Ejaculation-capable dildos are a marvelous creation. They can adequately replicate the sensations of a creampie climax or a facial without any of the drawbacks of the real thing! While some of the mechanisms may vary a little, they tend to behave very similarly across models. When paired with strap-ons, some very interesting types of play indeed can be further unlocked.

Identifying Quality Ejaculator Dildos

The greatest ejaculating dildos are able to feel amazing as they seamlessly recreate the feeling they aim to emulate. They exceed at this with a delivery system that is easy to load up and clean after use. Of equal importance, it should be a good dildo on its own too; the best are made from top-tier materials and touches of anatomical realism always help.

Product Reviews

Fondlove Realistic Ejaculating Dildo

Able to deliver ecstatically frothy liquid pleasure to aid your climax, the Fondlove ejaculating dildo design aims to please. It hosts an internal control ball that you load up with water of your desired temperature. The control ball is hooked up to the simulated scrotum via tube and can be squeezed at just the right magical moment to simulate a full out ejaculation.

The ejaculatory ability of this dildo is as superb as its construction. Painstaking effort was put into mirroring the anatomy of actual human penises. It can be paired with a strap-on or mounted to a stationary position if desired thanks to the nifty suction cup base. The material is body-safe and can safely channel the water without any awkward leaking.

Thanks to the realism, it is able to efficiently reach your G-spot and other major erogenous zones with ease. It has so much to love that you just gotta try it! 63 customers already have thus far and their average opinion is a very promising 4 out of 5 stars.

Doc Johnson Bust It

Quite a johnson indeed! This lovely dildo is ideal for strap-on based futanari play and comes with a custom-designed pump and delivery system both connected to and inside the dildo. It has a full insertion length of 6 and a half inches out of the overall 8 and a half. This dildo benefits immensely from its suction cup. With it, the dildo can ejaculate from anywhere you desire.

This dildo comes with a proprietary ejaculation formula cheekily dubbed Nut Powder that can be mixed with water to provide a cum-like experience within the vagina. It adds a whole new dimension to couples play, especially pegging due to the ejaculatory ability. It has a durable and hearty build, making it able to serve you and your partner for quite a long time indeed.

The dildo comes with as a set, including the suction cup, the ejaculatory fluid and some other paraphernalia for user convenience. Over 180 people have given it the old Oxford try and thus far it has a very reasonably good average rating of 3 and a half stars out of 5.

Lovetoy 9 Inch Squirting Dildo

9 inches of sheer ejaculatory power awaits you with this, well, lovely design by Lovetoy! It is perfectly adaptable for either vaginal or anal play. With over 8 inches to enjoy and play with, it is able to reach all of the most sensitive of spots no matter if you are a guy or a gal.

A squishable ball serves as a standard delivery system that you load up with water to achieve the full ejaculatory experience. Releasing it all at once or in small spurts, it is entirely up to as the control ball is friendly to experimenters and specific preferences alike. The addition of a ballsack at the bottom not only improves realism but also provides a great base. Under it is a suction cup that adds a whole new layer to versatility with its mounting ability.

All in all, this is a well-balanced dildo for all-purpose ejaculation simulation. Creampie fetishists will definitely find something to please them about this design. It has a full 9 inches and has 4 stars on average in rating from 128 different customer reviews.

Lovetoy 10 Inch Realistic Squirting Dildo

Friendly to strap-ons and various surfaces alike, this suction-based ejaculating dildo is a real workhorse for versatility and pleasure in more ways than one. It is made from supple and soft PVC that is wholly body-safe and durable. Great efforts towards realism were put into both its aesthetic and functional design.

The dildo features fully detailed glans, shaft, tip, and scrotum, including veins and ridges for really upping the ante before you squeeze the control ball. The ball is easy to load up with water or water-diluted lube; the dildo can handle any sufficiently watered down liquid!

The squeezable delivery system makes it quite ideal for timed and controlled release by you or a partner, giving it quite a high potential pleasurable output. It has a total length of 10 inches to work with. Currently, it has an outright perfect rating of 5 stars from 27 reviews.

Fondlove G-spot Ejaculating Dildo

You read right, this 9 and a half inch-long colossus is able to reach your G-spot and achieve that creampie fetish itch you’ve been meaning to scratch! It can perfectly handle either warm or cold liquid as desired within its tubing and control ball for the ideal experience for you.

A reliable and steadfast suction cup on the base gives this squirting-capable wonder a solid base from which to be mounted anywhere you like to get just the right orgasmic angle. This dildo is perfect for both interior ejaculations as well as for a simulated facial. With the addition of a strap-on harness, you can go even further with much livelier. futanari and pegging play.

With all of this going for it, this dildo is quite a pleasing nod to the male genitalia. It’s quality really does show via its reception thus far. It has a near-perfect average score of 4 and a half stars from just under 200 customer reviews.

Choosing the Best Squirting Dildo for You

Never settle for an inferior toy! To best find that perfect ejaculating dildo for you, consider what kind of liquids you or a partner may prefer to use with such a dildo. Some handle different liquids better than others. Also, look for ejaculators that are durable yet comfortable, and have suction cups. If not immediately obvious, suction cups are pivotal to full versatility! With these in mind, you should be off to a great start in your search!

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