Pillows and wedges alike offer a comfortable and sumptuous experience for many different occasions. They are the perfect soft platforms for sexual wellness exercises, masturbation, and many different sexual positions! Both come in varying types of materials and shapes, offering quite a diversity to choose from. Wedges are typically more focused on slopes and incline for angling while pillows focus more on generalized support for the body during sex.

How to Tell a Stiff Stone from a Quality Pillow

The best pillows and wedges will offer an ergonomic, comfortable design with a sturdy constitution. The pillow or cushion must be able to handle intense activity for a reasonable span of time. Also ideally, it is easy to clean and maintain. It will balance style with effective function, Most important of all, good wedges and pillows will open up the doors to diverse and dynamic new sexual experiences!

Product Reviews

Liberator Sex Wedge – Black

This wedge truly brings ergonomics to the forefront when it comes to sexual positioning! It is angled just right to ensure maximum body support when in use on the bed. The microfiber is extremely soft and caresses the skin during use. When thrusting, that 27-degree angle placement really makes a world of difference for penetration.

G-spots are even easier to reach and go to town on! Oral sex is augmented by this wedge as well; it is much harder to get sore or strained muscles from prolonged oral play. It is designed to enhance the effective pleasure of your favorite positions. Meanwhile, it also serves as a great platform for experimentation.

This wedge is quite a great and stylish gateway to more potent orgasms and a satisfying sex life. The liner of this wedge is fully washable in your laundry. It resists moisture as an added plus, greatly bolstering its life span. 117 customers have given this wedge an overall average rating of 4 stars.

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

Liberator strikes again with this quality wedge bolstered by an added ramp opposite its main incline. One hidden but powerful attribute of this wedge combo is its intensely dense inner foam. It caresses the body during sex like a cloud given substance. The extra ramp gives a high amount of added versatility. On top of all that, the microfiber surface is an absolute win for comfort.

A shrewd user, whether experienced or not, will quickly deduce that the ramps can be used both separately or to act together during sex. This allows for more superior positions compared to just a bed alone and is much more comfortable than more impromptu locations. Both old and new positions both benefit from the design of this wedge!

Truly this wedge provides the perfect platform to both relax and enhance your love life! The wedge comes in 5 different colors for added style preferences. The plush microfiber lining is also machine washable, making maintenance easy. 94 different customer reviews have garnered a very favorable 4 out of 5 stars.

Ladovin Inflatable Support Pillow

A triangular cushion whose proportions and incline provide positively amazing support during sex and general wellness use? Pythagoras would surely approve! This pillow is designed to handle weight like a skilled master during lovemaking. With it, you and your partner are able to penetrate deeper, achieve more positions, and feel even better while doing it.

The pillow is friendly for both diehard fans of specific positions as well as first-timers or casual experimenters. It can easily be folded and stored when not in regular use and is quite light to move to the desired location. Every bit of the angles in this pillow will have a lasting positive effect on you and your partner’s pleasure.

It is so multifunctional that the pillow is also helpful for usage in massages, yoga, and sexual wellness exercises. The pillow is inflatable in operation and is quite easy to maintain. 71 customer reviews have awarded this inclined pillow a lovely 4 out of 5 stars.

Misstu Half Moon Pillow

It is always an absolute pleasure to treat you and your partner to a pillow that can open up easier access to that sought after g-spot! This pillow by Misstu distinguishes itself with a very simple but powerful arch design that can angle your partner just right. On top of this, it is a great platform for experimentation.

It is quite a user-friendly pillow and strong as well. Indeed, it can hold upwards of just under 300 pounds safely without buckling during intense use. The elastic surface of the pillow is entirely waterproof and feels heavenly against your skin. It is easily washed and looked after while working to improve your overall sexual satisfaction.

With the pillow, orgasms are more powerful. Thrusts feel more impact, and, of course, G-spots galore are easier than ever to hit hard. Sex will never be the same when you and your partner are making use of a great pillow such as this. It currently has 4 and a half stars from 95 customer reviews.

Liberator Jaz Pillow

If small and portable yet powerful is what you are after for your sexual pillow, look no further than with the Jaz design. It humbly provides a slight incline that can still make a whole world of difference for positions like doggy style and missionary.

This quality pillow has a very ripe potential for experimentation and sexual practice. Its small unassuming size makes it very ideal for use on long journeys. It is also easy to move and store as a consequence. The incline of the pillow provides substantial lift during thrusting, enhancing the power and the pleasure at the same time. Orgasms will last longer and hit harder for you and your partner both!

The carefully constructed and applied internal foam of the Jaz really works hard to comfortably support the body and augment pleasure. A very healthy number of 212 people have bought and reviewed the Jaz design. It has a very golden overall score of 4 and a half stars.

Choosing Your Dream Pillow

The best pillow or wedge for you is dependant upon a few key factors. For starters, if possible, it is a good idea to decide how versatile a cushion design is. Can it support your favorite positions? How friendly is it for experimentation? Alongside that, make sure it is made from comfortable material and appears sturdy! Sometimes a good gauge of durability is something as simple as how material is used in its construction.

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