Whips are iconic, whips stand out amongst any BDSM setup. Even to those entirely uninitiated with BDSM and adult roleplay culture, it is a safe guess that the whip is commonly associated with such. They can come in many different forms from their origins in purely Equestrian activities. Some have overlap with ticklers and other such equipment. Most, however, are simply scaled-down horsewhips made safe for adult BDSM pleasure.

What Quality Whips are Like

Top-tier quality whips are centered around a careful balance of careful erotic intensity, light pain, and ergonomic grip. Additionally, more stylishly designed whips can help build anticipation from your sub. The ornateness can stand out, and the anticipation can enhance thrill and pleasure from the impact. The grip must be reiterated in importance, as dropping a whip mid-swing could risk killing the erotic mood.

Product Reviews

Romi Leather Whip

This stunning whip packs quite a surprise in not just the whip tassel quality alone! It features a fully detailed and spacious wand grip with a regular ripple effect along its breadth. These ripples in the surface prove to be a real boost to pleasure during usage. This wand can even be both heated and cooled at will by the dom to add a new dynamic to the roleplay!

The wand also doubles as a dildo if so desired; its hilt bottoms out into a spherical shape! This textured sphere is friendly to both vaginal and anal play for the intrepid adventuring partners. The whip tresses themselves have a full length of roughly 12 and a half inches for optimal reach and sensual pleasure.

Both whip and handle alike are sure to please more than a few couples! There is a lot on offer here in a smaller package. To make it even more of a plus, the glass component is entirely safe and odorless material! 3 customer reviews so far have garnered this whip an average rating of 5 stars!

Savillewhittle Wooden Whip

This rustic and graceful-looking whip is both a grand implement for teasing as well as for general flogging! Doms will be quite pleased to know that the wooden handle is quite hearty and resistant to slipping. It will rarely try to abandon your hand awkwardly or dangerously when the action reaches its peak!

There is a grand total of 30 inches in length with which to play with from handle hilt to the tip of the tassels. The super-soft high-quality leather is quite stimulating for the skin, rendering it quite ideal for gentle teasing play. Teasing can build up gradually over time to flogging if so desired. This gives the whip an amazing top-tier experience no matter your preference!

It offers so much length and quality material to possibly turn down, even by doms with whip experience! That durability and effectiveness at what S&M whips are for really wins the day with this design. 14 customer ratings have aggregated an average rating of 4 and a half stars for this beauty!

Rekink Genuine Leather Flogger

What’s not to love about this flamboyant whip? Not only is it made from world-class genuine leather, but it is also angelically soft to boot! The tassel-like whip tails extend from a very sturdy, long grip with purple and black splendor.

Riding, punishment, and more are made perfect by the addition of this whip. You will feel thrills racing up and down your spine as the tails bristle silky-smooth against your skin. Gentle swings will skitter all kinds of pleasurable sensation across your body. Spanking is far more effective with this whip than any hand could hope to be alone. The prospecting dom has many options at his or her disposal with this lovely whip.

As a lovely bonus, the seller includes a cloth bag for storage between sessions. The versatility, quality, and style of this whip cannot be overstated. 99 ratings giving an average rating of 4 and a half stars offers deafening applause indeed!

Sex and Mischief Mahogany Flogger

Oh, the mahogany! Something about the addition of hardwood as a grip just makes whips all the more lovely and satisfying in your hand during sessions. It offers a great range of sensations in both moderate and highly skilled hands. This beauty can achieve both gentle strokes and delectable stings both with precision.

The mahogany flogger, as its name suggests, has a handle of carefully lacquered wood. It is firm in grip and highly resilient to wear. This whip will never fail you in any future, near or far. The long wrist cord and grooving profile allow for an even more stable grasp during the height of S&M play.

The faux-leather fall tresses are made from strong but soft faux leather, numbering 15 altogether. Its total length is 76.2cm, giving it quite a hefty reach! This whip is such a great choice for beginner to intermediate users and beyond. 45 customer reviews have given this whip an average rating of 4.7 stars!

Icicles No. 38 Hand Blown Glass Whip

Nothing quite says ‘blow me’ to lesser designs than this lovely glass-handled whip. The handle is made from painstakingly hand-blown glass. In the hands of a skilled dom, it looks quite outstanding indeed! The depths of the black swirls on white glass draw the eyes with anticipation as each strike falls.

As pretty as the glass handle is, the whip is even more functional. The whip fall is a mighty 18 inches in length. Each tress is made from sumptuous leather and high quality. This entire whip is ideal both for light play, intensive play, and everything in between! It is even friendly to beginners, though skilled hands will still find plenty to love.

For even more adventurous whip lovers, the glass handle doubles as an easily cleanable dildo if desired. All around, this well-crafted whip is a great choice for general BDSM use. 171 customers have given it an average glowing review of 4 stars!

Choosing the Right Whip for the Job

When you want a whip, you want one that can safely deliver erotic punishment with style, effect, and comfort. Make sure the whip has an ergonomic design wherever possible for periods of high usage. Style is often a big factor in the psychological aspect of the flogging so tend towards whips that complement your overall dom presentation. Lastly, go for quality construction! If it seems flimsy around the center and on the grip, it may not be worth your time.

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