Sometimes sexual play does not always literally mean sex itself! For times where you and your partner are just hanging out or are partying with friends, there are many games that exist. Some of them can even be used as a brilliant springboard into foreplay later into the day or night. They have varying mechanics and styles and each one can do a little bit or a lot to help spice up your love life!

How a Well-Designed Game Looks

The best games are typically ones with rich but not imposingly complicated mechanics. There is a goldilocks zone between being too difficult for most and being too casual for others. Another important element is creativity and style. Great sex games benefit from having a sense of humor or a truly erotic edge. The best will truly inspire the right frame of mind for some particularly wild sex later on.

Product Reviews

Dicke Match Memory Matching Game

True to its name, this game set employs mnemonic mechanics to challenge its players to match identical tiles. Each tile has highly detailed penis illustrations on them as the direct focus of the item matching. For added fun, each penis and its matching twin are given a tongue-in-cheek name that makes the designs sometimes quite memorable.

Each tile pair a player matches is added to their centralized stack. When the tiles run out, the player with the highest stack wins! This splendid game is bound to be a great conversation and entertainment piece as well as an ongoing font for dick jokes and penile puns.

There are just so many great adult occasions where this game can jazz things up. Your memory will be tested and your libido may just be lengthened by this game when you and your friends break it out of the box. It has a rock-solid 4 and a half stars from over 80 unique customer reviews.

Dalliance Adult Sex Dice Game

This game outright excels at building up anticipation as well as providing high-quality entertainment for yourself and your partner. It works by offering a quartet set of highly specialized dice. A pair of 12-sided dice contain 24 overall different sex positions. Alongside those, a 6 sided and 10–sided love die each contain distinctive actions. All four dice combine to present unique foreplay situations with each roll.

If it seems challenging at first to get the hang of, the set thankfully comes with quite the robust instruction booklet for noobies. A whopping 60 different options are possible with these combined dice during a session. Its potential as an idea-giver for later physical play cannot be understated!

It has plenty of applications as both a party pleaser and a nice adult gift. The set even comes with 101 bonus positions for further versatility in the game’s feel and results. There is a little bit of something for every erotic gamer with a decently challenging first-timer difficulty. It has 4 and a half stars from 231 customer ratings.

XXXopoly by 3DP Fusion Inc

This erotic board game is a truly full-fledged set inspired by the classic Monopoly if the name was not a dead giveaway. As a result, it offers many of the same mechanics but in a particularly steamy context. All the basics are there: properties, game pieces, and that neato game currency. This game is a great way to bond with your partner in non-physically intimate adult settings and can be a great conversation and entertainment piece during parties.

It makes for a great gift to friends and other couples and can also double as a probable source of inspiration. Positions, roleplay ideas, and different types of foreplay are all examples of likely things this game may get you both thinking about, if not riled up!

It has accrued Game of the Year for Adult Board games in the past and it is not hard to see why. Just over 300 people have reviewed XXXopoly and it currently stands at a very healthy rating of 4 solid stars on average.

Sex Stack by 3DP Fusion

Geared towards adult Jenga fans, this game nails it with diversity, variety, and outright versatility when it comes to couples. No matter if you are at a party with friends or just sharing a slightly steamy night together, this game can help really set the mood.

The game constantly shifts and evolves with its well fleshed out activity cards. The cards tie into the careful construction of the woodblock tower that is the center of the game set. Like its counterpart, if one is not careful the tower could fall! Each entry on the activity card adds dynamic to you and your couple’s play and can even perhaps impart a few erotic ideas.

No matter how serious or casual you and your partner are, this game is bound to entertain and perhaps even outright stimulate you both. Games with loved ones is always a treat and Sex Stack is really where it’s at for casual adult games. It has a lovely 4 star average rating from 105 different customer reviews.

Secret VII Game by Shared Sweat

This game is an erotic spin on Uno that has a little bit of something for everyone! It is entirely neutral for gender and sexual orientation, making it an attractive option for LGBT players. The game is a mixture of dice play and card play, It is easy to pick up and have fun with by couples of nearly any level of familiarity.

Parties, especially bachelor parties, can stand to be spiced up greatly by this game set’s presence. It offers good fun for couples, friends, and parties of all adult game experience levels in a grand display of versatility. Erotic thoughts are aplenty when playing this game.

Whether you are looking for a great game to bond with your partner over, are looking for a mood-setter, or just something for plain old adult fun, this may be for you! It covers many different erotic moods and types of play for a constantly diverse gaming experience. Of the 35 customers that have given it a spin, it has a very promising average rating of 4 stars.

Choosing the Best Game

Finding the right game for you and your partner and/or friends strongly depends upon your personal tastes and preference on mechanics difficulty. It is best to consider how hard it might be to pick up and go with the game versus how quickly it could get boring. Likewise, consider its potential as a fun party game or launch point for foreplay. With those in mind, you are well equipped to begin your search!

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