Suction cup dildos offer a distinct advantage over any ordinary run of the mill dildo. They can simulate glory holes and other such naughty scenarios thanks to their unique basic ability. That ability is mounting them on any compatible surface you desire to create an instant, on-demand sex bench. Not only that, but suction cup dildos can also quite importantly be used on strap-on harnesses which are quite a game-changer indeed!

What Makes the Good Ones Stick

What distinguishes great suction cup dildos from suck-tion cup ones is a mixture of the general comfort, the materials it is made of, and how well it can stick. The best can stick to most surfaces safely and reliably. They need to be body-safe and friendly to sensitive skin types. It is also a good attribute to be compatible with various kinds of strap-on harnesses.

Product Reviews

Treediride Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

With a durably firm yet flexible mast and an equally firm suction cup system, this astonishingly detailed dildo packs a real wallop! It is just under 8 inches long in all and 5 and a half inches of that 8 are insertable. The suction cup is a cling-hungry beast that can tackle any surface you want to mount it onto for peerless stationary use.

With this strong of a suction cup, your ability to use this bad boy is greatly increased as you can creatively place and angle it for just the right riding positions. AT the right angles, ordinary objects can become impromptu sex machines with this dildo’s careful placement. It has 7 different vibration modes to choose from as well in an amazing display of versatility.

Internally, the vibration engine is capable of multiple speeds, and this suction cup can keep the toy perfectly steady on each and every one of them. It has a lovely 4 and a half stars from 508 customer reviews.

Beauty Molly Superior Dildo

Available in 3 different colors to suit your aesthetic tastes, this dildo is quite importantly an ace at clinging to the desired surfaces for hands-free anal play. That’s right, this dildo specializes in anal penetration! For all those interested in experimenting with anal dildos for the first time, this toy has much you can love.

It is crafted with realism in mind from top-notch silicone that is elastic and non-toxic. You will never have to worry about your skin being irritated by mere contact. It works perfectly with most lubes and has over 6 inches of length to admire and enjoy. The attention to anatomical detail can help up the ante of pleasure for some users as the visual age helps build arousal.

With its ability to flex during use and cling to most surfaces, it is a prime candidate for anybody for whom versatility is paramount. It has amassed 4 stars from a whopping 785 unique customer reviews.

Nabini Liquid Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

That’s not just silicone you are thrusting against, that’s also all of the strengths of realistic dildo design fully realized in one glorious package! This dildo’s suction cup is able to faithfully hold in place a 9 and a half inch titan that includes fully-featured balls.

All the silicone used in its manufacture is high-grade and entirely body-safe, ensuring a durable yet flexible product that can completely alter masturbation forever. It is friendly for all genders and can be safely mounted almost anywhere for maximum user freedom. You can rely on this suction cup to hold steady no matter what position or angle you try.

Anatomical realism is rife with this big guy and it’s hard not to see why. The specialized ridges and veiny girth are tantalizing during insertion and can really boost stimulation. 4 and a half stars on average are the verdict for this dildo from 503 customer reviews.

Shequ Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup

Not only does this dildo have a detailed scrotum attached to its base, but the base also doubles as a highly game-changing suction cup that can hold to most any surface. It is safely compatible with most of your favorite silicone and water-based lubricants. What’s more, the suction cup makes the dildo right at home on most forms of strap-on harness.

It has an overall length of about 10 inches, 8 of which in total is feasibly insertable. It packs quite a bit of heft in its build, adding to is already realistic-looking authentic nature. The member is fully veined and includes glans and aforementioned balls. The silicone is tough yet also handles your skin smoothly without any off putting smell or toxic materials.

Shequ clearly put a lot of effort and care into this dildo’s design and it shows. The suction cup makes an already great dildo on its own all the more versatile and varied. It has 4 very solid stars from 583 customer reviews.

Tracy’s Dog Realistic Dildos Jelly Dong

Don’t be jelly by its length, ride the jelly! This quality dildo is specially designed to deliver pleasure with the most optimally anatomically correct design possible. It is positively begging to be ridden with its tough and steadfast suction cup that can tackle most surfaces. Its design makes it friendly for first-timers and experienced users alike.

The jelly-like TPE material used to make the dildo is bereft of annoying odors and potential allergens for the skin. It is over 7 inches in length of girthy, veiny glory that is able to reach your most favorite and sensitive of spots as if it were a skilled partner. The TPE is friendly for the environment just as it is for your pleasure, as an added bonus.

The anatomy-inspired ridges work to great effect to drive you towards pleasurable nirvana. This design has truly proven itself as a winning formula. As of this writing. 374 customer reviews have given it an average consensus of 4 and a half stars.

Finding the Right Suction Cup Dildo for You

Dissatisfied with your current dildo? Don’t stick to it! Choose one that can stick to a wall and satisfy you in ways that only the best dildos can. To best start your search, it may be a good idea to think about its ability to be applied to various surfaces as well as strap-on harnesses. Versatility can be a huge factor in helping you narrow it down. As well, consider its materials and flexibility. Those along with realism can help determine a model’s quality overall.

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