Best Female Contraceptives

Safe sex is always 100% paramount and for couples with zero plans to start a family, the importance of contraceptives is entirely self-evident. Fortunately, in modern times there are quite a wide array of great contraceptives to choose from. They come in a variety of dosage forms from pills, films, tablets, and sponges to gels and more.

What Makes a Contraceptive Top-Tier

Besides the obvious need for general efficacy for the user, the best contraceptives are able to achieve the highest success rate with as few unpleasant side effects as possible. Unmitigated side effects can interfere with enjoyment levels both in sex and other regular activities. Likewise, a convenient, comfortable, and safe form of application is another chief hallmark of a great contraceptive.

Product Reviews

Serovera Vaginal Cream Applicators

While they do not contain contraceptives themselves, these nifty applicators offer nimble and easy to use delivery methods for various types of non-oral contraceptives. They can be used to apply most contraceptive gels and vaginally-applied creams. They are even ideal for use with prescription-strength Premarin and Estrace creams.

Each disposable applicator has very handy dosage markings ranging from the smallest half a gram dosage up to a maximum of 4 grams of gel. The whole pouch is resealable to ensure the sterility of each applicator. Meanwhile, each individual disposable applicator is separately wrapped for maximum hygiene. If you have a preference for a cream or gel application for your contraceptive needs, these applicators may be for you. They provide perhaps the ultimate delivery system with the least discomfort thanks to their rounded tips.

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It combines portability and convenience both at once to make a very important medical application all the more comfortable. From its current total of 55 different customer reviews, this set of applicators has been well received! The average rating is 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Plan B One-Step Emergency Contraceptive

Sometimes couples need an immediate contraceptive solution with little prior notice, that is where Plan B steps in. It is highly ubiquitous and many pharmacies and drug stores stock it regularly as a non-prescription over the counter medication. It comes in a tablet form that is easy to take and convenient to store.

It is important to note that it is not meant to be used in the placed of normal birth control; its specialization and formulation is intended as an emergency form of contraception. It is widely endorsed for this usage by OB/GYN practitioners so you can take it with confidence! It utilizes the same hormone you see in many forms of birth control pills on the market, and it works in its emergency role via possessing a higher dosage in its formula.

With such a large backing by both doctors and patients alike, its place as a special-use and reliable contraceptive is assured. From 385 customer reviews, it has an average rating of 4 and a half stars.

Options Gynol Vaginal Contraceptive Jelly

This effective gel comes in a package that is just under 3 ounces in size and is able to provide a comfortably straightforward dosage form for your contraception needs. It is suitable for being used without the need for additional forms of birth control in most cases.

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To the benefit of many, it is able to provide full contraception ability without any hormones added to its base formula. It also offers plenty of dosages per container as well! Each tube is able to dispense approximately 13 different uses when following usage guidelines. It is a small and nondescript box. This makes it easy to store in your medicine cabinet or other convenient locations.

While it is designed to function alone, it can be comfortably paired with a diaphragm or condom if so desired. It comes with detailed instructions fully enclosed to ensure you get maximum efficacy from the gel. Thus far it has been well received by its users with an average of 3 and a half stars out of 5.

Morning After Emergency Contraceptive Pill

This contraceptive in pill form is formulated to be powerful enough to fill the purpose of an emergency contraceptive and best fulfills its purpose as a back up the measure for couples. It is very easy to utilize with a one-step process of ingesting the pill allowing for convenience.

It should importantly be noted that the Morning After pill is only effective within a 72 hour period window immediately following sexual intercourse. The formula utilizes no overly artificial means or unique ingredient to achieve its purpose. Morning After is simply able to be an emergency contraceptive by virtue of its higher hormone dosage.

The pill functions by interrupting ovulation and preventing fertilization, ensuring the prevention of pregnancy. With its simple and convenient dosage form and absolute 0-level of discomfort to use, it is no wonder why it is so widely trusted. It has 128 unique reviews thus far with an overall average of 4 and a half stars.

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My Way Emergency Contraceptive Tablet

Doctor recommended and simple to utilize, My Way is an example of the benefits of careful application of the hormone-based drug levonorgestrel. It is greatly convenient in that it can be taken at virtually any point in a woman’s monthly cycle with little to no complication. This is great as it allows My Way to be used as a backup, emergency contraceptive option no matter when in your cycle you are.

My Way relies upon when your next menstruation cycle occurs to verify if the tablet has worked or not. With its full FDA authorization, you can rest easy as to its efficacy. When taken in exact accordance with its directions and information, you will always have a quality emergency contraceptive at your disposal.

The standard package sells in a trio. Each box contains exactly one pill to best adequately secure the drug from environmental damage. It takes up little space on a shelf, medicine cabinet or other convenient storage area that is safe from sunlight. From 16 customer reviews, it has a wickedly perfect rating of 5 stars!

Making the Right Call

When it comes to contraceptives and their crucial role, always consult your physician if ever in doubt about any particular brand over another, or the possibility of various side effects. It is also a good idea to consider what type of dosage form is most ideal for you. Different people are more comfortable with different forms, after all!

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