Unlike water-based lubricants, silicone-based counterparts offer a few distinctive extra capabilities that water-based formulas cannot normally carry out. They typically carry more ingredients, synthetic ones to be exact. These extra ingredients give effects such as heating stimulation, or a cold and bracing chill! Silicone lubes are often thicker in consistency than water-based lubes.

How Quality Silicone Lube Stands Out

The best quality silicone-based lubes typically feature a wide array of applications for sexual activity and are friendly to the user. They must be compatible with as many different forms of toys and equipment as possible. Likewise, they contain ingredients that are body-safe for nearly all types of sensitive skin. This ensures that the lube can do its job with maximum comfort. Ideally, the best silicone-based lube will also offer temperature-based stimulation.

Product Reviews

Shibari Tuxedo Silicone

Like its namesake, this silicone-based lube formula is delightfully indulgent and produces a sumptuous effect when applied to the skin before or during sex. It has a long lifespan after the initial application, allowing you to stay slick and lubed up all throughout the night.

The Tuxedo has no obnoxious odor and is free of glycerin and paraben that could irritate some more sensitive or delicate skin types. Smooth and silky, the lube feels almost as natural as the skin’s default lubrication and provides maximum glide. The silicone is of the highest possible quality for a true frontrunner experience in lubrication-based play.

All forms of play, no matter how sensual or how intense, greatly benefit from the usage of this silicone lube. It has proven rather popular with its users. Of 121 customer reviews, it currently has a quite positive 4 out of 5 stars. If luxury and quality are your ideal combo for skin lubrication, this is the lube for you!

Wet Platinum Silicone-Based Lube

Many things combine to make this lube the epitome of silicone-based lube quality. A long-duration presence on the skin during sex and masturbation sessions stands out as an immediate plus. With a doctor-recommended formula for fighting dry skin, it stands to offer quite a lot of good for users with sensitive or distressed skin during sex.

The Platinum’s natural vegan formula is devoid of odor and does not stick, avoiding quite a possible annoyance. It is safe for usage with latex and all common condom materials, broadening its applications automatically. The lube holds up even in high water and steam situations, especially the bathroom. Your steamy moments will never have to go lube-less again!

With all these critical wins in both design, function and user-friendliness, what’s not to like about the Platinum lube? Several different packs and tube size options are available as well. A whopping 4 and a half stars have been accumulated on average from over 1,900 reviews. Very impressive indeed.

Penchant Intimate Solutions Silicone Lube

Sexual wellness aficionados with skin that is more on the delicate side will find much to love with the Intimate Solutions lube formula. The complete lack of irritating ingredients grants it hypoallergenic status as well as a positive lacking of any unwanted odors during sex. It is safely compatible with all your favorite condoms. Safe sex and variety are always a winning combo when it comes to lubricants for condoms.

This lubricant is quite tough and resilient to water; unlike water-based lubes it can see usage in steamy locales such as a tub or shower. It will not easily dissolve in the water, allowing for smooth glides and thrusts even while partially submerged. Cleanup is a breeze with its inability to stain your favorite surfaces.

In addition to the lovely waterproofing of the lube, the formula is also designed with long duration in mind. The ability to carry on your session without needing to apply more lube greatly adds to the overall value of the package in turn. Penchant’s formula really holds up well; just over 1,600 customers have used this lube, with an average consensus of 4 and a half stars.

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant

This unique lube formula boldly combines the strengths of a patented silicone-based lube and a moisturizer into one lovely package! Vitamin E and Aloe Vera team up to produce a gargantuan pleasurable spot of slippery goodness to your skin where you need it most. The aloe ensures skin repair and strength during even the most intense sex. Meanwhile, the Vitamin E restores skin vitality and resistance to various skin maladies.

The uniquely-structured silicone core of the lube’s formula is specially geared to be long-lasting even as it moisturizes. It does not contain glycerin that can dry or irritate the skin, and is fully hypoallergenic. It holds up quite well in water, opening up new theaters of pleasure in the bathroom or elsewhere.

This lube can be safely paired with your condom material of choice or you and your partner’s favorite toy. It is well-suited for men, women, and couples alike. That crucial versatility is in full strength here. 341 customer ratings have given this lube a lovely average of 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricant

Swiss Navy is quite a tried and tested brand of quality, and this silicone lube exemplifies this. The lube while providing sensations as smooth as silk against the skin is also quite tough. The silicone is of the highest possible grade of quality on the market. It is able to operate for a high duration of time and can even hold fast underwater.

This silicone lube is perfect and ideal for water-involved situations. Got a steamy night to spend in the shower with your partner? This silicone will not yield its smooth and sensual glide to the rushing water! Many things done in the water, as outside of it, are made better with lube. With this lube being waterproof, it is immediately a strong contender for championing versatility.

The lubricant is entirely body-safe and is comfortably applicable. It is safe to use with polyisoprene and natural-made latex condoms for further diverse capability. It presently stands with an average customer rating of 4 and a half stars from a whopping 1,880 customer reviews.

Finding Your Best Lube

To procure the most ideal silicone-based lubricant for you or a partner, it is best to consider the following things. Unlike water-based formulas, silicone lubes function quite well in watery environments. Couples that prefer water play will find much to appreciate in them. Even more importantly, the best silicone lubes are long-lasting. It is a good idea to consider how long your sessions last and how frequently you currently apply your lube during sex. Striking a balance between versatility and comfort is often a great way to narrow your search as well!

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