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    Best Wand Vibrators

    Wand vibratos are indeed so powerful and on average quite user-friendly that they might as well be magic! They are almost always hand-held with ergonomic grips and easy insertion heads. They are made especially for manual adjustment of the vibrator during penetration. With a great handle, a lot can be achieved with a seemingly simple […] More

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    Best Vibrators for Lesbians

    The greatest vibrators for lesbians are not only comfortable and purveyors of powerful pleasure but also offer a wide range of versatility for lesbian couples. Vibrators can massively spice up foreplay and sex alike, and are often a key to even higher orgasms. Lesbians have quite a wide world of vibrators to choose from. Indeed, […] More

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    Best Vibrating Panties

    As their name suggests, vibrating panties are vibrators that are not only wearable in underwear but add a kinky, often risque and all-around amazing excitement to your love life. They are the epitome of portable and are quite frequently ergonomically designed. Indeed, they also sometimes but not always specialize in being used for long durations […] More

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    Best Suction Cup Dildos

    Suction cup dildos offer a distinct advantage over any ordinary run of the mill dildo. They can simulate glory holes and other such naughty scenarios thanks to their unique basic ability. That ability is mounting them on any compatible surface you desire to create an instant, on-demand sex bench. Not only that, but suction cup […] More

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    Best Strap-On Dildos

    Strap-ons are to dildos what anal vibrators are to butt plugs; they are a logical evolution and often serve as highly versatile platforms for varied sexual play. Indeed, many variations and types of strap-on exist. They are frequent favorites of lesbian couples but straight couples sometimes frequent them in kind. They are most typically strapped […] More

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    Best Remote-Controlled Vibrators

    Remotes have been a versatility boon to vibrators and sex toys in general since their introduction years ago. They free up a lot of close-range calibration and in some cases can free you or your partner’s hands almost entirely for a less interrupted experience. Remotes are also can be a nice quirk for pleasing your […] More

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    Best Rabbit Vibrators

    Rabbit Vibrators are vibrators that sport a distinctive attachment head that frequently ends in two, usually flexible bunny ear-like protrusions forming a prong. Their main function is in delivering vibrating pleasure from both sides of the clitoris at once. They offer a unique way to vaginally achieve orgasm, especially when paired with a dildo head […] More

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    Best Most Quiet Vibrators

    Powerful vibrators are always lovely but sometimes the noise is just a little too much. Quiet vibrators introduce a great boon to the comfort factor. What helps build up pleasure more than comfort? Additionally, quiet vibrator motors help make them more versatile through their ability to be used more discreetly. Greater freedom of use is […] More

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    Best G-Spot Vibrators

    Your G-spot deserves the most optimal toy that knows how to best reach it and provide you with top-tier pleasure you will scarcely forget. G-spot vibrators have lots of overlap with other kinds of vibrators but they especially specialize in ergonomics for reaching that special spot. Some are finger-mountable while others have more traditional vibrator […] More

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    Best Clit Vibrators

    Clit vibrators target direct pleasure at what is arguably the most sensitive aspect of the female anatomy. They are typically not very large and are designed heavily around the principle of ergonomics. While their shape differs from toy to toy, most clit vibrators are designed to comfortably perch on the clitoral hood or be easily […] More

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    Best Bullet Vibrators

    Bullet vibrators are extremely nimble little tools that are capable of quite powerful pleasure wherever you need it, when you need it. As their name suggests, they are small and usually cylindrical in shape. They can be used to directly stimulate a wide number of areas, from genitals and anus to various nerve bundles and […] More

  • How to Use a Vibrator
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    How to Use a Vibrator

    If you are looking to spice up your sex life then incorporating a vibrator into your routines could be a great way of doing so! Vibrators come in many different forms and this means that there is a large selection of different products available on the market for people to choose between. Choosing the Right […] More

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