In some ways, sex dolls can be thought of as the ultimate sex toy for a lot of people. Not only do they provide some or all of the same benefits of a stroker or a wide assortment of vibrators and massagers, but they also come with all of the advantages that anatomically correct masturbators provide (but with a truly life-sized scale). Full body proportions can be a game-changer for your experience and sex dolls offer opportunities for both genders equally.

What Makes a Good Sex Doll

Like the real adults that they simulate, sex dolls come in near-endless variations and sizes. A good one comes with convincing but not always necessarily fully realistic proportions and appearance; is durable and pleasurable in its interiors; and is easy to clean and maintain. With those boxes ticked and a doll with your physical preferences in mind, you are set.

Product Reviews

BIYDE Lifelike Love Doll

Sometimes blonde and curvy win the day! This stunning creation comes in three different varieties. Each differs slightly in height and overall skin tone as well as breast size. Breast play truly rules with any of these three doll designs. Each bust is quite the hefty handful and all three have subtle advantages and disadvantages between each other.

What all three have in common is careful, discreet shipping and high-quality construction! The Metal skeleton is highly resilient and allows for maximum flexibility via well-placed joints. Their skin is always made from high-quality medical-tier thermoplastic. This TPE creates a simulated skin experience that can sometimes be startlingly convincing!

The largest model has a breast size of an F-cup and a height of 158 centimeters for even more doll to love! Her weight is roughly 32 kilos as well for maximum impact and pleasure during thrusting. With such variety, you really cannot go wrong here!

Sabrina Lifelike Sex Doll by NWDoll

Sabrina is an elegantly designed doll over 150 centimeters in height with many touches of detail and a robust amount of curves in all the right places.

With anatomical inspiration in mind, each of the dolls’ three passages: anal, oral and vaginal are intensely stimulating. This doll is customizable to a degree, with a replaceable head. The interior skeleton is made from stainless steel and is fully posable.

With realistic skin as soft as her hair and a bodyweight similar to that of actual women, Sabrina cuts quite a convincing figure. Her face is the very culmination of believability with a pleasant and amorous expression. The breasts are a generous size but not overtly unrealistic in proportions, which can be quite a winning touch for some customers.

The seller offers comprehensive customer service, including tips on posing. 80 different customer reviews have netted the Sabrina doll a very promising 4 stars!

Racyme Lifelike Sex Doll

This petite cutie offers quite a lot for a prospecting doll owner. She has a very natural bust shape and sizing for fans of realism. Her tan TPE skin is strong yet also soft and imitative of real skin. With a height of 158 centimeters, there is plenty to love. Her body weight clocks in at 29.5 kilograms, putting her on the lighter side.

Despite this petite frame, she loses none of her sexiness from rebounding during thrusting whatsoever! Her hair wig and eye color are fully customizable if you contact the seller with your request. The outfit shipped with the doll is randomized and assorted, and she ships with a cleaning pot as well for easy cleaning.

Between her natural colors, smooth and convincing face, and realistic curves, what’s not to like? She is quite posable and reasonably durable. An important distinction to be made here is the evident lack of usable passages. It would appear this doll was designed with skin and breast play in mind. Either way, you are sure to find much to like!

NWDoll C-Cup Love Doll

For fans of brown hair, a petite frame and lovely brown eyes, this doll by NWDoll is quite stunning and elegant.

Whilst hair and eye options are available for customization, this doll has a height of 158 centimeters and offers all three varieties of insertion passages for maximum versatility and pleasure.

She is a C-cup in breast size and features a robust stainless steel skeleton. The flexibility and strength this affords to her design allow for plenty of different poses and positions during use. without having to worry about breaking anything.

For those new to sex dolls, the seller, fortunately, offers an instruction manual along with the doll as well as some other helpful resources. This will help you to get the most out of your doll and use her without causing cosmetic or functional damage.

At 4 and a half stars from 42 different customer ratings combined, this doll is a real crowd pleaser!

GOGO25 G-Cup Sex Doll

Cutting quite a classy figure with her elegant brown bangs and voluptuous proportions, this doll has quite a great deal to offer (literally, when you consider her G-Cup breasts).

Her entire body is waterproof if you desire to try her out in the bathroom, and her skeleton is strong and flexible without sacrificing smoothness or pliability. She can achieve many desired poses for many different positions and provides quite an erotic presentation.

The buttocks offer quite an impressive display of curvature with plenty of room for anal play options, and the same can be said for her bust.

This doll offers a vaginal, anal and oral passage—each on offer with standard textured surfaces. The maximum insertion length for the simulated mouth and throat, according to the seller, is just over 5 inches, whilst the vaginal and anal passages go as far as 6 inches.

This doll appears to be a mostly undiscovered jewel; so far, a single customer rating has given it 5 stars.

Choosing the Right One

Ultimately, the best doll for you is a distinctive combination of desired physical characteristics, performance and believability, durability, and ease of cleaning and care. There are so many different variations in which dolls can be made, including custom-built options from scratch from some services. Because of this, knowing what level of quality construction, performance and appearance are vested in the dolls is paramount to ensuring the most perfect experience possible!

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