Toys are amazing; they can make any couple’s sex life, no matter how exciting already, even more so! Scores of different designs that achieve different effects and types of play exist out there. It is quite an exciting array to choose from, as many are geared towards specific forms of play while others tend to focus on particular niches. Whatever your tastes, there are plenty of toys out there for you and your partner’s needs.

Knowing When a Toy is Quality-Made

The best sex toys for you and your partner will nearly always come with features or a layout that allows it to pleasure both of you in unison. They must be versatile and easy to use by either partner and easy to clean and maintain when not in use. As with going solo, ergonomics is incredibly important in couples’ sex toys for both safety and substantial pleasure.

Product Reviews

Feelinggirl Vibrating Penis Ring

Not only is this a penis ring, but it also doubles as a magnificent G-spot stimulator for female users as well! This toy is designed with the twin rings forming a base for a protrusion that can reach and stimulate the clitoris during vaginal sex. It features full vibrational ability in both the ring and body segment as well as the upper clitoral stimulator. It is made from sturdy silicone and stretchy where it counts to be comfortable for most positions.

Each of the two rings is able to snugly fit virtually any penis size comfortably and securely. This toy’s vibrator motor has a great variety in its functions. There are 12 vibration patterns to choose from. This can all be controlled by a long-range remote that enables seamless hands-free usage.

The battery is USB rechargeable after use and the light nature of this toy makes it easy to store. Both partners will find plenty to love about this design. All in all, it has proven quite successful; it has 4 and a half stars from 174 customer reviews.

Phanxy Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

An innovative design, this vibrator toy is able to stimulate not just two but three whole areas at once between both you and your partner! The C-shape of the vibrator makes it keen for vaginal and anal stimulation as well as vibrating against the penis. There are several different positions you can use this toy with to that effect. What’s more, the toy is entirely waterproofed. You and your partner can safely use this virtually anywhere, from the shower to the pool.

Despite the power of the twin interior vibrators, this wonderful toy is quite a quiet creation. You will both be able to achieve quite an intense session without any worry of noise. The distractions and privacy risk that loud noises can produce are completely absent here. Your G-spot is also far from being out of reach with this design.

Every bit of the vibrator was carefully designed with ergonomics in mind. It provides comfort as well as stimulation during sex, and is a very simple matter to clean afterward. This triple benefit for male and female users alike has brought a smile on many couples’ faces. It has a brilliant 4 and a half stars out of 5 from 275 reviews.

Paloqueth Clitoris Massager for Couples

A veritable master in the industry, Paloqueth is at it again with this finger-oriented vibrator. It is designed to be fastened to the hand with a snug silicone band. It can be used by either partner to stimulate the clitoris or the penis. Its prominent shape is especially potent on the clitoris, however! It comes fully loaded with 9 different intensity settings for the vibrator hidden within.

Perfectly portable on the finger, this vibrator still ingeniously comes suited with a wireless remote for more hands-free action as desired. You will never have to pause the pleasure to increase the dynamics with this toy! A waterproof exterior makes this toy friendly for steamy encounters in the shower.

There is much versatility to be had here. Between the stroking, rubbing, prodding, and all other manners of sensual play you can achieve with this finger-based toy, what’s not to love? It has 4 and a half stars out of 5 from 200 customer reviews: just shy of perfection.

Paloqueth G-Spot Vibrator

Decked out with dual motors, this curvy toy is not packing heat. Instead, it packs some high-quality vibration that will stimulate you and your partner into a quivering mess of joy. As with many toys, it may be goofy looking, but that is a grand sign of quality ergonomics! This toy can equally distribute the pleasure to both of its users. It combines vibration with friction action to produce superior sex and a more powerful orgasm.

A grand total of 9 different functions are available with this sex toy with user-friendly adjustability. Each mode can provide for more dynamic sex every time. It comes with a remote control for more seamless adjustment. Even better, it is waterproof and able to be used in the shower or tub.

Between all of this and the high-grade silicone used in its construction, this toy is quite an excellent and memorable addition to any couple’s adventures. From a whopping total of 974 customer reviews, it has a near-perfect 4 and a half stars.

Xocity Dual-Motor Vibrator

Double the fun without double the trouble, this dual-motored vibrator is chiefly designed to bring pleasure to both partners no matter what stage of your play! It uses silicone in its construction that is as soft as a cloud and fully body-safe. There is a remote available for extra adjustability. The dual motors are capable of 10 diverse different patterns, each with some significant power behind them.

Despite the amount of power it packs into a small form, this toy is impressively quiet. It reaches no higher than around 45 decibels, making it difficult to distract or annoy during sex.
Care has been put into the design to ensure it can be comfortably used by two partners working in unison. It is a solid epitome of both comfort and versatility.

From the over 300 customer reviews submitted for this toy, it currently stands at a lovely 4 and a half stars. You and your partner deserve only the best in sex toys for your frisky nights and this one definitely delivers.

Choosing the Best Sex Toy

As exciting as the wide array of different sex toys available are, it can also be a little challenging sometimes finding just that special one. To begin narrowing your search, it may be a good idea to brainstorm with your partner what toy works best with your favorite positions. It is also important to consider if the toy is a vibrator with two motors or not. A dual-vibrator design is typically optimal for mutual stimulation!

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