Ultimate Guide to Orgasms

Ultimate Guide to Orgasms

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have noticed that one of the most discussed topics around the world today is nothing but orgasm. It is often said that sex sells and advertisers will tell you that is true but even more interesting than the act of intercourse itself is an orgasm. Movies have been made about it, books have been written on it and even in extreme cases, lives have been lost because of it. So, what is an orgasm that seems to send the world going gaga since time immemorial?

What is an Orgasm?

Considered by many to be the real taste of heaven on earth, an orgasm is the sudden release of pent up sexual energy during a sexual response cycle. An orgasm is typically characterized by intense contractions of muscles in the pelvis accompanied by feelings of overwhelming sexual pleasure. Talking of the sexual response cycle, it is in four phases and these include excitement, plateau, orgasmic (where the orgasm occurs) and resolution.

In humans, orgasms occur in both men and women and are accompanied by some specific bodily actions. For example, there are several muscular spasms all over the body, an overwhelming feeling of joy followed by general body movements and moaning or other sounds.

Following the orgasm itself is another phase that is referred to as the refractory period and it is during this phase that the person feels very calm and quite tranquil. This feeling of calmness is due to the release of biologically active substances like prolactin, oxytocin, and endorphins from the brain.

One interesting thing with orgasms is that even though it is seen in both males and females, there are some differences. For example, in men, orgasm is often achieved by the sexual stimulation of the penis and in men, orgasm comes with the release of semen (better known as ejaculation). For the females, to achieve orgasm, the clitoris will have to be stimulated.

Talking of sexual stimulation in both sexes, it can come about in several ways. It can be via auto or self-stimulation of the sex organs (which is called masturbation) or by having penetrative sex with a lover, spouse or partner. The stimulation can also be done by non-penetrative sexual intercourse or even other sexual activities like oral sex (also called fellatio when done for men or cunnilingus when the recipient is a woman).

How to Get the Best Orgasms

Orgasms are amazing, wonderful and heavenly. But not everyone gets to experience the thrill and excitement that come with this feeling. In this section, we are going to focus on tips on how to get the best of all orgasms.

Pay Attention to Cuddling

Sex is not just about penetrating alone. It has been observed that people with the best orgasms are also those who took the time to cuddle very well. Cuddling releases the hormone called oxytocin (also called love hormone) and this hormone intensifies the orgasmic pleasure.

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Never Ignore the Clitoris and Glans Penis

The clitoris and the glans penis are the most sensitive sexual parts of the body for the females and males respectively. Whenever lovemaking is in full force, enough attention should be given to these parts of the body. For an overwhelming proportion of females, for example, they can only experience orgasm via clitoral stimulation so titillating the clit is a wonderful move.

Spice It With Sex Toys

Another fantastic way to experience out-of-the-world orgasms is actually to make use of sex toys and devices. These include vibrators, dildos and so many others that have been specifically designed to meet your needs.

Benefits of Orgasms

Many people enjoy orgasms and cannot find the right words to describe how they feel whenever they are in such an orgasmic state. But, apart from the sheer physical pleasure, there are some other advantages and benefits that accrue from the wonderful process of orgasm. In this section of the guide, we are going to focus on these benefits that are directly as a result of experiencing an orgasm. The following are the advantages and benefits of orgasms:

Better Sleep

Orgasms do not just make you feel good, they also affect your sleep pattern. When you have orgasms, several biochemically-active substances are released into your system. These include feel-good and stress-relieving biochemically-active substances like vasopressin, serotonin, oxytocin, prolactin, and norepinephrine. All these have very positive effects on assisting you get deeper and more satisfying sleep. This explains why many people fall asleep shortly after experiencing those mind-blowing sessions of pleasure.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

Orgasms are very good at slashing the chances of coming down with certain forms of cancers. A very good example of this is prostate cancer. Several research studies have confirmed that regular ejaculation and orgasmic experiences in men in the middle age or above 50 years of old assist in reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer. In fact, scientists say that having ejaculations a minimum of four times on a weekly basis can help a man reduce the risk of having prostate cancer by 30%.

Reduction of Stress

We live in a world where virtually everything that we do increases the level of stress and this has attendant effects on the health of millions of people. However, orgasms can assist in tackling stress. When the body enters the orgasm mode, a hormone call serotonin is released by the brain. This is the hormone that makes us feel happy and excited, it is so efficient that it is added to drugs used in treating depression. In addition to serotonin, the body also released another hormone known as prolactin and this is the hormone that makes us feel calm and very relaxed. Although the period of orgasm lasts for just some seconds or some minutes, the calming and uplifting effects of these substances linger on long after orgasm. Serotonin and prolactin are very good at reducing the levels of stress and blood pressure in humans.

