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  • Ultimate Guide to Hand Jobs

    Ultimate Guide to Hand Jobs

    It is often said in today’s world that sex sells. That is true but even truer is the fact that sex has always been selling since the beginning of time. Humans have managed to come up with countless sex styles, methods, and techniques. In this piece, we are going to talk in detail about one […] More

  • How Often Is Okay To Masturbate?
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    How Often Is Okay To Masturbate?

    Masturabation is a common part of our modern sex lives, but many people often fear that they might be spending too much time masturbating. Indeed, masturbation sessions—especially for people who haven’t got a partner to help them achieve their needs—can quickly go on for quite some time; in these cases, it is important to consider […] More

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    Best Pocket Pussies

    Pocket pussies are a lightweight and portable way to provide yourself with the most direct form of penis stimulation. Designs can vary quite a bit but most have very similar characteristics and dimensions. Some can simulate vaginal sex to realistic degrees whilst others aim for a less authentic but equally pleasurable experience. What Makes a […] More

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    Best Most Realistic Masturbators

    Masturbators come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. For many, realism is a vitally important attribute that should be considered before buying a new toy or piece of equipment. That vital touch of realism can mean the difference between a lackluster session and the highest possible pleasure from start to climax. What Makes a […] More

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    Best Male Masturbators

    Male masturbators can often be a much needed addition to a man’s sexual life. Regardless of whether he has a partner or is single, masturbation aids can play a crucial role in sexual health, fitness, and wellbeing. Offering a far more pleasurable experience than hands alone, masturbators come in a diverse and excitingly versatile array […] More

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    Best Fleshlights

    Fleshlights are a particular brand of pocket pussy/masturbatory stroker that has been around for many years. They come in several different variations with many similar features but also have aspects that set each other apart from their compatriots. Because of the history of innovation behind the brand, it stands as a recognisable name in the […] More