Double the fun and none of the trouble that comes with having to share a single-ended dildo with a partner, double-enders are quite a magnificent boon for lesbian couples. While primarily geared towards women, straight and gay couples that are particularly adventurous may also find much to love about these nifty toys. Double heads make dildo use even more intimate and rewarding as you form a pleasurable connection between you and your partner.

How to Find Good Doubles

You will quickly find that the best double-ended dildos are able to deliver equal amounts of pleasure to both partners, and liven and diversify sex to great degrees. While some have vibration and other such functionalities, comfort is absolutely paramount, If both partners are not relaxed and soothed, then any pleasure obtained is at risk of diminishing returns.

Product Reviews

Doc Johnson Jr. Double Dong

Flexible and stylish, this robust 12-incher by Doc Johnson is the bee’s knees for versatility as well as pleasure. It is fully capable of bending nearly perfectly in half to achieve any angle you and your partner desire during the most intense moments. It is just as suitable for anal play as it is for vaginal play as well!

Every inch of the Double Dong is made from allergen-free PVC that is firm and durable yet does not sacrifice flexibility or comfort in the process. Strong integrity and great flexibility truly are a winning combination with such dildos as this. It is easily cleanable and does not let debris and residue cling easily to it.

This dildo makes for a wonderful gift as well as a wonderful time. As an added bonus, the PVC has greatly reduced odor to prevent any unpleasant distractions during use. It has been received quite warmly thus far. From 501 customers’ reviews, it has an average of 4 solid stars.

Loverbeby Vibrating Double-Ended Dildo

It’s as if this wonder of love-making technology was crafted in a wizard’s tower for unique orgasms, as its effects really do seem like magic. Not only is it a flexible double-ended dildo of liberal girth, it boasts a fully-fledged vibration functionality! Just as it has two heads, this dildo has two vibration motors that work in tandem to pleasure you and your partner.

9 different modes in total can be chosen from both before and during sex to achieve the most ideal and dynamic experience. Both heads of the dildo are realistically shaped including a set of glans and simulated vein ridges. Each side is equally capable of reaching you and your partner’s G-spots and then some. Combining vibration with anatomical inspiration is quite a potent combo indeed.

The silicone used in this dildo is a pore-less surface that makes it easy to clean and velvety smooth. It can repel unwanted residue just as surely as it can snugly stimulate both lovers’ vaginal walls. To top things off, this double dildo is fully rechargeable via USB. It has a perfect score at present from 71 different customer reviews.

Doc Johnson Double Header Dildo

Veined and comfortably a colossus to fully satiate the needs of two people at once, this design by Doc Johnson comes out of the box eager to please. Clocking in at just under 18 inches in length, it is sheer flexible pleasure in a reasonably hefty package. The PVC body is resilient yet flexible. It will happily play along with whatever positions you use it for.

Every aspect of the dildo’s PVC is hypoallergenic and body-safe, removing any barriers to its use by women with sensitive skin. Germs and grime are unable to easily cling to the surface and the whole dildo is easily to clean overall. There are two styles of this dildo to choose form: smooth without veins and the thoroughly veined version for a nice touch of realism.

The Double Header also sells in a variety of colors to fit you or your partner’s aesthetic taste. It greatly benefits from its strong yet flexible nature and slight touches to anatomical realism. 651 people have given it a go and it has an average rating of 4 very solid stars.

Double Trouble Slender Bender Dildo

This plucky dildo is just as fun to use as its name is to say out loud! It is made from a durable yet fully elastic PVC that is resistant to germy residue and scum, making it easy to maintain. Cleaning is a breeze and penetration will feel amazing for you and your partner both.

It has a full length of 17 inches, giving plenty of insertable lengths and greater freedom of movement for both of you. Beloved versatility is achieved through its remarkable combination of flexibility and long length. Many positions for thrusting are achievable with this super-bendable design.

The PVC is utterly devoid of phthalate esters that could irritate or even be toxic to the skin. Most partners with sensitive skin should still be perfectly at home with this dildo design. 28 customers have thus far tried this dildo. It has a very promising average of 4 solid stars out of 5.

Matata Double-Sided Dildo

Matata has really excelled here with their attention to detail in using anatomical realism to achieve a superior dildo experience, but doubled! This TPR-surface double-ended dildo is highly flexible and ideal for both partner use and for vaginal and anal masturbation both. If that is not versatility in the world of dildos, then what is?

The TPR is 100% body-safe and devoid of allergens or any unpleasant smells, with the added bonus of being easier on the environment. Regularly veining and realistically-featured phallic heads provide a superior vaginal stimulation that can reach your G-spots with ease. It is waterproof and will not break down in an intense environment like the shower. This also makes it easy to clean and take care of.

Overall, this double dildo is agile and multi-talented both in performance and conveniences. It can get you and your partner off more than just hands alone, and in unison! It makes for a versatile way to spice things up without getting overly convoluted with play. From 42 customer reviews, it has an overall average of 4 stars out of 5.

Choosing the Best Double Dildo

You and your partner deserve the utmost quality when it comes to building such an intimate bridge of pleasure between your bodies. To begin your quest for the best, consider your regular dildo preferences and how they would apply to double dildo designs. This can give you a frame of reference already. From there, it is also great to think about what kind of material and level of flexibility you and your partner need or prefer.

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