Lesbian couples have many exciting types of different sex toys and equipment to choose from. They come in various forms and sizes, and most are specially tailored to be able to please two women at once with full comfort. They can please you and your partner in a variety of ways, from ribbed thrusting two-ended dildos to vibrators and more!

What Goes Into Quality Sex Toys?

You will find that the greatest toys made for lesbians feature a distinctly female-oriented versatility and user-friendliness. They should be quality made and easy to clean and maintain. Optimally they can be used for double vaginal stimulation, breast stimulation or even both! Some are vibration action while others may lean heavily on raw thrusting power, such as via strapons.

Product Reviews

Adorime Vibrating Strapless Dildo

This uniquely-fashioned strapless strapon by Adorime stands out quite nicely as an ergonomic and user-friendly toy. It features a soft silicone shell that is flexible yet also durable and is able to reach all your partner’s most intimate spots as well as your own. This strapon requires zero straps at all; it is secured by inserting it within your vagina. Not only does this free you from the hassle of adjusting straps but it also adjusts the pleasure!

There are 9 unique different vibration patterns available with this toy, ensuring constant variety for you and your partner. It is easy to charge with a USB cable with quite a reasonable battery life. The vibrator is fully waterproof. You and your partner can safely bring this toy on any of your steamy or aquatic adventures.

Ergonomics and rock-solid versatility meet in perfect harmony here for an all-around wonderful strapless vibrator. Currently, it has a 4 and a half star rating from a grand total of 220 different customer reviews.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Strapless Strap On

Over 8 inches of tireless fun are at your disposal with this elegant silicone strapon. The silicone features a fully medical-grade construction that is both sturdy and safe. It has a very outstanding ability to warm with you and your partner’s body temperature. The softness and this warming nature make it an epitome of comfort on a frisky night.

The silicone is free of irritants for even the most sensitive of women’s skin. When paired with lube this strap-on can be quite a beast. It is made more versatile and convenient as it lacks a system of straps. Instead, it doubles as a double-headed dildo by being secured via penetrating the user as well. This kind of reciprocal pleasure is simple yet ingenious!

With user-friendliness and very welcoming design that is friendly to users and sensitive skin, this strapon goes far indeed. It has a very promising 4 out of 5 stars from 78 unique customer reviews.

Feelinggirl Wearable Strapon

Customization comes as a paramount feature of this strapon by Feelingirl! It has a central fixing ring for comfortable dildo replacement and modification. The strap harness is comfortable and adjustable for most waist sizes as well. The silicone is fully body-safe and FDA approved for an all-around comfortable and irritant-free experience.

Front and back cushions keep the thrusting action just as comfortable as it is stimulating. The default dildo that comes with this strapon weights in at over 7 inches for quite substantial play, but the sizing ring can fit most of your favorite dildos. The dildo itself has a suction power that allows it to be used independently of the strapon and is easily bendable.

This strapon is friendly to nearly any positions that could be achieved by a hetero couple and is durable for even the most intense of sessions. 165 customer reviews have left this strapon a near-perfect rating. It stands at 4 and a half stars.

Utimi Wearable Sex Strap-On

Fixing rings can really make or break a strapon’s versatility. This strapon cleanly delivers on that nice agility with variety. The ring is detachable and the dildo is replaceable with most any silicone dildo you and your partner may desire. Cushions on either end free you of any discomfort or chafing during heavy thrusting.

The silicone used to make the strapon and the default dildo is body-safe and has no unpleasant odors to it. This design benefits from a classy touch of style to the harness by featuring a lacy strapping system that resembles a corset. It is a lovely frilly addition that gives this toy more character and can show off your partner’s awesome hips and waist.

Pleasure is not just in the thrusting but also in the aesthetic with this brilliant strap-on. Many have tried and loved it; over 183 customers have reviewed it. Thus far it has a lovely 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Doc Johnson Veined Dildo

That’s no massive piece of black licorice! This versatile fellow is a dildo primed to deliver substantial pleasure via its vast girth and veined stimulation. It is a strong and flexible expanse of PVC that is able to form a pleasurable bridge between you and your partner. Scissoring and grinding are brought to an all-new level with the introduction of this dildo design.

The PVC material is free of any skin-irritating or toxic materials. It is able to conform to your favorite position without any fear of breakage. It is also easy to clean with light soap in your kitchen or bathroom sink. With so much length on offer, a grand 17 inches by approximation, what’s not to love?

For added diversity, this dildo also has a smooth, even bendier counterpart. The dildos sell in 4 other colors besides the standard black if so desired. Over 600 customer ratings have given this double-headed dildo a nicely solid 4 out of 5 stars.

Choosing the Best Toy for You

Don’t settle for second-best! If the selections seem daunting when you go to choose a toy for you and your partner, try to consider the following factors. What functions does it offer? Does it easily accommodate your favorite positions? Alternatively, if you are experimenting, is this toy versatile enough to open up a new dynamic in the bedroom? In the large sex toy market, with these in mind, your search should be much easier!

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