Lube is not only for individuals and couples for sexual pleasure alone! There is a wide variety of lubes tailor-made for couples trying for children. These lubes often have very special mixtures, while all kinds are non-toxic and often carry additional benefits for the skin. They are some of the gentlest and pleasing lubes available more often than not, too.

What Makes Good Sperm-Friendly Lube

The best sperm-friendly lubes do exactly what great regular lubes do, but with the added strength of being great for potential parents! They should be made mostly or entirely of natural ingredients or at least not contain any spermicidal ingredients whatsoever. Good ones will also be able to protect fertility without any loss to comfort or pleasure. A lube that can do all of this and nourish the skin rounds off the list for absolute perfection.

Product Reviews

Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant for Women

Future parents can find tonnes to rave about with this lubricant formula by Pre-seed! It contains a proprietary recipe that perfectly mimics and supplements natural lubricant. Every bit of intimate contact is made smoother, all the while aiding in the safe passage of sperm.

The natural feel of this lube is achieved by a pronounced absence of glycerin in the formula and a careful balancing of acidity. Its isotonic nature helps provide a hospitable environment for sperm during orgasm. Of equal importance, the lube also greatly improves, if not outright negates, any discomfort a female user might feel without it. This same lubrication formula is utilized by fertility clinics, giving it a professional backing of confidence.

That special moment deserves to be as comfortable and pleasurable as possible, and this lube more than delivers for you and your partner. It leaves no sticky mess and is easily washable with water after use. A balanced mixture of natural formulation and silky smoothness truly wins the day. Just under 2,300 people have reviewed this lube and have given it an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Sylk Personal Lubricant and Moisturizer

A grand pairing of the delectable extract of the superfruit kiwi and a wholesomely natural lubricant formula are on offer with this lube by Sylk. The gentle action on the skin and near-total lack of synthetic ingredients makes it a very ideal choice for couples seeking to conceive. This lube has a long usage history and is made truly special by its powerful and natural kiwi fruit vine extract.

The formula is non-stick and vastly augments your body’s natural lubrication abilities while moisturizing and tending to the skin at the same time! Careful PH balancing eliminates harsh acidity that could kill sperm, and the smooth film it produces aides greatly in penetration. If ever there was a prime utilization of the strength of the kiwi fruit in sex, this is it.

Partners with sensitive skin will especially appreciate the work this lube can do for them before and during sex. This lube lets you share that most special moments with your partner in comfortable pleasure and safeguarded fertility. With 273 customer reviews, is it any wonder this lube has 4 and a half stars?

Ambolove Natural Personal Lubricant

Purity with style and awash in pleasure-causing goodness, this lube is just as ideal for couples with baby fever as it is for adventurous couples alike. It has a very user-friendly constitution that makes it as easy to wash off as it is to apply to the skin. Every portion of the formula is derived from pure and natural ingredients. It will never irritate even sensitive skin and does not foster a difficult environment for sperm.

For a lube that aids our natural lubrication abilities as well as moisturizes it, this lubricant truly excels. It is fully non-stick and produces that very desirable gliding action on the skin to make intimate contact even more heart-racing. The formula is FDA-approved and water-soluble. There is no irritating odor and no mess.

Thanks to the watery base, the lube nearly cleans itself off. With a simple rinse after sex, it is cleaned away! For future parents, why settle for second best? 96 different customers have used and reviewed this lubricant. It has an average review verdict of 4 and a half stars.

Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube

Organic and eager to please, this lubricant comes with the full backing of powerful natural aloe vera plant oil. It can act as a skin moisturizer, sexual aid, and a sperm-friendly lubricant all in one, now that is versatility! Sperm are in for a much easier time with this lubricant. It is neutral of any acidity, and the aloe vera’s rejuvenating properties create quite the optimal conditions for preserving fertility during sex.

All the mainly synthetic or contentious ingredients such as parabens, glycerin, hormones and more are wholly absent from this natural and organically holistic formula. That natural makeup translates to hyper-natural sensation on your skin during sex. Couples trying to start a family will be able to get a solid start in absolute pleasurable comfort.

With a lack of chemicals, greasiness, or stick, it cleans up easily and is pleasant all throughout. You and your partner’s skin will love you guys for using it. Over 2,100 people have used this lube, and have given it an overwhelmingly positive 4 out of 5 stars.

Conceive Plus Fertility Personal Lubricant

This lube goes an extra step further with sperm friendliness! Not only does it provide a hospitable environment for them, but it can also outright bolster fertility for trying couples. It delivers total comfort during sex with a natural formula. Its non-harsh, organic ingredients pair well with the body’s natural lubrication to provide the best possible experience.

Fertility is achieved by the addition of magnesium and calcium ionization to the watery base. It is easy to clean up after sex and provides ample comfort for any couples that may experience discomfort from sex otherwise. The lube can trace its development straight back to doctors’ research and sees regular usage at fertility clinics, making it tried and true.

For superior intimacy and comfort, while answering that primordial call of nature, this is the lube for you! For the 1 fluid ounce bottle, customers have reviewed it 206 times. The average rating is a very rock-solid 4 out of 5 stars.

Choosing the Best of the Best

To find the best sperm-friendly lubrication solution for you and your partner, it is a good idea to start by considering if you will need a fertility-boosting lube. Most couples can benefit from these but do not always necessarily need them. In some cases, they perform just as well with a sperm-friendly lubricant that is simply all-natural in its formal. Also consider what kind of ingredients you and your partner may benefit the most from, such as aloe vera versus fruit extracts.

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