A vast and diverse array of toys and masturbating equipment products exist for men in the market today. They provide unique advantages for providing pleasure that hands alone have difficulty achieving or cannot achieve at all.

What Makes a Good Male Sex Toy

An good sex toy for men offers a reasonable balance of effectiveness and ease of use. In addition, the best male sex toys should ideally be easy to clean and look after, as well as being durable and able to serve for a long period of time without replacement.

When choosing your sex toys, remember to aim high; the best toys are usually the ones that you or a partner can use with built-in versatility to keep usage from becoming stale or boring! There is plenty of choice on the market, so don’t settle for a second best sex toy when you could choose the best instead!

Product Reviews

Paloqueth Electronic Penis Pump

An erection enhancement tool by trade, this electric pump comes with numerous bells and whistles.

It offers 4 different intensities within its transparent suction tube. While it might seem a little weird at first, the measuring gauge that is also include can be a massive help when calibrating and adjusting the pump during use to get the intensity that you want, when you want. Indeed, as an added safety feature, a quick release valve is also built in at the top of the pump..

For further comfort and smoothness, the manufacturers have made the insert sleeve from silicone. The electronic top is rechargeable, and the transparent tube can be removed from it and the insert for easy cleaning.

Between its recharability and four different settings, this pump offers a great level of versatility and intensity for its user. 4 and a half stars from 672 reviews marks this pump as a must-have for those seeking a more potent erection for a truly intense experience.

BUR Masturbation Stroker

For those in the market for strokers and similar toys, the BUR stroker is equipped with both a vaginal and an anal passage for a narrower or more spacious stroking experience.

The entrances of the sleeves have a full 3D shape. The more intricate details of this toy—such as flexible labia and anal entrance—can still go a long way toward further stimulation than a simple circular entrance.

Thanks to the lock switch built into the cup, the user is able to go hands-free and use only body movements to stimulate themselves with the stroker. The sleeve is removable when cleaning, making it much less of a chore to clear after sessions.

Inside, the passages are regularly ribbed to make each thrust deeper all the more tantalizing. As the icing on the cake, the TPE material the soft portions are made of is also odorless and quite flexible.

620 customer ratings have landed this stroker a golden 5 out of 5 stars. Awesome!

Yosposs Dual Silicone Penis Ring

This remarkable ring is designed for functions such as increasing the duration of an erection via the careful restriction of blood flow. This also helps it to extend the duration of an orgasm.

The silicone body of the ring is soft and comfortable. Thanks to this, there is no concern of pinching the skin (or any other uncomfortable effects) whilst under intense use or during orgasm.

The circumference and elasticity, combined with the ring’s thickness, provide a superior experience. You can wear the ring in different positions on the penis or around the scrotum, offering you several options to choose from and experiment with to find your preferred configuration! When used with a partner, the ring can help further your partner’s stimulation as well as your own by rubbing against the clitoris without a need to stroke with one or more fingers.

With its concentric rings design, this cock ring is truly a versatile and intense experience, whether solo or with a partner. It also boasts of a very nice score of 4 and a half stars with 110 ratings on its Amazon page. Customers seem to be pleasantly surprised, especially by how soft it proves to be.

Svakom Tyler Penis Ring Vibrator

Offering options for both men and their female partners, the Svakom ring vibrator is a textbook definiton of versatility in the sex toys niche. It is capable of offering mutual pleasure for men and women, as well as for solo male users.

The vibration motor is quiet and non-intrusive whilst in use and allows for 5 different modes and speeds! Additionally, tts waterproof silicon is environmentally friendly and highly amenable to stretching with its high degree of flexibility. Thanks to the distinctive waterproofing nature of its surface, this toy can even see usage in highly intimate warm and cold environments such as a pool, bathtub, or hot tub.

With a USB-chargeable motor and its light weight, it is ideal for travel and is incredibly easy to charge at home. It has received a solid 4 stars from 418 different customer ratings.

Loverbeby Vibrating Dual Cock Rings

With a particularly interesting design, this dual cock ring is designed to rest as a bridge along the shaft and can be angled to stimulate a partner’s clitoris with each thrust.

The rechargeable vibrator can be remotely adjusted with the provided remote. Thanks to an elastic frame, it can also fit virtually any penis size. Waterproof and powerful, the quiet motor can even see use in the shower or completely underwater, though the designers do note that the separate remote is not similarly waterproof.

Cleaning of the rings and vibrator is made easier thanks to the waterproof nature. As a cock ring, it also serves the function of enhancing your erection and preventing premature ejactulation, allowing for a longer lasting session and a much more satisfying climax for yourself or you and a partner.

It comes in a variety of colours and has garnered a very positive 4 and a half stars from 291 individual ratings.

Making the Right Choice

When deciding on a sex toy, you should always choose those toys that can balance versatility, durability, and ease of use. You may also want to consider whether you are in the market for a toy for solely stimulating yourself or to also aid in stimulating a partner. These products have significant overlap, but ultimately some toys are slightly more effective for one or the other.

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