Rabbit Vibrators are vibrators that sport a distinctive attachment head that frequently ends in two, usually flexible bunny ear-like protrusions forming a prong. Their main function is in delivering vibrating pleasure from both sides of the clitoris at once. They offer a unique way to vaginally achieve orgasm, especially when paired with a dildo head for doubled fun.

Elements of Quality Rabbit Vibrators

The best bunny ear vibrators can deliver you pleasure in no time at all with an easy to use design and a highly varying array of different operation modes or vibration patterns to choose from. They are always comfortable and can combine vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation all together as one mind-melting experience.

Product Reviews

Paloqueth Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Thrusting ability is a significant chunk of what makes this G-spot targeting vibrator truly a special iteration of the ages-old sex toy. It is capable of 3 different thrusting motions in its central shaft that can be combined with 7 vibration modes situated in the rabbit ears. The overall insertion area is quite hefty at just over a half an inch in length.

The thrusting function is automatic and seamlessly simulates vaginal sex with a partner while the ears can strum your clitoris with gusto! Between the 3 thrusting types and 7 vibration modes, you get 21 different possible combinations for pleasure! Each session will be made all the more dynamic for it.

Every part of the vibrator is designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. It is waterproof and rechargeable as well. What is there not to like? It comes in either purple or blue and has a 4 and a half star average rating from 210 customer reviews.

Ailegqi Rabbit Vibrator

A secret weapon to secure your absolute and unconditional orgasm is hidden within the snug and ergonomic confines of this rabbit vibrator. That secret? It is the ability to warm during use, of course! The addition of heat to this rabbit vibrator’s functionality can prove to be an irresistible combination indeed.

Heating begins during initial use and can reach a maximum of 107 Fahrenheit within about a minute. The pulsation action of the phallic head combined with the heating element lends a significant amount of realistic feeling on top of the heavy action the rabbit ear head provides. This vibrator can also reach the G-spot with a zest and ease that is impervious to overestimation. On top of this, the silicone is wholly body-safe and as comfortable as silk.

All of this powered by two motors? It is impossible to not nail your sweet spot in the best way possible with the combination of a rabbit’s ear with heating and precision vibration.33 customers have thus far tried and reviewed this product. It currently has an average of 4 and a half stars.

Phanxy G-Spot Bunny Ears Vibrator

Double trouble action is yours with this lovely design! It features 9 different highly powerful modes of vibration that each offer a slightly different experience. Fine-tune it during sex or choose a particular strength for your session but either way, you are bound to be pleased. It fully simulates a partner both stroking the clitoris and thrusting into the vagina in unison.

The phallic head is strongly inspired by the human penis and can comfortably be inserted snugly for a firm, tantalizing hold. It is entirely waterproofed for use in the bath or shower as well. This, like its construction, provides a double benefit! It is easily cleaned as a result with warm water and light soap.

A rechargeable battery only adds to the versatility and reliability this vibrator provides. The silicone as well is hospitable to sensitive skin and almost as soft as a delicate feather. From 118 customer reviews, this rabbit vibrator has a perfect average of 5 stars.

Paloqueth G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Quiet yet powerful, there are few more potent combinations then this! This design by Paloqueth can efficiently find and pleasure your G-spot all the while working your clit. Both the bunny ears and the phallic head are vibration-capable. There are 9 distinct modes to choose from for full variety and intensity.

Thanks to the quiet nature of its motor, this vibrator can be used with maximized discretion and comfort. This vibrator is a surefire way to a straightforward orgasm of rocking proportions. It is waterproof for your bathroom and is equally comfortable in bed. The waterproofing also makes it easy to clean as residues are harder to cling to the surface.

The vibrator can be firmly positioned using the phallic head for not only doubled fun but also ease of mind that it will not awkwardly fall out and ruin your pleasure. It has been well received with an average rating of 4 and a half stars from over 2,700 people. Impressive indeed.

Treediride Rabbit Vibrator

Rotation features heavily to strongly deliver a superior, highly stimulating experience with this rabbit vibrator design by Treediride. The rabbit ear portion of the vibrator mimics a partner’s tongue play to push your clit to full Cloud 9 and back with power. The forward phallic head features a unique telescopic, beaded surface. This makes the vibrator able to work the vaginal wall in a way that is quite uncommon indeed.

While the phallic end is capable of 3 different frequencies of operation, the tongue portion on the rabbit ear is able to achieve a whopping 10 different sensations. All of this is carefully packed into a light and nimble platform that is the silicone shell. The silicone is entirely body-safe and hypoallergenic to most sensitive skin.

As if this wasn’t enough to impress, it is also easy to handle, control, clean and recharge! The battery is recharged via USB and completely hassle-free. Of the over 100 customers that have used and reviewed this vibrator, it currently stands at a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

Finding the Rabbit Vibrator for You

To begin your search, it is most important to look for rabbit vibrators that offer a versatile but highly comfortable platform to fully meet your vibration needs. That diversity is key to the toy rarely if ever becoming mundane and losing its potency! On top of this, consider your intensity threshold and how many levels your potential vibrator should have. Also, consider if the material is friendly to sensitive skin or not. With that all in mind, you should be set!

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