Japanese love dolls often offer quite a unique aesthetic from the more western-style ones. Many are inspired by or directly replicate physical characteristics from anime or manga characters. Many others focus chiefly on distinctly Japanese facial features and bodily proportions.

Regardless of whether you are Japanese yourself or have a distinct attraction to Japanese female characteristics, a Japanese love doll may very well be the thing for you!

What Makes a Great Doll

A great doll is one that is stunning to look at, pleasurable, easy to maintain, and durably flexible. You want a design that will leave you smitten every session as much as you are pleasured. The best dolls are of little hassle to clean and care for and are made to be durable and lasting. Good flexibility allows for greater variety in posing, positioning and, ultimately, pleasure.

Product Reviews

Real Nymphet Erotic Japanese Sport Girl

This lovely doll is made from high-quality medical-grade thermoplastic rubber. The TPE allows for her skin to be quite lifelike and angelically soft! This sports girl has three different built-in passages available. That level of realism and attention to detail is always a boon.

There is an anatomically-inspired mouth passage for mind-blowing simulation of oral sex. Down below, she also comes equipped with both vaginal and anal orifices. Great attention to detail has been put into ensuring her proportions are as voluptuous as possible.

The doll does not ship with proper outfits by default. However, she does ship with her wig, a bonus heating rod and a cleaning tool for the vaginal orifice, as well as some standard lingerie.

The doll in all weights a little over 40 kilograms and stands at a height of 158 centimeters. Her head is removable for easier cleaning. General maintenance and cleaning after use is a real breeze with this sturdy, well-made doll.

Japanese Beauty Silicone Doll by Sextoy-Mei

Standing at around 168 centimeters tall, this doll has all three anatomical orifices available for use. Careful design and attention to detail are put into her overall shape and proportions.

The doll’s interior skeleton is made of strong metal that allows for flexibility and durability alike! Her skin is made of a medical-quality TPE for ideal softness and tactile pleasure. In addition, the interiors of this doll are quite spacious with the largest being the vaginal passage. This orifice has a penetration depth of 17 centimeters, with the oral and anal passages also offering great depths!

She weighs over 27 kilograms and is easily posable. This allows for a number of exciting positions during use.

With this amazing combination of quality, lifelike beauty and attention to detail, there is much to love with this doll. Her gorgeous form really makes a difference!

Real Nymphet Mixed-Blood Japanese Girl

For doll lovers who love a touch of winter, this is the ideal doll for you! She is the doll epitome of cold, icy grace and beauty. Her strong metal skeleton is not only durable but highly posable. Believability is there and more; nearly any pose you could ever desire is achievable with this doll. Her skin is an almost living soft and made from medical-style TPE.

She ships with randomized lingerie as a starter. Also included are a soft, silken wig, a cleaning tool for the lower vaginal passage, and a heating rod for achieving that warm winter cheer!

Her proportions and dimensions are quite strikingly realistic. She stands at roughly 165 centimeters, and her overall weight is roughly over 30 kilograms.

All three holes are available for full versatility in play! Each is spacious and textured enough to authentically simulate the real thing. Best of all, cleaning and regular maintenance (along with some custom-chosen clothing) will greatly increase this doll’s long term condition.

KingMansion Japan Solid Sex Doll

Modest yet gorgeous is a great summation for this beautiful love doll! Great care has been put into the detail of her eyes, overall face, and skin texture. The TPE skin is incredibly authentic, being very soft and delicate to the touch. Her metal skeleton also ensures that she will never buckle or break under regular use.

This doll has several flexible joins that are logically placed throughout her body. As well as offering three different passages, most poses and positions are possible thanks to this, maximizing versatility!

Her full height is 156 centimeters standing upright and she weighs in at 29 kilos. Such a decent weight really helps with believability!

Her bust is a moldable and petite B-Cup, but still a very pert and pleasing handful. Her proportions are not overly exaggerated. There is much to love in the realm of realistic proportions as well! 5 customer ratings have given her a very radiant and solidi 4 out of 5 stars!

KingMansion Lifelike Love Doll

Being of average height for a sex doll does nothing to diminish this doll’s elegant legs and lithe figure! Her height upright is 158 centimeters and her weight is a very convincing and hefty 33 kilograms. The skin is made from super high-quality thermoplastic rubber. Thanks to this, her skin feels real to the touch and is very amenable to stretching as desired. It even looks realistic in color!

Each of her three different passages is anatomy-inspired and fully functional. When paired with her easily bendable joints, a very high level of versatility is achieved. You can get just the right position you need when you need it with some careful adjustment. The interior skeleton is made from stainless steel and quite durable.

11 customer reviews tallied up in total give this doll an average rating of 4 and a half stars. Realism and exaggerated curves seem to have really met in harmony with this outstanding doll! Her best features are amplified by lubricant, of which she is fully compatible with. With all of these features, she may very well be the doll of your dreams!

Choosing the Right Doll for You

When in the market for a Japanese sex doll, it is best to know what kind of style and level of realism you want. Of great importance as well to consider is the durability of your potential doll, their flexibility and versatility, and of course, her beauty. Soft, pliable skin and a flexible but strong skeleton are all the hallmarks of a quality doll that is sure to please you for a very long time!

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