How To Clean Your Sex Toys

How To Clean Your Sex Toys

After any invigorating sex session, it is vital that you give your sex toys the care and attention that they deserve. Indeed, to expect to be able to use your sex toys on a regular basis without cleaning them off at some point is only going to lead to trouble, which is why it is vital to know how to clean your sex toys thoroughly in advance!

So many people fall into the trap of not cleaning their sex toys and falling ill as a result of this; don’t be one of those people! Make the most of your sex toys and prolong their life and your health by cleaning them well on a regular basis, ideally after every session that you use them for!

Why is Cleaning My Sex Toys Important?

When it comes to prolonging your enjoyment and satisfaction from your sex toys, it is essential that you clean them on a regular basis. If you do not clean your sex toys as regularly as you ought to, it is almost certain that you will wind up having problems at some point in time! By contrast, only a quick clean will help you to keep your sex toys sanitary and safe to use—allowing you to have more pleasure from every toy!

Just think about this. Most sex toys will either be inserted into your body or will otherwise be used around your exposed skin. This can quite easily increase the chances of you developing an illness from your sex toys—particularly in cases where you haven’t cleaned your sex toys properly on a regular basis.

Any time that you use a sex toy, even the cleanest ones, you are technically putting your body at risk. There are huge numbers of bacteria all around us on a daily basis, in the very air that we breathe—and the air that touches your sex toy. This means that you are exposing your inner skin to potential bacteria with every session, but this normally isn’t too much to worry about; unless you are already immunocompromised (in which case, are you really feeling up to a kinky sex toy session) your body will normally be able to fight off the bacteria from the air. After all, it is used to these bacteria and knows how to tackle them; your body is exposed to airborne bacteria every time that you take a breath, so the chances of getting ill just from using a clean sex toy are marginal at most.

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What can be a problem, though, is when you don’t wash off your sex toy. But not washing off your sex toy after a session, you are leaving all of your own bodily fluids all over the surface of the toy—and this is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria! Warm, wet, and nutritious, bacteria will rapidly grow and proliferate on your uncleaned sex toy—potentially without you even knowing.

You might not be able to see the bacteria, but they are there, having a party while waiting for you to use your uncleaned sex toy again. And when you do, this is when you might find yourself having difficulties. Your body is used to a small number of bacteria from the air at once, but a whole colony of bacteria that has sprung up on your sex toy in a matter of days? Not so much.

But what does this all mean? At its very simplest, this means that people who don’t clean off their sex toys between uses might as well get the tissues ready, because they are going to get ill sooner or later. This is especially the case for people who share their sex toys, as this can rapidly spread STDs.

The same can be said for people who only give their sex toys a quick wipe off, too—so always make sure that you follow our sex toy cleaning tips and look after your sex toys to the best of your abilities all the time. Because, if you don’t, you’re asking for trouble.

How to Clean Sex Toys

When it comes to cleaning your sex toys, there are a number of different methods that you can use. The best method will vary from toy to toy, due to the different nooks and outcroppings that might make some cleaning methods difficult, and others more suitable, for your unique type of toy. After all, modern sex toys come in a huge number of different shapes, sizes, and forms nowadays; choosing the right cleaning method for your sex toy is essential if you are to get it fully clean and safe for use.

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The most popular way of cleaning a sex toy is to use warm water, mixed with detergent or a mild soap. By gently washing your sex toy in this mixture, and then leaving it to dry or towel drying it, you will be able to get rid of the vast majority of bacteria and bodily fluids from the surface of the toy—making it clean and hygienic to use the next time you might want a session with it!

If you don’t want to use a soapy water mixture, another option for cleaning your sex toys is to use a disinfectant wipe. There are many disinfectant wipes on the market nowadays that are suitable for cleaning food surfaces, and these should also be suitable for cleaning most sex toys as well.

One other type of sex toy cleaning product exists on the market nowadays, and this is that of UV light. Through the use of UV light, you will be able to hygienically kill almost all bacteria that is found on your sex toy—although this method won’t get rid of any leftover bodily fluids, so remember to clean up properly when using this method unless you want a sticky sex toy next time around!

A Word of Caution

There is no one hard and fast rule for cleaning your sex toys, as cleaning methods should always be adapted based on the type of sex toy that you own. For example, for an electrical or battery powered sex toy, you should never try cleaning it in warm water; this could seep into the casing of the toy, if the seals are not watertight, and could then cause trouble with the electrical systems inside the toy. It is always important to remember that even the best battery powered sex toys for internal use are unlikely to be 100% waterproof, especially after multiple uses, and so these will need gentler cleaning with a disinfectant wipe or the like.

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