What Does Sex Feel Like for Women?

What Does Sex Feel Like for Women

As a man, one of those questions in life that you will never be able to truly get a real answer and understanding for is that of, “what does sex feel like for women?” Indeed, while we all like to think that sex must be an immensely pleasurable experience for our partners when we’re getting it on under the covers – how do we really know what sex feels like for women? Well, while this is something that you will never truly get the chance to experience for yourself, you can still get an understanding of what sex feels like for women simply by asking them! Or, rather, we’ve asked them for you so you don’t have to wonder any longer what exactly your partner is experiencing when you’re having sex with her!

What Foreplay Feels Like for Women

If you want to make sure your female partner is completely ready for sex, then it is always highly advisable to try to give her a little TLC and tease her with foreplay. Foreplay is, indeed, an essential part of a great evening as it gives her the chance to really get into the mood and enjoy the night!

For men, it is generally agreed that foreplay feels great – but for women, foreplay can even be the best part of the evening (sorry, guys, but it’s true). While the majority of men will end up reaching their climax during vaginal sex, it is actually more often the case that women will reach their peak either during foreplay or otherwise with oral sex.

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So, what does foreplay actually feel like for a woman? Well, this depends on how exactly you are teasing her, but it’s first key to note how important foreplay is for getting your partner into the mood. For most guys, getting an erection isn’t too difficult; foreplay can help us get and stay hard, but it’s not entirely necessary usually to at least get the ball rolling. However, for women, things are a little different. In fact, foreplay is vital for helping her to get wet – leading to the first sensation that women will usually experience during foreplay and sex.
For a woman, as she begins to get aroused, she’ll start to get a “tingly” sensation down below, which can be accompanied by a growing discomfort. To start with, this need is quite mild and is something of a nuisance, but not something that will completely overpower her mind; however, this is where foreplay comes in to really get her wet and excited.

There are two key types of foreplay that we’ll focus on here: using your hands and your mouth. Most foreplay will focus around her vagina and clitoris, and both of these trigger different sensations. Stimulating the clitoris causes sensations that are likely to be much more akin to the ones you and I would feel when our partners are sucking us off; this is because the clitoris, much like the penis, is a massive collection of nerve endings that can make for a truly mind blowing sensation. The clitoris can also get erect, like the penis can, although of course not nearly as noticeably, so you can likely imagine the sensations caused when you rub your finger or tongue over your partner’s clitoris – perhaps not so different to that which you experience when she kisses the tip of your penis.

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However, its when we get to fingering her that things begin to feel different. When you finger your partner during foreplay, you will be placing pressure on the inside of her walls; this, in turn, causes a whole range of different feelings and sensations in her. If stimulated well and you manage to find her “G spot”, you could even be able to help her reach an orgasm.

What Sex Feels Like For Women

So, we’ve covered already what foreplay feels like, but what about the actual act of sex itself? Well, for most women, the experience of sex is one which is very different to that of their partners. For men, going dick deep into a vagina can be a source of the most powerful pleasure ever, whereas for women, the majority of nerve endings are collected in the clitoris – outside of the vagina – and so vaginal sex is a very different experience indeed.

Just prior to vaginal sex, if your partner is adequately wet and aroused, she will get an intense need to be filled up – it might sound odd, but this is part of what makes fingering not always enough for her. During sex itself, she’ll get a sensation of being filled, and this causes a whole wave of other sensations in her body as well; often, she’ll feel tingling and though there is not usually any pain, the sensation of being stretched can release waves of pleasure in and of itself. However, if she has not been properly aroused to start with, or if the angle of sex is wrong, then there is the potential for her to feel pain when her partner enters her.

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For many women, though, a large amount of the pleasure of sex also comes from feeling their partner’s body next to theirs; as well as feeling his hips grind against hers, she will likely also take pleasure from feeling her partner’s body on top of her own (depending on the position) and this can heighten the sensation of sex.

Final Thoughts

Sex for men and women is a very different experience, and unfortunately, as a man you will never get the chance to truly experience what it feels like. However, if you want to make sure your partner derives the most pleasure possible from sex, then make sure to pay attention to her clitoris – it contains a huge number of nerve endings, making it not so different to the end of your penis, and is often the source of the most pleasure for her during sex! Just make sure you get her well aroused and lubricated first, though, or sex for her can feel less pleasureful and can even cause pain if she isn’t aroused enough for it.

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