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Skin Improvement

Today, so many people spend a lot of fortune in getting all kinds of creams, gels, and formulations to combat aging but not knowing that all they need are just passionate orgasms. When humans orgasm, there is a rise in the amount of blood that flows to the skin. This leads to the opening up of the blood vessels and makes your face have that distinct appearance.
When this process is experienced over and over, the skin is nourished with various beneficial nutrients that end up improving the skin and reversing the effects of aging like wrinkles, dark spots, and puffy eyelids. Some do not even know that many of the formulations used as anti-aging creams actually contain the hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

During an orgasm, the levels of this hormone spikes as much as 500% of its regular level with the glowing effect on the skin becoming noticeable. So, for those who are searching for the elixir of life and the secret to remaining young forever, all you may need to do is just to spice up your sex life and have the most mind-blowing sexual performances ever.

Boosting of Immunity

Sex is good but it is even better when it all culminates in very intense orgasms. Some may not be aware of this but orgasms are actually good for your immune system which is responsible for protecting you against all kinds of diseases. Even when you have sex a few times in a week, it has been observed that the level of immunoglobulins especially immunoglobulin A increases significantly.

For those who are not aware, immunoglobulin A, also called IgA, is an antibody that assists the body in tackling various infections. In fact, it has been observed that those who experience orgasms more than once on a weekly basis have about a third higher proportion of IgA when compared with those who do not. Consistently, medical studies and research have shown that having orgasms is good in naturally defending your body from various medical conditions and illnesses.

Pain Management

Some might have noticed that after making love, the nagging headache they have been having just mysteriously disappears and they cannot even explain it. Well, it happens that there is actually a scientific basis for this. In 2013, scientists in Germany discovered that orgasms are some of the most effective pain relievers for people who are suffering from cluster headaches and those head-splitting migraines. Many other research findings have also demonstrated that orgasms can do more to just help with the relief of pain. Orgasms can also raise your threshold of pain and that helps a lot especially when it has to do with people who are suffering from painful conditions like arthritis.

From the several benefits and advantages that have been stated in the sections above, it becomes very clear that we have a lot to gain by not just making love with partners but making sure that the intercourse climaxes with an unforgettable orgasm. Your body is going to derive a lot of benefits from it – even long after the orgasmic feeling is gone.

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Why Some People Do Not Have Orgasms

As lovely and pleasurable as orgasms are, the reality is that there are actually some people have actually never experienced them before. In some other cases, the people experienced orgasms before but the sensation disappeared over time. The following are some of the reasons why some people do not have orgasms:


This is a kind of sexual dysfunction where an individual is unable to achieve orgasm even though there has been sufficient stimulation of the sexual organs. Medical research and scientific literature show that this is a condition that is more prevalent in women when compared with men.
As a matter of fact, it is even less common in young men. It has also been seen to be more severe in women who have experienced the phase of menopause. In men who have anorgasmia, they have problems with their ejaculations as they become prolonged. All these effects have negative influence on overall sexual performance.

Some have classified anorgasmia as a mental condition but it has also been linked to some other medical conditions. These include genital mutilation, diabetes, complications from surgery, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, hormonal disturbances, and so many others. Some types of pharmaceutical preparations especially the ones used in the treatment of depression. Addiction to opiate compounds like heroin has also been linked with the occurrence of anorgasmia in people.

Types of Anorgasmia

Anorgasmia can be classified into three types: primary, secondary and situational.

Primary Anorgasmia

In the first type, the patient has never experienced an orgasm before even for once. It is more prevalent in women. Ladies with primary anorgasmia may have a very low level of sexual arousal in rare cases but even at that, they end up with no orgasm. There is no direct or recognizable cause of the lack of orgasm. The partner might have done everything right with the lovemaking but she is unable to just achieve an orgasm. It is said to be primary because there is no visible cause of the absence of orgasms.

Secondary Anorgasmia

In the case of secondary anorgasmia, the person loses the ability to achieve orgasms and this is different from primary anorgasmia where the person has never even experienced an orgasm before. It can also happen that the person with secondary anorgasmia has been experiencing normal orgasms before in the past but the level of pleasure and intensity has plunged. Consumption of alcohol is a major cause of secondary anorgasmia but there are also other causes like stress, surgery, drugs, rape or even hormonal imbalances.

Situational Anorgasmia

Just as the name implies, in this type of anorgasmia, the people involved have orgasms sometimes and in some other cases, they do not achieve orgasms. For these people, they can experience orgasm with a particular partner and not experience with another. Experts often advise such people to incorporate the use of sex toys and devices.

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