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    Best Sex Machines

    Sex machines are a marvelous invention and a true testament to just how far sex and pleasure have progressed in the modern era. Sex machines scratch a wide array of different itches and each one is usually tailored to be very good at one or a few very specific things. Some are more versatile and […] More

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    Best Monkey Rockers

    Monkey rockers are an absolute staple of the sex machine world. These innovative sliding chairs can quite literally–as the name implies–rock your world! While their layouts and designs sometimes differ, their core functionality is almost always identical. They usually have cushioned rests and are built to be quite sturdy. Rockers can be motorized but are […] More

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    Best Blowjob Machines

    Blowjob machines offer a very powerful experience for male users. While often used in a solo fashion for masturbation they can also be used by partners to enhance their sexual experience. Many blowjob machines can either induce orgasm through direct masturbation or can be used to produce a more powerful erection for later orgasm with […] More