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  • How To Make a Girl Squirt

    How To Make a Girl Squirt

    When it comes to sex, one of the main things that we all want to get the chance to experience is reaching that mind blowing orgasm that will leave us satisfied and deeply pleasured. For men, this is not so difficult to reach; eventually, most men will be able to reach orgasm. For girls, though, […] More

  • How to Use a Sex Swing
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    How to Use a Sex Swing

    Sex swings are marvelous contraptions for any couple looking to extend the reach of their sexual play. Swings can allow for a variety of positions that are either difficult to do otherwise or outright impossible by the body’s regular power. Not only that, they open up new possibilities for BDSM enthusiasts and those who enjoy […] More

  • How to Know if You Have an STD

    How to Know if You Have an STD

    Having sex can be an incredibly pleasurable thing, to the point that it can actually be classified as an addiction for some people. However, while most people will have safe sex for the majority of their lives, there are also many complications that are involved with having sex—and one of these complications could be developing […] More

  • Foreplay Ideas for Couples

    Foreplay Ideas for Couples

    Foreplay is one of the most critical types of moments not just in any frisky day or night but also your love life in general. You and your partner are able to further bond, explore each others’ erotic interests, and connect at a deep and passionate level before sex has even begun. As such, it […] More

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    Best Erotic Massage Oils

    Massage oils, like their lubricant cousins, go a very long way towards enhancing and changing up one’s sexual activity in healthy and exciting ways. They come in vast legions of different smells, sensations, and even flavors. Some are indeed edible while most aim for achieving deep penetration to relax, entice, or exhilarate the individual being […] More

  • Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty

    Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty

    If there is anything that is so erotic to so many and annoying to some at the same time, it is definitely talking dirty. Talking dirty for many is like walking on a ground full of nails. There are those who feel totally ashamed even at the mere thought of it and that happens because […] More

  • Ultimate Guide to Long-Distance Sex

    Ultimate Guide to Long-Distance Sex

    Human beings are creatures of emotions and it is no surprise that relationships form some of the most interesting topics on the planet today. Talking of relationships, they come in different forms. In this piece, the focus is going to be on the type of relationship known as long-distance relationships and the sex that comes […] More

  • Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus
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    Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus

    Very few things, if any, have managed to generate as much interest and excitement in human societies as sex. Talking of sex, there are so many forms and variations and today, we are going to focus on one of them – the one that is referred to as cunnilingus. As it so happens, this is […] More

  • Ultimate Guide to Blow Jobs
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    Ultimate Guide to Blow Jobs

    If there is any phenomenon that has managed to grab the attention of all of humanity from the beginning of time to date and very well till the end of time, it is sex. In fact, sex is so influential in human societies that today, it is often said in the business and advertising world: […] More

  • How To Give An Erotic Massage
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    How To Give An Erotic Massage

    Having sex can be great, but for you and your partner, giving or receiving an erotic massage can be just as much of a turn on! Mastering the erotic massage doesn’t need to be difficult but it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for partners to try in order to change up […] More

  • How To Do Prostate Massage
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    How To Do Prostate Massage

    More and more people are exploring the many possibilities that anal play can give rise to. As part of this, learning how to stimulate the prostate is an essential step that will allow you to have the sexiest and most arousing anal sessions imaginable! What is the Prostate? The prostate itself is actually a gland […] More

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    Best Sex Toys for Couples

    Toys are amazing; they can make any couple’s sex life, no matter how exciting already, even more so! Scores of different designs that achieve different effects and types of play exist out there. It is quite an exciting array to choose from, as many are geared towards specific forms of play while others tend to […] More

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