Powerful vibrators are always lovely but sometimes the noise is just a little too much. Quiet vibrators introduce a great boon to the comfort factor. What helps build up pleasure more than comfort? Additionally, quiet vibrator motors help make them more versatile through their ability to be used more discreetly. Greater freedom of use is almost always a plus for any sex toy.

Elements of a Great Quiet Vibrator

The best of the quietest vibrators are able to achieve their low to almost outright null volume without having extremely short battery lives. An obvious quality to have as well is a robust suite of different modes and a powerful motor. They need to strike a balance between that power and the quietude. The ideal quiet vibrators are able to blow your mind and not be so loud that the sound would be unbearable in a library.

Product Reviews

Comfy Mate Handheld Massager

Designed with in-depth and intricate types of self-massage in mind, this massager is also perfectly equipped to serve as a powerful yet ninja-quiet vibrator. Its motor is a high tech wonder that is able to perform a wide array of modes with naught but whispers. There are a grand and robust 20 whole modes to choose from. As if that were not enough, they are further varied by the 5 different speeds you can set alongside them.

The head of the massager has great agility in its flexible nature that allows it to bend and flex to get just the angle you need to reach those special spots. The vibrator can also double as a great warmup to foreplay or outright sex, and as a way to unwind after a powerful climax. It works muscles like a professional masseuse and is able to do so with tranquil grace. It is so quiet that were it not for its effects, you’d possibly not realize it was even there.

Silicone makes up its overall body and it is of the highest grade on the market. It is waterproof and quite tough, yet able to caress and work your skin with a delicate smoothness. 981 customers have reviewed this massager so far and it has a rock-solid 4 stars out of 5.

Oliver James Six Nine Wand Massager

Power paired with graceful quietude are yours with this very graceful design by Oliver James. It specializes in concentrating its intense vibrations to the areas where you need it the most. When worked against the genitals it can set you off quite rapidly on the highest settings.

There are 8 different speeds and 20 vibration modes to mix and match for a massive amount of pleasurable combinations. Experimenting is quite literally rewarding as you or a partner test the boundaries of your endurance under the concentrated vibrations. You can relax and go to town on yourself with this vibrator without any obnoxious noise. It is just that quiet; if you are feeling particularly risque, your own voice is more likely to break the discretion!

Portability makes this massager a wonderful choice for private use during long journeys as a traveling companion or for couples on the go. It is rechargeable and easy to clean. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. 98 customer ratings have given it an amazingly good average of 4 and a half stars.

Adorime Clitoral Vibrator

We normally think of most vacuums as being noisy cleaning instruments that are the nemesis of our cats, right? Well, this vibrator by Adorime makes full use of vacuum action to deliver you to heights of pleasure but without such awful noise! It offers 10 different modes to pleasure your clit without producing any major offputting racket.

It is even waterproof. It can be used directly in the water itself to work on your favorite pleasure nub, making it perfectly at home in the tub or shower. The vibrator is also rechargeable using your everyday run of the mill USB cable for maximum convenience. The silicone is fully body safe and a breeze for anybody to clean. Debris and fluids simply struggle to gain any purchase on its silky-smooth surface.

Quiet power and versatility collide in pleasurable glory with this vacuum vibrator design. You are very likely to get just as sucked in as the over 1,200 people who have reviewed it. Its average consensus as of writing this is 4 and a half stars, just shy of a perfect score.

Melo G-Spot Dildo Vibrator

Don’t let its size full you, this absolute powerhouse is still as whisper quiet as something that makes very little noise. Lackluster simile aside, this vibrator has a wonderful assortment of modes to it. 12 different frequencies are available to you right out of the box. You can test them in the bedroom or anywhere you like to find your favorite without auditory irritation.

That’s right, anywhere! Thanks to the watertight construction, it is entirely at home in your tub, pool, or shower. It is very user-friendly in that it is comfortable to both pickup and use, as well as on initial penetration. The silicone is ultra-smooth and soft like a puppy’s head and glides like a dream when paired with your favorite lube. The silicone is also body-safe as well, making it fully accessible to most users’ skin types.

It was truly designed with perfection in mind. It is able to offer all of this without any of the cumbersome weight or annoying noise that comes with some other designs. Is it any wonder that 280 customer reviews have on average rated it to 4 and a half stars?

Paloqueth Waterproof Vibrator Dildo

Primed for aquatic adventures you and your partner may wish to undertake, this little fellow is an absolute pleasure ace both in the bathroom and outside of it. What’s more, it’s able to dish out all of that powerful pleasure and comfort without making much of a peep!

The secret of this quiet performance lies in the genius of the motor’s design. It is kept watertight and encapsulated by silicone that whisks away most residue for easy cleaning. It boasts 9 different types of vibration to offer a little something special for everyone. Experimenting is more than welcome with this design as well.

Quiet power and versatility can be yours with this lovely vibrator. It is discreet and portable, nimble and powerful, what more could we ask for? From 721 unique customer reviews, it has a currently near-perfect 4 and a half stars.

Making the Right Choice

Finding the perfect or ideal quiet vibrator for you or your partner need not be a hassle! To start off your search right, think about numbers a little; some vibrators mention how many decibels they audibly emit at high intensity. On top of that, see how the models balance the quiet motor designs with their overall power and suite of features or modes. Striking that delicate balance is always a surefire sign of quality!

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