How to Travel With Sex Toys

How to Travel With Sex Toys

Sex is of course not merely just an act of physical intimacy! Indeed, it is often an adventure and for couples on the go, having an easily portable and discrete toy is far from optional. Due to the vast array of sex toys that exist out there in the world, it is best to follow a few general guidelines if you want to bring them along.

Whether on your next commute, journey, or vacation, these following guidelines can assure that your frisky travels are discrete, enjoyable, and free of any embarrassment. What is more inconvenient and embarrassing than a sex toy that cannot clear airport security for example?

Location-Specific Considerations

In the United States

For those flying within or to the United States, the TSA does allow for airline commuters to take most forms of adult toys with them both on checked bags and carry on baggage. Despite this, however, bulkier toys may cause questions or additional inspections so it is always better to play it safe. For those from or traveling overseas, however, it is often a bit more involved …


Policy always differs from country to country, so it is always prudent to look as far into regulations as you can both in your home country and your potential destination. Some authorities are more stringent than others. What kinds of sex toys, if at all, are allowed on checked or carry on luggage is likely to vary. Considering this before leaving can help you or a partner plan out your adventures more thoroughly with less of a hitch!

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General Guidelines

Whatever the type of sex toy you or a partner plan to take with you on your journey, it is best to start by considering its weight, bulk, and what materials it is made out of. This should also be considered in the context of what method of travel you will be employing. Airports impose the most stringent security and regulations as well as border crossings. Those traveling by rail or by car with adult toys between EU nations may find it more convenient, however.

Toy Sizing

Bulkier toys are not only harder to pack but can more likely present questionable shapes that are likely to make inspectors wary or, at the very least, professionally curious. In case of a possible random bag check or selective inspection, it is a good idea to keep the toy in a clear bag inside your luggage so it is easily identifiable and explained to the inspecting agent.

Again, the size of the toy is often critical in determining its suitability for use while on holiday or other forms of long travel. Smaller toys are for the most part much more ideal to bring along. Toys that are able to pack lots of power and versatility in a small package are especially a boon for couples on the go or away from home.

The smaller your toy is, the more discreet it is as well. Oftentimes, smaller toys are right at home in clear containers such as a Ziploc bag. Not only does it make things easier for you and the potential inspector, but it also allows them to verify the toy without needing to touch it. With that in mind, hygiene is assured as an added bonus!

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Toy Types and Vibration

Vibrators and dildos are perhaps the most popular choices for taking along on journeys. Dildos are incredibly easy to pack, unpack, and use with discretion and come in a variety of sizes just as luggage containers do. Meanwhile, modern vibrators are quite adept at packing power into often the most ludicrously tiniest of packages. A single vibrator the size of a key fob, for example, could, in theory, meet a person’s sexual needs the entire journey abroad.

All toys with vibration functionality, in general, should either have their batteries removed or their rechargeable battery turned off. Loud vibration triggering unexpectedly during your commute is not only potentially embarrassing but can cause a misunderstanding. Most officials are trained to look out for any peculiarities like these.

Security Checks

When going through any security checks, it is best not to think about that particular bit of your luggage if it can get you in a fluster. Blushing or otherwise bothered-looking commuters are more likely to draw the attention of security agents to their person and luggage.

A good rule of thumb? Play it cool! Should you be asked to present the contents of your bags, calmly explain the toy when they get to it. In the overwhelming number of cases, the agent will not try to embarrass you. Security inspectors are usually trained to go about their duties with minimal discomfort to the traveler as possible.

Furthermore, unless it is their first day on the job, it is highly likely your toy is far from the first one they have seen and dealt with, after all! Your main concern should not be an embarrassment but rather the potential inconvenience that a rogue toy may cause you. To reiterate, a great traveling companion toy will be nimble and discrete.

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When an Agent Finds Your Toy

For many, this lays at the crux of any anxieties or concerns when carrying their favorite adult toys with them. Fortunately, the remedy is really quite simple. This was touched upon further above but to really get into the core of it: be confident and honest. Regardless of what kind of toy you or a partner have brought with them, a clear explanation will help immensely.

This makes things easier both for yourself and the agent, potentially speeding up your bag check as well as the general security queue even. Officials often appreciate the honesty, and because of this, your confidence can really help get your trip off to a great start!

In Conclusion

With the right combination of research, confidence, and logistical planning, any individual or couple can safely take their favorite travel-appropriate toys with them wherever they go. As long as your toy is light and easy to pack and easy to identify, security is often a breeze. Again, if you are ever asked about the toy in your bag, honesty and confidence will always be your friends!

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