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How to Make a Homemade Fleshlight

How to Make a Homemade Fleshlight

For some, Fleshlights may not be a sex toy market they want to delve into for a wide array of reasons, but they still wish to recreate the experience one can provide. Others meanwhile may prefer the creative approach in general over a pre-made model. Whatever your fancy, fortunately, there are quite a number of ways and materials available for the DIY enthusiast. With a sound design in mind, you can easily craft your very own fleshlight!

Why Custom Can Be the Best Way

In the hands of experienced crafters or even beginners with a specific design and guides in mind, custom designs are more likely than patented designs to deliver the desired sensation. You are able to exercise full control over the material involved as well as the overall expense. What’s more, you can feel that extra bit of pride when you successfully use a custom design you built to achieve orgasm!

Custom Designs From Around the Internet

Sponge Pussy

This design calls explicitly for 2 pairs of common household kitchen sponges, a single latex glove, and an empty Pringles can. Each is easily attainable, being common everyday objects you might not have otherwise considered for such a purpose before! Pringles cans offer a distinctive benefit for this design as they provide the perfect cylindrical shape.

This design calls first for putting two of the 4 kitchen sponges at the base inside of the canon either side. This creates the bottom half of the hole for the fleshlight in the making. Repeat the process with the other 2 sponges to form a complete passage before inserting the glove between all four of them. This will serve as the entrance so it must protrude out a bit from the sponges and the lip of the can.

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From there, you stretch the glove up and outwards to form a smooth, pliable opening for insertion. Once the lubricant is added, the true magic of this DIY fleshlight comes to full fruition. You may never look at sponges the same way again. The author cites one of this design’s strengths as how quickly it can be assembled: around about 2 minutes.

Towel Masturbator

All you need for this nifty little design is a small towel, perhaps any old clean hand towel, 1 latex glove, and 1 rubber band to, in the darkness, bind them. Dubbed the Fifi by it is a very simple design, perhaps the most simple of all. It can be rapidly assembled and starts by simply folding the towel into a long and narrow shape.

From there, you should place the glove on one of the narrow apertures that have formed on either end of the towel. Make sure the cuff is hanging over the end of the towel. Next, fold the towel in half over the glove you just placed. You then stretch the glove cuff over the ends of the towel.

Now the rubber band comes in. You simply tie that around the outer ring that the glove’s cuff forms, this holds the towel ends together to act as a soft tube. From there, all you need to do is apply your favorite lube and it is good to go! This design is simple yet effective when you boil down to it. It takes very little material and is a breeze to assemble.

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DIY Homemade Fleshlight

Straight up, this robust custom fleshlight design calls for an empty, slender potato chip can of any variety, foam rubber, a condom of your choosing, an O-ring, scissors, and marking pens. The foam rubber needs to have a dimension of about 9 by 9 by 1 inches or 9 by 18 by a half inches. Your O-ring needs to be 1 and ¼ of an inch for the fleshlight to fit.

For the chip can, the author recommends choosing one of the designs that have a stronger more durable shape that flares outwards from the middle like a funnel. You start by cutting the foam to fit approximately the length of the container or longer. With the condom, stretch it out and drop the O ring inside. Lubricated condoms should have the insides turned out first, so as to get the lubricant as part of the interior passage.

From there, you use the markers to guide where you need to cut the foam to get your lining that the condom will rest against when seated inside. The condom and O-ring should be positioned so that the O-ring is hanging over one end of the foam. The condom itself should be hanging over the other. The condom should be sticking out of the center of the end facing the exit of the chips can.

A small snip with the scissors into the foam-lined condom allows for a slight amount of air intake to the condom to allow for some suction action. Make sure that the open end of the condom is above the top of the foam. There should be a half-inch of the foam itself above the can rim itself. To complete the suction action, poking a small hole on the bottom of the can gives air more movement.

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Lastly, completing the fleshlight is a simple matter of carefully stretching the open condom end around the rim of the and over the lip so as to cover the foam lining. With a little bit of lube applied, this beauty should now be ready to go! While it takes a bit to fully assemble, it is well worth it in the end.

DIY Fleshlights In a Nutshell

As you can see, making a homemade fleshlight is well within your grasp if it strikes your fancy enough to do so! With the vast array of resources available the possibilities are nearly endless, for many more designs exist out there. Some other potentially interesting designs include pocket pussies made from party balloons to sock-based fleshlights and more. With a creative edge and some spare time, ideal pleasure can easily be within your hands!

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