Bullet vibrators are extremely nimble little tools that are capable of quite powerful pleasure wherever you need it, when you need it. As their name suggests, they are small and usually cylindrical in shape. They can be used to directly stimulate a wide number of areas, from genitals and anus to various nerve bundles and sensitive spots, including the breasts, lips, and everything in between.

Knowing Quality When You See It

The finest bullet vibrators are made of the finest silicone and are able to withstand wear and tear while still being extremely comfortable. Comfort begets pleasure, and so does versatility. The best bullet vibrators also often offer a wide array of uses and settings for such a small package. Lastly, travel-friendly portability and easy cleaning are always a plus.

Product Reviews

Cooxer Vibrator Wand

Sometimes small and quiet win the day, like a short spy, or this bullet vibrator by Cooxer. Not only is it quiet and discrete, but it is also still at the same time quite powerful! There are up to 10 different vibration patterns to choose from, each giving a unique spin to your play. Waterproofing ensures this bullet vibrator’s maximum portability and versatility as well.

The battery life of this bullet vibrator can last upwards of an hour and a half despite the powerful vibrations and it is entirely rechargeable, eliminating hassle. It is entirely at home in the shower, tub or most any other water fixture. It is easy to clean and maintain. The silicone body is safe for users with sensitive skin.

Overall this bullet vibrator is a great choice for both usage around the house and for traveling couples. Its durability and small size combined with powerful versatility to form an all-around wonderful design. It has a nice and solid 4 stars from 411 customer reviews.

Proxoxo Bullet Vibrator

With a superior flexibility, this vibrator can almost literally bend over backwards for you! Its special silicone construction is supple and flexible to reach all the right spots you need. The liquid silicone provides a perfect platform for the straightforward but effective vibrator within. Indeed, this vibrator’s versatility stems mainly from where it is able to bend and reach.

For approximately 1 and a half hours, this toy can keep yourself or a partner satisfied and stimulated through most if not all of your session. It is waterproof and the battery is quite wonderfully rechargeable with a USB cable. It is incredibly easy to pick up and use upon recharging the battery. Its simplicity makes it ideal and convenient for frisky journeys and special occasions that call for ease of use and great portability.

On top of the portability and superb stretchiness, this vibrator’s primary strength also lies in its, well, strength. The vibration motor is quite powerful and is able to simulate just about every part of the body. Just over 90 customers have tried this bullet vibrator and it currently stands at 4 out of 5 stars.

Umania Bullet Massager

With this lovely bullet vibrator by Umania, tons of potentially mind-melting pleasure are yours at the touch of a simple button! It features a well-fleshed out vibration system with 10 different vibration patterns to choose from in a small package. Its styrene body is fully body-friendly and gentle to even the most sensitive of users’ skin despite its power.

With such a small size comes a great nimble versatility. This vibrator is watertight, making it perfect for usage in the bathroom or pool. It recharges via USB cable and can hold a maximum battery life of approximately an hour and a half of constant use before recharge. This little guy has quite the ‘stamina’; you can use it to pleasure any desired part of you or your partner for quite a while indeed.

Many different important elements come together to really work favorably for this bullet vibrator’s design. Customers have raved about it. As of this writing, over 570 people have tried and reviewed it. Its average rating stands at a great 4 stars.

Treediride Bullet Vibrator

Elegant, classy, and fully functional, this bullet vibrator is positively brimming with both pleasure output and style. It is as quiet as it is comfortable; the vibrator specializes in quiet pleasure output for minimal irritation, less distraction, and maximum privacy. It has 10 different high-powered modes that add a little bit of more variety each time. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, it has far more uses than any lipstick!

This vibrator is perfect for hitting your G-spot or just giving your clitoris the pleasuring of its life, as each subsequent vibration mode can be just the one to set you off to climax. Along with its compact design, it is easily rechargeable with a USB cable in no time. Versatility does not stop with usage, it also comes in the form of duration. This toy can pleasure you wherever you want for a whole hour or a little more than that. No AAA batteries are needed.

This vibrator’s size makes it quite friendly to traveling couples or individuals and its power for such a small package cannot be understated. 188 customers have found quite a lot to love about this vibrator. It has an overall average rating of 4 and a half stars.

Bomb’ex Bullet Vibrator

Discretion, as well as power, is on hand here with this nifty little vibrator by Bomb’ex. It is designed to blend into its surroundings as a simple container of lipstick. However, it is far more versatile than meets the eye! Its stylish surface is capable of pleasuring your delicate spots with up to a whopping 12 different modes of vibration to deliver a superior orgasm.

It is made from styrene and highly friendly to sensitive or easily irritated skin. The bullet vibrator is easy to insert and even easier to lose your mind with. USB-provided power allows it to always be rechargeable after use, meaning you never have to fumble with batteries. Each of the 12 modes it is capable of can deliver increasingly powerful experiences depending upon your need.

Overall there is much to love here with this stately and effective bullet vibrator. As if this was not enough, it is even highly quiet, bolstering its discrete nature without losing efficacy. 80 customers have given it a spin, and have granted it a glowing 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Choosing the Right Bullet Vibrator

Finding the right bullet vibrator for you may be difficult, but it need not be so! To start your search, think about what kinds of vibrators you, your partner, or a friend in the past have used and what its downsides and advantages were. Bullet vibrators have lots of overlap with other types but they should also be easy to use and powerful despite their size. Also, consider how many modes it has available and battery life to narrow down to the greatest.

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