Restraints are the bread and butter of BDSM, depending on who you ask. They come in almost any form imaginable from cloth ties and simple straps to whole restraint systems. Restraints can be used in general bondage play and a wide range of other BDSM situations. They can be paired with furnishings, special equipment, or used on their own with the sub. The possibilities are nearly infinite!

How the Best Restraints Work

The greatest BDSM restraints are all about the careful mixture of comfort and strength. Effective restraints generate pleasure in subs through helplessness, thrill, or both. Likewise, if a dom is aware that the sub can easily break out of their restraints, the roleplay can diminish. Restraints should be well made, strong, but not torture devices. Versatility also helps to produce restraints that are well-balanced at what they do!

Product Reviews

Utimi Bed Restraint Kit

Designed with human ergonomics carefully considered, this bondage kit truly stands out amongst the pack! The straps are quite long and durable, with a winning amount of flexibility. This allows the straps to be secured any way you like beneath the bed of you and your sub. The durability ensures a long lifespan and maximum versatility for all your bed bondage needs!

Each of the shackles and bondage cuffs for ankles and wrists is fully lined with a comfortable fluff. Your sub will never once feel any chafing even during the most wild of times with this kit! The nylon is fully body-safe and odorless.

To round off this set, it comes equipped with a bonus tickler-BDSM paddle combination stick. With this, you can come right out of the gate with everything you need for even the most basic of BDSM scenarios! A whopping 681 people have reviewed this kit and have given it an average of 4 and a half stars!

Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets

It’s not the bogeyman lurking under there, it is your dom enforcing her will upon you! With these well-designed restraints, setup is simple and quite versatile. The straps can be arranged in quite many ways via weaving them across the underside of your mattress in the desired pattern. You are sure to easily and quickly find just the right position for your partner that thrills you both.

This set is friendly to both first-timers and experienced enthusiasts. The straps connect to nylon tethers – both of high-strength quality material – which then joins to the actual cuffs. All 4 cuffs are included for wrists and ankles. The cuffs are carefully designed with comfort and strength in mind. An ideal combination indeed!

The restraint system is a robust and wonderful BDSM creation. You can so easily get your partner into just the right way you both like with minimal hassle! The restraints fall just shy of that 5-star mark! A grand total of 755 customer reviews have made an average rating of 4 and a half stars!

Al’ofa SM Bed Restraints

These bed restraints really have aimed themselves to have a knack for versatility. The straps are fully adjustable to fit most standard bed sizes and can be positioned in a variety of ways. Its only real limitation beyond the laws of physics is your own positional preference for bondage! As well, the strong nylon straps are quality and lend high durability to the set.

Velcro cuffs allow for an amazing and adjustable fit around the ankles and wrists. All body types are perfectly at home with this restraint set. Nearly all BDSM partners can comfortably use this with high levels of pleasure. This is thanks mainly to the comfortable platform it provides for many forms of bondage play.

Adjustability, durability, and comfort really do win the day here with this set. The set can even be woven crossways and as desired beneath the bed to nail that perfect S&M experience! 20 unique customer reviews have given this set a grand, amazing 5 out of 5 stars average!

Sex and Mischief Bed Restraint Kit

This bondage and restraint kit has been realized with true versatility in mind. Its durable build makes it able to stand up to most any BDSM challenge you and your partner throw at it! This kit is great for both beginners and more intermediate users. It is easy to set up and get going with.

Many positions are achievable with these restraints on offer. The kit consists of two extended-length straps that weave under the mattress to either side. The cuffs are silky soft and operate on velcro action to secure your partner in place. Any arrangement of straps desireable is available, only multiplying your options as the dom!

Thanks to the durability there is little to no risk of the restraints or tethers breaking during intense moments. Not even full climax is likely to endanger the integrity of this kit! Your bed will never know what hit it. You and your partner’s BDSM adventures will never be the same when you try out this kit.

Fetish Fantasy Pink Passion Bondage Kit

Restraints have never been so hot … pink! There is a little bit of everything here for S&M enthusiasts of all experience levels. The characteristic bright pink nylon is strong and flexible, yet nimble and adjustable at the same time! Soft lining massively boosts the comfort level too.

The tethers are capable of many different positions. Hogties are achievable even! The cuffs can be bound and affixed to furnishings, each other at the wrists and ankles, and other ideal locations. As if this versatility wasn’t enough, the seller also includes some bonus items!

The bonus nylon ball gag can keep your sub muffled during heavy use. Also included is a luxuriously soft satin love mask to help augment the sense of thrill and anticipation for the sub. Nylon dominates here, demonstrating its multi-use strength. Customers are quite loving it, with 67 reviews giving it a solid 4 out of 5 stars!

Choosing Restraints that Work for You

Don’t let intimidation hold you down! There are many exciting options out there. To find the best amongst these, consider the specific requirements you and your partner have for your bondage sessions. Are you using it with furnishings, or just on the body? Pursue that wonderful mixture of comfort and quality construction. Lastly, make sure they are self-intuitive to use and will last a long time without breaking—even during the heaviest use!

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