon of your choice of sunflower or sweet almond oil. Barring any allergies, this recipe’s usage of organic ingredients makes it quite a healthy choice for most couples or individuals.

Next, 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter, and 1 teaspoon each of beeswax and vegetable glycerin. These all combine via melt over low heat. The recipe creators direct that melting point is your visual queue that it is ready. It should be carefully noted that the glycerin is especially not optional; the glycerin provides a massive chunk of the lubricating effect in this or any recipe.

After cooling, they direct you to let it compose itself at room temperature. A huge advantage of this particular recipe is that it does not require refrigeration, However, due to the fully organic nature of the ingredients, they do stipulate that it should all be used up within a year.

Holistic Health HQ Water-based Homemade Lube

Water-based lubes are just as viable as buttery (non-dairy of course!) ones for the intrepid DIY couples or individuals. This particular recipe is based around cornflour and hot water in combination. It is simple but effective and wholly natural! If you are not allergic to any kind of cornflour, this recipe may be the lovely pick up and go DIY lubrication solution you need.

Despite its simplicity, it actually can be quite a tricky concoction to master at first. The flour needs to be carefully watched as the clumps give way to the water. It is quite easy to leave it in hot water for too long, leading to a consistency that is less than ideal. The recipe creators note that such consistency becomes very adhesive and thick, the ideal outcome is a transparent fluid.

While it may have a bit of a learning curve for some first time DIY personal lube crafters, this lube is quite simple and effective indeed. It is a great way to put some surplus cornflour to use for a good cause – you, or you and your partner’s pleasure.

Corn Starch DIY Homemade Lube by MacGyverisms

Not everybody would have thought of putting humble corn starch to use as a top tier homemade lube. Fortunately for us, some brilliant folks have! This recipe calls for the simple combination of water with powdered cornstarch and brought to a boil. Continue until the starch has completely suffused into the water. Take care not to boil too long however, the recipe maker notes that it can and will become an icky, gluey mess if boiled too long,

If boiled for the correct time range relative to the amount of starch and water being used, the resulting concoction should be largely clear. The recipe mainly calls for between 10 to 15 quick minutes. There should be little to no murkiness and no adhesive behavior which can impair a lube’s ability right out of the gate.

After boiling, let it cool for a while before testing it out. To make sure your homemade lube remains fully effective, MacGyverisms also instructs to keep it in a cool place after usage. A refrigerated is not needed nor recommended, however. The site mentions some additional ingredients that could be used for lubes if so desired. They include baby and coconut oils or any natural oil in general, sonographic gel, saliva (with caution) and egg whites.

Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel Lube

A simple but quite effective combination from common household ingredients is the practically vegan-friendly witch hazel and aloe vera mixture. The medicinal and rejuvenating properties of both can work in tandem to not only smoothen the skin but help heal it! Make Life Natural truly has quite a repertoire of great recipe suggestions.

If you have aloe vera plants, harvesting the aloe vera may be an exciting option for you that can easily be done without harming the plant. Additionally, both with hazel and aloe vera gels and oils are easily bought from your local grocery or drug store. These two combined together or just aloe vera on its own make for quite an effective homemade lubricant. Indeed, the combination of the two can provide an experience both healing and pleasing.

The site also points out that it is an easy mixture to clean up after use, and the anti-inflammation and antibacterial properties they provide. That versatility is impossible to pass up for any DIY in the personal lubricant world. All in all, a simple yet genius combination.

Choosing the Right Recipe for You

Given the sheer nebulous nature of recipe creation and the nearly infinite variations, it can be daunting at first. However, it is nice to enjoy the freedom that DIY provides, and with that in mind, it is a good idea to consider recipes that are not only brilliant combinations but also call for ingredients you already used in your home on a weekly basis. This makes it easier to produce the kind of lube you want without worry about allergies. It is also a prudent thought to consider what challenges go into making it and what condoms and equipment it may be compatible with.

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