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    Best Sex Dolls

    In some ways, sex dolls can be thought of as the ultimate sex toy for a lot of people. Not only do they provide some or all of the same benefits of a stroker or a wide assortment of vibrators and massagers, but they also come with all of the advantages that anatomically correct masturbators […] More

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    Best Realistic Sex Dolls

    For those with a penchant for realism and authenticity, there are dolls that can help! Whether you are aiming for total general realism or just in particular categories such as breast dimensions or facial appearance, many dolls on the market today come with very high levels of detail. For many, realism can be the real […] More

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    Best Japanese Sex Dolls

    Japanese love dolls often offer quite a unique aesthetic from the more western-style ones. Many are inspired by or directly replicate physical characteristics from anime or manga characters. Many others focus chiefly on distinctly Japanese facial features and bodily proportions. Regardless of whether you are Japanese yourself or have a distinct attraction to Japanese female […] More