How To Make a Girl Squirt

How To Make a Girl Squirt

When it comes to sex, one of the main things that we all want to get the chance to experience is reaching that mind blowing orgasm that will leave us satisfied and deeply pleasured. For men, this is not so difficult to reach; eventually, most men will be able to reach orgasm. For girls, though, the entire process is usually far more difficult; for these individuals who struggle to reach orgasm and squirt, part of the responsibility might then be placed on her partner to learn how to make a girl squirt so that she can also get the most out of every sex session!

Making a girl squirt doesn’t need to be difficult, and if you learn how to make a girl squirt you are sure to be able to leave any of your female partners satisfied with your performance in the bedroom. So, how can you make a girl squirt anyway?

But Isn’t Squirting Made Up?

Many people wrongly assume that the female orgasm and squirting is not actually a real thing, and is simply made up by some people in order to make them seem like they are better in bed than they actually are. However, this is not the case.

Though it might be far more elusive than the male orgasm, female orgasms and squirting are very real—but their difficulty to achieve means that many women may never have the chance to experience a female orgasm in their lifetime! It is this that has largely led to the belief that woman cannot cum, but luckily for you, we are here to teach you how you can help you partner achieve that peak that she so deserves!

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How to Make a Girl Squirt

Making a girl squirt isn’t easy for everyone, and so there are a number of things that need to be remembered before starting to attempt to make a girl squirt. For one thing, if this is your first attempt at pleasuring your female partner to the point that she ejaculates, you need to remember that you may not be successful to start with; there’s no shame in that, though! Just keep trying and have a little patience with the matter and eventually you will work out the best way to make her cum!

Arguably the biggest limitation to the so called “elusive” squirt is the fact that many men don’t take the time or the care to lcoate their partner’s G-spot. The g-spot is a bundle of nerves that is located on the wall of the woman’s vagina, which is believed to be directly linked to her clitoris; when stimulated, this hard to find little region will often push her over the edge and give her one of the most powerful orgasms that she will ever achieve!

In order to find your partner’s g-spot, start off slow. In general, the g-spot can be found about 0,5 to 2 inches into the vagina, on the upper wall (that faces her stomach). The best way to find this is to use a finger and gently explore her inner walls until you eventually find the g-spot; if you don’t manage to find it, don’t worry—you can try again another day! Alternatively, if you are having more traditional sex, the best positions for hitting her g spot are surely the doggy style or cowgirl positions, so try adding these to your sex session if yo are serious about helping her to squirt!

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When attempting to make a girl squirt, another important consideration has to be the fact that your partner won’t be able to squirt if she’s not comfortable! Before undertaking your attempts, ensure that you are both fully relaxed and in the mood. If you aren’t you will be really struggling to make your girl squirt—so start things off the right way by making sure that the mood is set before you start your explorations!

But how can you make sure that things are right for your partner to feel in the mood?

For one thing, if your home is messy, make sure that you tidy up well in advance of your partner coming around. Women do not appreciate a messy environment, even if it isn’t bothersome to you, and so don’t leave it that way if you want your partner to be interested in taking things a little further than just a cuddle on the couch. In addition to this, if you can, why not put out some romantic gestures; some quiet music in the background or some scented candles can really help to set the scene, although be careful that you don’t overdo it as this won’t help matters at all! Dimming the lights, if your home has dimmable lights, can also go a long way toward setting the mood.

As well as preparing your home for her arrival, another way of helping to ensure that both you and your partner are fully relaxed is to use plenty of lube when you first start trying to find her g-spot. Lube comes in many different forms and there are even specially made flavored lubes on the market nowadays that can make for a truly heated session!

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Once you have found her g spot, it is important that you make sure to look after her needs. She might feel like she needs to urinate before achieving ejaculation, due to the bizarre sensation for her and the fact that her ejaculate will actually come out of her urethra! If she reaches this stage, you are doing well and are on the right track, so keep going!

In Summary

Finding your female partner’s g-spot and helping her to squirt really doesn’t need to be difficult; indeed, the main reason that many women won’t get the chance to experience this is surely just because their partner does not know how to properly pleasure them! Hopefully, though, she will appreciate your efforts when the time comes for you to give her a whole new world of pleasure!

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